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Altair Club Cars 2022 BMW M340I & INFINITI Q50 Red Sport Comparison

2022 BMW M340I & INFINITI Q50 Red Sport Comparison

Now hey everyone thanks for joining me it’s been a long minute since i posted a video but this video strictly has been one long overdue this is a comparison between the infiniti q50 red sport in the bmw m340i both these are direct competitors in the luxury sport sedan segment which is a pretty unique this is my personal vehicle this is the vehicle in our

Inventory but take a look at them both these paint colors bmw is finished off in the oxide gray metallic and infiniti is finished off in the graphite shadow now with the oxide great metal gray metallic or oxide gray metallic this one is a 1500 paint option again you can see it looks silver right now but within certain lighting conditions you’ll get that gray

That you’ve been kind of expecting with a paint color that’s called gray now with the q50 red sport this one is finished off in the graphite shadow which of course definitely looks great now take a look at the front end of the bmw i do have it paired with the shadow line package the laser light headlights and you can see the front active grille shutters there

Down below here it’s all functional venting and then the side vents right there where to go to the wheels of the brakes are closed off with a very small opening i’m not sure if that’s part of the active grille shutting thing that bmw does and then there’s the laser light headlights take a look at the infiniti see the front end has their double r grille just

Know you can get that grille blacked out too in black and then the some fake venting some functional down below you do get led fog lights which is really nice this whole entire piece down here you can actually get in carbon fiber too if you had that option the uh infiniti does also have adaptive headlighting system which the whole housing unit in there will

Actually swivel which is really nice and then this one does just have the glass black mirrors with the spoiler again you can get those and carbon fiber as an option now take a look at the wheels of the infiniti honestly i forgot these are wrapped around 245 width tires 20 inch or 19 inch wheels these are 19 inch wheels run flat tires you can see a better look

At them and then the bmw this one has the 230 225 with tires 19-inch wheels again with both these vehicles you can actually get different wheel options if you wanted to but again i’m just showing you guys the vehicles as this there’s a look at the front end let’s go to the side profile now take a look at the side profile of the bmw there’s that for you guys i

Love the body the body line down below here on the bottom of the bmw see the body lines right there too and then the hood which looks really nice that right there i wish there was just a fake venting or functional venting instead of that crease that’s just my personal preference and here’s a look at the rears which i’ll just i’ll reverse the vehicles for you

Guys so we can take a look at the rears but that is a quick side profile of the bmw m340i here’s a quick look at the side profile of the infinity personally it’s not my personal taste but you can see the body lines right there which looks really nice i love how that crease is right there on the side down below there that’s okay looking not my personal taste

But i love how it has the 3.0 t with the s board badge right there which is really nice the wheels do look really nice too i do like the other options of the wheels which i’ll show you guys here and then here’s a look at the rear of the infiniti previous owner did throw a carbon fiber spoiler on here which again you can get a stock carbon fiber spoiler or

A gloss black from the manufacturer as well now let’s take a look at the or let’s take a sound of the infiniti q50 okay guys i have both hoods popped take a look underneath the hood of the bmw m340i you’ll have their twin power turbocharged inline six paired with the eight speed zf automatic transmission also does have a mild hybrid system power output is

382 horsepower 369 pound-feet of torque 0-60 in about 4 seconds now take a look underneath the hood of the infiniti this one they do have it their twin turbo v6 paired with a 7-speed automatic transmission pushes out 400 horsepower and 350 pound-feet of torque 0-60 in about four and a half seconds that’s the look of the twin-turbo v6 that’s the um what’s it

The engine cover which looks fairly nice take a look at the bmw this one also does look fairly nice as well so that’s the power output i’ll have it written on here too just so you guys can actually read it that’s a look underneath the hood of both these vehicles all right i wanted to show you guys the interior of the bmw real quick and then we’ll go off to the

Infinity but this one is paired with the vernascot coral red interior now you can also get a cognac i believe that’s what it’s called which is the brown and then just a black now you can see this does have their 16 harman kardon sound system which is quite nice but the metal speakers ambient lighting that’s a look at the rears taking a look at the front end

Here you can see the retro current interior again with the metal speaker covers this is my personal vehicle so it’s quite dirty and then i’ll hop inside and show you guys that the interior layout after the infinity so let’s go do that okay take a quick look inside of the interior of the infinity let me unlock it real quick that’s one thing i don’t like for

2020 or only for 2022 today at the sensors that you can unlock from the rear so anything older than that won’t have that but take a look this one does have their black interior you can also get a white interior i think the bmw has that too and then you can also get a red interior now this one does have the diamond stitching which the seats definitely look

A lot better than the bmw this one does have their 16 bose performance series speakers which again you don’t get any kind of metal speaker covers back here but love the leather quality love the leather padding the bmw if you looked at it didn’t have any kind of nice leather padding there the stitching and everything looks really nice now take a look at the

Front end here now you can see it this is there uh the leather is going to be a semi-annoying leather these are super plush again this one isn’t brand new this one is a pre-owned brand news are pretty hard to get in right now i’m sure you guys know with the inventory shortage but again coming up front here now you do have the 16 bose performance series speakers

There which is competitive to the harman kardon both sound really nice if i had to choose one i’d go after the audi banging olsen which is so much better blow both these vehicles out of the park with the sound system in my opinion memory seats window controls again i love how infiniti fills everything up with like stitch like leather padding and everything the

Bmw doesn’t have that but again i own that bmw tune that’s one thing i’ve really noticed now let’s go ahead and take a look at the interior of the infinity after the bmw now take a look inside of the bmw m340i first thing i really love is the steering wheel this actually feels really really thick the 10 and two notches right here the steering wheel i love how

It’s leather padded around the airbag cover you can see all your controls are here for the cruise control and all that good stuff down in there you can see or right in front of you is the 12.3 inch or 12.2 inch one of those two digital instrument cluster which looks really nice you can cycle through a lot of information this is their 10 and a half or 10.2 inch

Screen touchscreen i forgot the exact size but it’s really nice you can see the ambient lighting too i really love that while it’s apple carplay this is missing the wireless phone charging pad and you can see all your trim which looks really nice see a closer look at it and then your shift by wire system sport comfort eco pro comfort is basically their normal

Mode i don’t know how to get to sport plus and this i’m not sure if it has it but i haven’t really played with it haven’t owned it that long heated seats only no ventilation at all which is a bummer but there’s a quick look at the interior of the bmw all right so now that we’re inside of the infinity red sport i also really like the steering wheel looks really

Nice i love the infiniti logo too if you guys know what it what it means it’s basically it’s a road going into infinity and then that’s the background once you guys know what the infiniti logo is it’s so nice after i learned that i really love the logo of how they did that your cruise control functions right here are super easy to use and your phone buttons are

Here that right there is just an analog layout with a like a very small four inch about a four inch uh display in the center there so not much digital display but the analog works perfect zero complaints there and the fact that you can have a digital speedometer right in the center too i don’t see why there would be any complaints what i really love too for

2019 i know for 2022 they went away with it but these magnesium paddle shifters feels super nice the bmw just gives you plastic ones so definitely paddle shifters infinity wins this one but for 2022 they just went plastic too so keep that in mind here you do have wireless carplay above now too uh wired android auto just like the bmw down below here is a 7 inch

Screen above there is a 8 inch screen heated seats only heated steering wheel just like the bmw and then all your physical controls here love these shortcut buttons looks really nice and then your drive modes are right here this does have a sport plus and sport 360 camera all that good stuff a traditional shifter with small storage and you can see this is just

Gloss black all these trims right here you see here so that’s carbon fiber but the previous owner just put a carbon fiber like replacement over it but that’s the actual trim but you can actually get carbon fiber with the interior trim so keep that in mind so that’s a quick look again uh just to note real quick while i’m inside of the infinity this one does not

Have a heads-up display as an option at all whereas the bmw does give you that as well so there’s that and let’s go wrap up the video okay take a look at the rear end of the infiniti q50 red sport first you see the spoiler here this is a carbon fiber spoiler this is just an aftermarket that the previous owner threw on it but you can also get a carbon fiber

Spoiler from the manufacturer as well that looks identical to this the red s badge right there indicates that this is the red sport and then you do have led tail lights turn signals reverse lights and brake lights down below here you can see the exhaust tips the exhausts are fully functional and you can see the holes around it are just a unique design to kind

Of differentiate differentiate itself from the other q50 models now take a look at the bmw you can see the m badge right there and then this does have full led tail lights reverse lights brake lights and turn signals down below here these are just fake ventings on the side the exhaust tips don’t look as nice as the infinity in my opinion but the exhaust note

Definitely does sound a lot nicer there’s a look at both these vehicles and then just cutting to the end here i wanted to tell you guys or yeah talk to you guys about pricing this one was msrp around six thousand three hundred and fifty dollars the red sport kind of prices around sixty three thousand dollars uh but just know that both these vehicles are missing a

Few options you can kind of spec out the infinity in the bmw to be a lot more but some of the biggest features that i’ve noticed the bmw was missing was the wireless phone charging the adapter suspension those two were the most important to me that this one was missing the infiniti is missing the carbon fiber package as well as the sports exhaust but again you

Can kind of pick and choose and see both these vehicles so i say go on their websites infinity usa or bmw usa and kind of spec it out to how you guys want and you guys will really get a good glimpse of pricing but other than that let me know which one you guys would choose and if i miss anything down below in the comments let me know if infinity has the edge on

Bmw on anything like maybe features or if the bmw has anything above the infinity that i might have missed other than that i’ll be bringing you guys a night video here shortly it’ll be like a second video so go ahead and subscribe if you guys want to see that and i am you

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2022 BMW M340I & INFINITI Q50 Red Sport Comparison By Chris-sDailyLife

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