2022 bmw 4 series gran coupe wal
Altair Club Cars 2022 BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe Walkaround (Singapore)

2022 BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe Walkaround (Singapore)

Welcome to the launch of the all-new bmw 4-series grand coupe i’m gopi and i’m frances four-door grand coupes hold a special place in bmw’s history they build on the athletic elegance of coupes preserve the hallmark bmw driving pleasure and add even more practicality for everyday use and longer journeys the 6 series grand coupe broke ground in 2012 and was an

Instant hit with customers building on this success the grand coupe treatment was then applied to the 4 series the 8 series and the 2 series today we are launching the second generation of the bmw 4 series grand coupe and this car is the third member of the bmw 4 series family the 4 series grand coupe adds on to the flair of the coupe and convertible for a strong

Product offering in its segment all three cars can be built on the same production line what’s more this innovative flex architecture allows the bmw 4 series guan coupee to be built either with a combustion engine or a pure electric drive system that will be in the bmw i4 that is due to arrive next year within the global model mix of the bmw 4 series the grand

Coupe is the strongest selling vehicle taking about 50 of the entire 4 series volume in singapore the 4 series grand coupe has performed even better than that taking approximately 70 share as such the 4 series grand coupe is a key model for bmw and the most important vehicle in the 4 series lineup with us today is the bmw m440i x drive in singapore this is

The first and only amp performance model for the 4 series range as you can see while the 4 series has grown in pretty much every dimension bmw was still able to keep the elegant proportions that customers know and love not only do we have the striking and vertically prominent bmw kidney grill we have the sloping roof line a high vehicle shoulder integrated

Door handles and a very low greenhouse with strong shoulders over the rear notably the wheelbase is now 46 millimeters longer for even more interior space and comfort for five occupants at the back we have a lot of horizontal lines with aero edges right outside the tail lamps and a cut in the greenhouse that again emphasizes the muscular wheel arches at the

Rear the swooping tail lights are a bmw signature and go wide into the side of the body another feature from the predecessor model is the large tailgate not only does this look good it is also practical to load all your items into the 470 litre trunk the 4 series grind coupe provides great driving pleasure and with the m440i customers are assured to receive

It in spades the steering for this car is extremely precise and the car is easy to handle just like the other 4 series models chassis wise the 4 series grind coupe is much stiffer in comparison to its predecessor owning an f36 myself i can tell you this feels brilliant compared to the 3 series this car has lots of additional struts and braces to allow it to

Have an extremely precise handling and along with that the adaptive m suspension gives it a very sporty yet composed drive let’s take it down this little slalomia the car handles itself really well thanks to the 50 50 weight distribution and the xdrive system kicks in to ensure you never lose traction in any tricky situations handling is super sharp and the

Steering has a great weighted half to it as well powering down straights is extremely easy and fun with this super powertrain six cylinder inline petrol engine that generates 374 horsepower and a super beefy 500 newton meters of torque this feels fantastic the m440i is also integrated with a 48 volt mile hybrid technology that optimizes response and efficiency

In certain conditions such as overtaking the starter generator can give an electric boost of 11 horsepower and to be honest overtaking is sometimes hard to resist with this car the additional battery also allows for more regeneration and storing of braking energy and of course apart from the great driving dynamics the customer also enjoys the driver oriented

Live cockpit professional system and the brilliant operating system 7 known from the 3 series and subsequent new bmw models the 4 series brian copay also has a full suite of driver assistance systems for the best in safety the four series is the soul of bmw and with the grand coupe joining the lineup the family is better than ever and next year the range will

Be complete when the first ever bmw i4 makes its way to our shores thanks so much for joining us and see you on the road soon you

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