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Altair Club Cars 2022 BMW 2 Series Review | A Pure Drivers Car

2022 BMW 2 Series Review | A Pure Drivers Car

Looking for a throwback two-door sports coupe? BMW has one for you.

Once upon a time bmw made a car called the 2002 it is a legend in every sense of the word it was great when it was new and it’s still hugely desirable today now the 2002 grew into the e21 bmw 3 series an evolution but still a small light nimble two-doored bmw fast forward 47 years we still have the bmw 3 series and it’s still terrific but now it’s a lot bigger

And it has four doors so although chronology would suggest that the three series is the modern successor to the 2002 the truth is if you want a small nimble bmw coupe well then you’ve got to go with something else you’ve got to go with the 2022 bmw 2 series spoiler alert i love this car now before we get into all the reasons why i love this car i have to ask that

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Paid it’s so easy now with the two series bmw has well it has a tale of 2 2 series there’s the coupe and there’s the grand coupe this is sleek low slung with all the visual weight thrown back toward the rear wheels look at how the roof line cuts sharply down to this short trunk where it all ties together with this little decklid spoiler i love it the grand coupe

Well for sure it is more practical because it has four doors and it’s also easier to get in and out of did climbing in and out of this make me feel old but the grand coupe is front wheel drive and it looks a bit like a bavarian dodge dart so you know it’s not bad looking but i don’t look at it and think sports car this is the second generation 2 series and it

Has some serious shoes to fill the previous 2 series was one of the best drivers cars i’ve had the opportunity to test this car is longer it’s wider it’s lower we have a nearly three inch wider front track and nearly two extra inches in the rear bmw says that that should result in much improvement in the handling category and we’ll see about that now our car is

A 230i that means it has the smaller engine it also means that it’s rear-wheel drive it has the m-sport package pro and shadow line package delivering these bigger 19-inch alloy wheels that also paints the spoiler black and our calipers are red it looks good at the front there’s a bulge in the hood big air intakes at the corners and wide headlights what many

Bmw enthusiasts will notice is the thin wide grill no tall kidneys on this bmw the more traditional look doesn’t sacrifice innovation though active grill shutters help feed air to the engine when needed closing when it’s not needed to improve aerodynamics similarly we’ve got flaps down here and air curtains over here without a doubt this is a small car i mean

10 cubic feet of cargo space just isn’t a lot and while this 2 series does offer a little more backseat legroom than the previous generation it’s still not enough for an adult as i will now demonstrate with some embarrassing b-roll footage but fold down the rear seat and the two series starts to look a bit more manageable i fit a bicycle a duffel bag that blue

Backpack a couple boxes about yay big a five gallon bucket and a case of beer back here it was a hell of a weekend if you move the front seat to access your stuff in the back you’ll have to wait for the painfully slow power seat adjustments get these seats back into position after you find a new shooting location because the last one was way too bright and take

A seat from here the 2 series looks like classic bmw you have the idrive infotainment screen and a fully digital driver display but other than that this is almost old school hard buttons stiff seats ignition button on the center console dual zone climate comes standard as do the sport seats on the hot days when i was testing this car i found myself begging for

Ventilated seats i also noticed that there’s not a ton of headroom even in the front seats now you can lower the seats almost all the way to the floor but then you’re just barely peeking over the dash now i know that some people like that in a sports car but my mom hated it so if you’re shopping for a 2-series just make sure that make sure you’re not my mother

Bmw’s idrive infotainment software has advanced so much in the past decade it’s really hard to find fault with it the 2 series comes loaded with wireless android auto and apple carplay but even if you use the native system instead of your phone’s projection everything is still easy to understand and navigate now there is the familiar rotary dial down here but if

You would rather use a touch screen well this is a touch screen the digital driver information display in our car is part of a 2 650 premium package as is the heated steering wheel heated front seats the adaptive led headlights and the head-up display i do find this screen to be a little frustrating it’s just not as customizable as it seems like it should be

For instance you can’t see the average miles per gallon and the trip summary on the same display instead you have to use this tiny little button on the top of the left stock to adjust the readout on the right gauge display it’s just not very intuitive standard safety features include automatic emergency braking blind spot monitoring lane departure warning and front

And rear parking sensors we also get auto dimming mirrors but what we don’t get is adaptive cruise control the car costs forty nine thousand dollars and now this isn’t unheard of in the luxury segment but i mean you tell me if you can get adaptive cruise control as standard equipment on a honda civic shouldn’t it be standard on a bmw the magic behind this two

Series is that it is a true sum of its parts story the 2-liter turbocharged 4-cylinder is solid for a vehicle this size 255 horsepower isn’t overwhelming but it works 295 pound-feet of torque make the two feel very quick off the line the m240i gives you a lot more thanks to its mouth-watering turbocharged 3-liter straight 6 engine that makes 382 horsepower but

The 230i it gives you all the power you need maybe maybe not all the power you want but definitely all the power you need the transmission and eight speed automatic is brilliantly smooth you hardly feel downshifts and if you put it in a sport mode these paddles help those shifts progress from just quick to downright fast now the suspension in the 230i was built

For twisty roads driving this thing through the back roads of new hampshire was an absolute treat it is stiff properly stiff and it’s not adjustable the m240i does get adaptive dampers but not this car also in sport mode you’ll notice a little bit of extra chatter on that exhaust note even if the exhaust note is being provided by the speakers in the car and not

The actual exhaust sport also adds some weight to the steering feel although it still feels disconnected accurate and balanced but you don’t feel the road through this wheel and that ties in with my only real criticism of the 230i it’s it’s just not quite dramatic enough i mean this car is so well built and the steering is so disconnected that it ends up being

A recipe for speeding when you’re driving a car this size this low to the ground 50 miles an hour should feel like 75 miles an hour and 75 miles an hour should feel like like you’re a part of the apollo space program but that’s not the case here if anything it’s the opposite i can’t tell you how many times i was driving along then i’d look at the speedometer and

Suddenly i’d be looking around making sure that there wasn’t a cop anywhere with a radar gun i mean this thing is fast and it’s fun but it’s missing that small car drama even without the drama though the bmw 2 series is an incredible and i mean incredible drivers car and the best part is you don’t actually have to burn your 401k to afford one this starts at

36 350. now admittedly there is a little bit of a caveat with that price tag because for years finding a base price bmw has been all but impossible our test car at fifty thousand dollars well that does feel a little rich largely because you could get a pretty well optioned 3 series for that same money but the 3 series isn’t nimble like this is and frankly you

See those cars everywhere put a 2 series in your driveway and it looks a little more special we haven’t even started talking about the fuel economy either i mean this car the epa says it should get 26 mpg city 35 highway 29 combined compare that with a volkswagen jetta gli a non-luxury front-wheel drive car with less horsepower that can’t hit those numbers or the

Hyundai elantra n it doesn’t come close so you know it feels really good putting 300 miles on a sports coop like this and barely burning 10 gallons of gas are there things that i would change of course but in the current market i mean the two is kind of one of a kind this is a premium sports coupe that puts the driver front and center so let us know your thoughts

On the two series in the comments section below don’t forget to subscribe to the cargurus youtube channel and as always thank you for watching we’ll see you next time you

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2022 BMW 2 Series Review | A Pure Driver's Car By CarGurus

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