2022 audi s7 v6 tdi review
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2022 Audi S7 V6 TDI Review

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Hi everyone welcome back to shandy’s of our channel so as you can see for today we have the 2021 the new audi s7 so in this video we are going to take a look of the interior and the exterior of this car so right now we can start in the front and we can see this beautiful red color which fit very good in this car you can see we have very sporty bumpers on the front

So we have the battery the s7 and you can see the radar for the adaptive cruise control as you can see the camera because this car is fitted with a 360 degree camera i can show you that later when we are going to the interior and you can see this beautiful led daytime running lights with matrix led headlights which looks so so sharp so the engine in the new audi

S7 is a v6 diesel produced around 350 horsepower and i think around 700 newton meters of torque so it’s very quick and the fuel consumption is very impressive the transmission is eight speed so you can see also this beautiful uh 21 inch rims as we have the s line uh brake calipers level there these style tires are so good they are p0 and we can see the

Mirror caps are silver just like we know in all the s models from the audi and look in the side how beautiful it really is see the side skirts tinted rear windows and just look at the back end how beautiful that is and now from the back we can see its led tape lights with this light bar here so we have the logo s7 and of course we have more sporty diffuser on

The back but if you can see we have quad exhaust but these ones are fake typical audio but also for the diesel it sounds very good because the audi upgraded to the speaker and the exhaust so it sounds very good when you have the coin dynamic so let’s open all the trunk also you can raise up the spoiler here which i can show you now before that i open the trunk

We have here here in the inside we can see the buttons it’s here and now it’s up and you can see with the spoiler on with the spoiler up you can see it looks very sporty or the car will uh active the spoiler automatically when you hit over 120 kilometers per hour so now let’s open the trunk it’s electric stand it in all s7 and you can see the room in the

Trunk is huge as we have the side storage and you can see we have little storage here of course we can fall down the rear seats let’s see about the rear seats let’s take a look how much room we have here that’s all these fights are killers go so you can see we have all black leather interior with an apple leather seats as you can see the headroom is not that

Bad and the legroom on the feature is very impressive and it’s quite steady with the four zone climate control and the heated seat in the back for the passengers so right now let’s go and check the interior and you can see also this car has the soft clothes that is very good you can see this alcantara here which feels very good we have the s logo here which

Is illuminated in the door shells aluminium paddles fully electric adjustable seats and the seats are very sporty and very comfortable and like i said this is the napa leather seat so the leather feels that will look joyous so guys right now as you can see we are inside of the new audi s7 and we can see this beautiful steering wheel also you can get with a flat

Button and uh i really love the shift paddles behind the steering wheel they feel very good and you can see with uh and we can see this multi-function steering wheel with a piano black finishes this is to control the virtual cockpit you can change the view and you can see how bright it is and it work very quick this is the favorite things telephone the voice

Control the volume control and the track beautiful as you can see we have the s logo here and it’s very good in your hand and it’s very light which is very good for the uh city driving as you can see we have the control stitching in the in the top of the door and the quality feels very solid you can see this aluminium finishes here we have the control for the

Headlights also the controls for the windows or finish it in aluminium beautiful and you can see we have the silver trim combined with a piano black see the quad for badge which also it illuminate with ambient light the knight will look to look so beautiful and we can see this uh beautiful tube screens a new mmi like we know in latest audi models and see how

Quick it is and you have feedback so when you are driving when you have your feedback you know uh what are you touching that is very good here we have the climbing control and some uh weathers for the driving for example london keep assist other source of function and you can see it looks so good also we have the heated steering wheel that is in the option

Heated seat and you can get with a ventilated seat if you want to you have the traction control the max pave for the windows back window and you can see the startup surround with the red for the s7 also we have the driving modes you can see we have auto dynamic individual comfort and efficiency also this car is fitted with air suspension and the car can

Lower or raise up depend what mode you are this is the sick for transmission and now i can show you the 360 degree camera you can see the bird eye view or we can go in 3d and you can see when i move the single you can see also the screen i just very good details when i put the hazards beautiful so you can see very good in tight spaces so you can see also

Here we have electric handbrake auto hold you have two cupholders and we can see a little storage in the armrest with about the charging two usb port sd card and sim card and i can show you another glove box you can see it has very good room this car guys feels very sporty and very luxurious at the same time as you can see we have the black headliner and we have

The sunroof which is quite big actually and we can open beautiful beautiful beautiful car guys comment down below what do you think so guys i hope you enjoyed this video about the new audi s7 comment down below what do you think and don’t forget to subscribe for more video to come and we’ll see you in the next one bye

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2022 Audi S7 V6 TDI Review ! By Shend Riza Cars

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