2022 audi rs3 in the shop alread
Altair Club Cars 2022 AUDI RS3 IN THE SHOP ALREADY


Well yea, had a few things I needed to get taken care of at the dealership where I got my new 2022 Audi RS3 so let’s talk about it!

All right so we’re here with the rs3 at the audi dealership here buyer’s audi so you’re probably wondering why he’s in the shop yep why is it in shop already when i’ve only had it for a couple weeks and we’re going to go over that but it’s looking good we’re going to go over that here shortly i’ll tell you exactly what happened and what we had to do to my new

Audi rs3 so stay tuned all right so i’m in the process of paying the bill right now um but we’re going to talk about it here in a second so you guys stay tuned but cars looking good looks like they just detailed it again so yeah so i’m gonna pull it out of here we’re gonna talk about why this thing was back in the shop we’re back at the dealership um after

Only having for about two or three weeks so guys stay tuned for that but coming soon coming soon um also i got the wheels off of my old s3 it looks like they might have sold it already too because it’s not in the showroom anymore it’s gone one of you guys buy it if you bought my old s3 let me know from columbus audi columbus i had a 2022 audi s3 here looks

Like somebody bought it so it’s a real good car it’s actually specked out very similar to this except the interior had white stitching over black leather this one has black on black yeah that card looks good black man so we’re gonna walk around it don’t worry um so let me go ahead and pay this bill and then we’ll take the car out and i’ll tell you what uh what

Had us back in the shop look at that truck look at that truck we got the red the flat the blinding light all right say what’s up the niddya diola all right so we’re picking up the audi rs3 from the dealership and of course i got a shout out my salesperson rachel so if you guys want to buy an audi this is who you need to call cause you took care of me i’m gonna

Go over the details outside and get out of their way but she took care of me big time so you guys carl columbus audi columbus if you need an audi highlight rachel thanks okay so we’re back at the crib with the audi rs3 2022 only about three weeks old since i picked it up but i don’t know if you guys can see something different about the car since the last time

I had it but we had a few things that the car had to go back to the dealership for and we’re going to talk about those things right now now we’re going to start with the worst of the three or three two or three things that we had to do to the car so the worst thing was and it wasn’t that serious actually thankfully it wasn’t that serious but um my wheels

Needed to be balanced it’s actually the first time i ever had a new car that when i would get it up to about 70 miles an hour on the freeway i could feel i could feel a slight little trimmer or shimmy whatever you want to call it but i felt a slight little shake like the wheels were not completely balanced and i just took it on the freeway just now and that

Seems to be rectified so thanks to the guys there at the dealership so that was what i had to take it back to get fixed but then there are other few things hopefully you guys can see the difference between when i had the car before well some of the things you won’t be able to see so let’s start with i did three things to the car okay so the most obvious thing

That i did to the car is window tint i got like 25 uh tint on the windows you got to do that on a black car you know what i’m saying so the car is black on black and we tend the windows let me give you guys a good side profile view the window tint so we got 25 window tint i could have went a little darker but i didn’t want to be like you know calling calling

That much attention with the cops because here you’re supposed to only go like 40 i believe but uh we’re living life on the edge all right so first things first we did window tent now there’s another another slight little difference if you’re really paying attention a lot of you guys gave me compliments on the wheels thank you very much but there was something

I did not like about the wheels before and that was that they were matte so we actually had the wheels resurfaced repainted or you know covered with a gloss black on the rim so i don’t know if i don’t know if you guys can see that with this camera but all of the wheels now have gloss finish on them high gloss finish on them which to me looks way better than

The mat especially with a black car when the wheels are matte they look dirty i know a lot of you guys probably gonna be like you know that’s how i came from the factory and you like the mat but i just wasn’t feeling it so i mod my cars a little bit you know nothing heavy but we went with gloss black wheels so that’s the second mod the third and most crucial

Mod that you need to do when you get your audi rs3 or any car that’s got a nice paint job like this one is you want to get paint protection film all right shout out to nida she gave me a ride and go pick my car up all right so nydia is my trusty assistant um i’ve done some some videos with her before she’s so kindly and graciously participated in but we go way

Back we go way back but now she works with me so good peoples all right now back to the car um yes you want to get ppf to protect the paint especially in the front of the car so we ppf the caps on the mirrors the mirror backs we ppf this whole front end from from this whole side fender the whole front end is ppf and the hood the entire hood is ppf all these

Pieces here so usually when the car’s ppf you can kind of see you can kind of see you can feel it actually when you touch it you can feel the film a little bit so it’s got film on all of that i don’t think now the plot the plastic doesn’t have film on it let me see if this little piece down here yeah that little piece down there has the film you can feel the film

It’s that self-healing film and it’s got its own little warranty on it so if it gets chipped up or something like that i think the warranty will cover it but yeah cars looking good it’s looking like a wheel motivation spec right about now now what other mods do i have planned i want an exhaust i definitely want some more sound out of this thing and i want you

Guys may think i’m crazy for this but i’m just that dude because for me this interior is quite quite boring so you know leather is nice and everything but i mean look at it’s kind of boring in here now it’s real functional with the you know with the um the mmi system and everything multimedia interface system it’s real functional but it’s just a little boring and

With a black car i think that ferrari rosso red leather interior red on red so it’ll be exactly like this all the way down to the stitching and everything but it’ll be that bright ferrari red so red leather seats in the front and in the back because this is just so monotonous right now this all be leather the whole entire back seats will be leather i might have

Them leave this center black what do you guys think drop me a comment um am i crazy for this well maybe so maybe we’ll have them do maybe add some carbon fiber on the interior a little bit to spruce it up uh maybe put a a red insert in the door you know what i’m saying maybe you guys let me know what you think you got any ideas on on what what we should do let

Me know but that’s what i’m thinking is to put a ferrari red rosso red interior in my rs3 customize it quite a bit but i plan on keeping this car um as my daily uh for years to come the only how i think i’ll trade this out is if they come out with a better rs3 whenever the next generation is which could be i don’t know three or four years from now so having the

Car exactly how i want it for that three or four year run you know i think it’ll be good so we’re gonna drop it off in chicago and get the the red interior so you guys stay tuned for that but these are some of the essential mods you want to do when you first get your car to make it your own so in my case i wanted to tint the windows gloss out the wheels i think

It looks good you guys let me know in the comments what you think about my mod so far i’ve been enjoying the car i did a owner’s review on it after just driving it a couple times so i’ll do a more in-depth review of the things that i like about it most and things i maybe don’t like about it most after i’ve got a little bit more seat time in it because i want to

Get about 1 000 miles on it to break it in and then we’ll do a better owner’s review you know after breaking the car in a thousand miles we’ll do launch control and all that fun stuff on it but this is where at so far window tint ppf gloss gloss black the wheels oh i also blacked out the center caps so some of you hardcore audi guys will probably notice that

Um i think it looks way better like that with the black center you can just easily paint those if you want to do it yourself but yeah that’s where we’re at with the rs3 so far so good you know the only little change i had to do or a little fix was getting the wheels balanced sometimes it happens i guess you know just trying to rush them out of the factory or

Something like that but um there was a little shimmy at about 70 miles an hour that appears to be fixed and we’re back in business look forward to some more rs3 content um so subscribe to my channel if you have not done so already now a little bit of background on me you might see that ferrari in the background there got some awesome content this is my brand new

Uh ferrari f8 tributeo got some awesome content coming with this thing but uh if this is your first time watching my channel my name is will motivation i like to do videos share my experiences owning supercars i got a couple other cars in there too i got a lamborghini huracan supercharged by vf engineering and i got a um lamborghini and vendor sv and this is my new

Toy right here and i’m loving this car right here so review and a bunch of content coming on this soon as well and of course you know we’re gonna bring these cars back into the into the mix um but yeah but i’m just a regular guy that loves cars um i’m a real estate investor i’m a software engineer by trade i run a social networking business i’m an entrepreneur

I like to share my experience not only with the cars but also how i’m able to afford the car so stay tuned for some more of that content i’m gonna do a garage update bring out all the cars talk about the cars you know basically everything that’s in my in my current stable and also i’m gonna show you guys my real estate stable and portfolio so you guys can see

All of my real estate that pays for the cars all right so stay tuned for that talk to you guys in the next video peace hey i just wanted to say thanks for watching today’s video there’s a lot more to come hit that like button for me and subscribe to my channel a lot of you guys have been asking me about when is my online course going to be ready will i have good

News for you my online course is completed i’ll put a link in the description of this video where you can click on that link and get a 40 discount off the course that’ll be for the first 50 students so if you’re ready to take the online course that i’ve basically laid out everything that i know about how to invest in real estate click the link below or just go

To www.willmotivation.com invest and uh thank you guys for taking the time out to watch today’s video hope you learned something and i’ll see you in the next one peace it’s the one and only floyd money mayweather i’m here to tell you guys to go to real motivation the exotic cars is crazy i’ve been watching this show for a little while now and it’s growing but

We need everybody else to subscribe to will motivation and support will i’m supporting them you do the same you

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