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Altair Club Cars 2022 Audi Q7 Facelift Drive Review: Quick, Qushy, Qapable | Express Drives

2022 Audi Q7 Facelift Drive Review: Quick, Qushy, Qapable | Express Drives

The Audi Q7 has finally made a comeback in the Indian market after being away for some time. To ensure that it doesn’t end up being too little and too late for the buyers, Audi has updated the Q7 cosmetically and mechanically. Gone are the subtle design cues and the efficient diesel engine. Now comes in sharper aesthetics, along with a 3.0L V6 petrol power plant. How well do these changes help the Q7 in getting back its lost glory? Watch the video to find it out.

Almost a dozen years ago i was a kid and q7 reached indian shows managed to woo everyone business tycoons celebrities and of course me and yours truly went ahead and bought one but a scaled down version instead and this is enough to tell you that q7 is an important name for the deutsche brand in the indian market and now after being away for a couple of years

The q7 is back in the indian market in the facelifted of its second gen iteration with the new powerhouse and some more blink and some extra features but how good is it and what all exactly does it gets to you that is what i’ll be telling you in this video so ladies and gentlemen you guys are watching express lives i am mohit bhadwaj and let’s kick things off

Design first the overall outline of the q7 even in this rendition remains the same it still looks like a high riding station wagon but thanks to the design changes it certainly looks fresh over to the front you now have a bigger and wider grill which is surrounded with a more sophisticated brushed finish you now have vertical slats to it that bring back the

Old q7 appeal into the new one along with that the headlamps they have been reprofiled and so is the case with the bumper over to the sides it is slightly longer a than the pre-facelift version but the big changes are these 19-inch alloy wheels they look boring of course around the rear i think that’s the best bit of this car because the tail is heavily revised

Thanks to a new bumper re-profile tail lamps and the addition of chrome bits in between the tail lamps but what is it on the inside that has changed let’s hop inside and have a look those on the q7 close with a solid third and getting inside the car is a task i would say but talking of changes well you now have three displays on the front row there’s a 10.1

Inch infotainment screen and an 8.6 inch screen specifically for your climate controls and right behind your steering wheel you have the audi’s virtual cockpit display and with all of these i think this is a fairly modern cabin and the materials and the fit and finish levels on this interior they are top notch in fact the only fly in the ointment over here i

Would say is this center armrest it squeaks a lot so audi if you are listening please get this fixed apart from this there is nothing to complain about this interior as such you have a wireless charging pad right beneath this center armrest and you also have a lined uh part to stow away your sunglasses because there’s no sunglass holder over here but this cabin

Is done in a two-tone uh treatment wherein the dashboard is finished in a darker shade well the seats are upholstered in a shade of beige and along with a large panoramic sunroof there’s a lot of light entering the cabin making it feel airy talking of seats well they are comfortable and electronically adjustable of course apart from that you also have 30 color

Ambient lighting to keep your mood uplifted when you’re driving the car in dark now moving over to the second row of chairs let’s see what they have on offer so ladies and gentlemen i am happy to report that the middle row on the q7 is spacious you have a nice center armrest over here which obviously comes with cupholders and there’s a four zone climate control

In this car so you can have your own temperature settings from a touch panel which is fixed right here and talking of seats and space well there’s a lot of it and the seats are comfortable and supportive there’s enough legroom on offer i am five feet six inches tall and the front seat is set to my driving preferences anybody taller than me won’t complain a lot

About the space on the seats either and they can be reclined plus they can be slide it forward and backward to elevate more space for the third row which we’ll be talking in a while and now talking of this screens that you see over here well they come as a part of optional accessory and they do not come as standard affair however you do have a large panoramic

Sunroof which lets in a lot of light and on the second row of seats as well and talking of your mobile phones yes they can be charged up via two type c ports which are placed here and there are two of them on the front row as well sadly there’s no wireless charging port over here and there’s no usb type 1 or type 2 ports over here however you do get a 12 volt

Socket on the second row and i think that will keep most of your devices charged but to have your own privacy you have nice sun blinds over here which will keep you away from sun and cameras of course so getting in the third row of q7 is an exercise i would say so you need to push this lever and then pull this seat up feels slightly heavy so i have slided

The middle row as forward as i can and i don’t think there’s a lot of space on offer over here but since i’m five feet six inches i think i can be here for at least 100 kilometers or even 150 kilometers but anybody taller than me would be uncomfortable here for sure so five adults in the front and second row and two children in the third row i think that would

Be the best bet however i would like to add that this q7 comes with a bang and a lift and sound system which is pretty impressive so occupants in the third row they’ll be entertained for sure with all the rows up the boot space on the q7 is not a lot but by electronically folding down this third row of seats you can have access to over 800 liters of boot space

And by folding down the second row as well the boot space increases to over 2 000 liters and thankfully this tailgate is electronically operated and you can also lower down the tail to have an easy access to the boot well that was for the boot space time to drive the car now well the facelifted audi q7 misses out on the diesel engine yes you heard me right

It now comes with a three liter v6 turbo petrol motor only and it puts out 340 horsepower and 500 nm of max stock and what does all of that does to you this there’s enough grunt on offer but this motor is not efficient at all when you compare it to its diesel counterpart but considering uh other v6 petrol motors that are offered in this segment this is fairly

Frugal because it also comes with a mild hybrid system and i think on highways we were lucky enough to have an efficiency of around 10 kmpl in cities it is returning about 5k mpl yes that’s all but this engine is very silent very much refined and you can hardly hear anything from it moreover the q7’s characteristic of keeping all the noise away from the cabin

That is phenomenal as well in this avatar now moving over to the gearbox it’s an eight-speed automatic which is quick to respond to all the upshifts and downshift requirements when you use the steering mounted pedal shifters moreover there are a slew of driving modes and i can remember all road efficiency comfort dynamic and auto well that’s all what it gets oh

You also have an individual driving mode wherein you can have your own settings for the steering wheel suspension and the engine response and that was all about the engine gearbox and driving modes now talking of the steering it is a very light unit in the comfort and efficiency mode and even around city speeds or parking speeds but as you climb up the speedo

Ladder it picks up some weight and it’s very direct in the dynamic mode and i would say that audi q7 knows how to hide its heft thanks to the air suspension which comes as standard moreover in the dynamic mode the car lowers down itself by a few mm and in the all road mode which you will be using for going off the road the car lifts itself up by a few mm’s now

Coming back to the brakes they are really good as well the overall bite is strong and they feel progressive so the diving dynamics of this car do not feel like a letdown i would say but making it a pleasant car to drive is obviously the suspension because it feels like a carpet going over bad patches off-road the air suspension is phenomenal there are no second

Thoughts about that moreover features like virtual cockpit and haptic feedback for the touchscreen ensure that you are safe and that you’re not taking your eyes off the road a lot often however i believe that physical controls for the climate control console could have been a tad bit better thankfully you get a manual control for the volume settings yes you have

A knob over here which i really like a lot because car makers have been missing this big time these days now coming back to the question do i miss the diesel engine yes it won’t just be me a lot of uh potent rd q7 buyers will be missing the diesel engine on this behemoth because the power reserve that you see on a diesel engine is way higher than this petrol

One and if we talk about efficiency well that is an aspect where diesel engines always excel in comparison to the petrol counterpart but this motor is very much refined and is very peppy so if you want a fast car which is good at triple digit cruising and making quick highway maneuvers or even for a nice acceleration run because this thing can do zero to 100 in

Around six i think it’s a fairly good motor under the hood and with all of that it’s time to sum this review up i think it’s time for the conclusion and i am happy to report that audi q7 looks ravishing in this yes it did manage to catch a lot of eyeballs during this shoot talking of features there are a lot of them on offer and engine wise yes i do miss the

Diesel for its frugality but this patrol power chain is something that will keep you happy for a longer time because you can keep patrol cars for 15 years in delhi not talking of icing on the cake well that’s the pricing which i believe is spot on it starts from rupees 80 lakh for the premium plus variant while the expensive technology trim is priced at rupees

88 lakh but there are a few features which are exclusive to the more expensive technology trim for example these matrix led head lamps and 360 degree parking cameras which give you a 3d visualization of your car along with that you also have the 19 speaker bang and a loops and sound system and that being said i would advise you to go for the technology variant

However panoramic sunroof seven seats and air suspension all of that come as standard affair on the facelifted q7 well if you’ve always wanted to buy one i think it looks more right now in its second gen iteration and you should definitely consider this one and that was all from my side i’m your host mohit bhadwa is taking a leave for now but before that i hope

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