2022 audi e tron pov test drive
Altair Club Cars 2022 Audi E-Tron POV Test Drive (First Time Driving EV Impression)

2022 Audi E-Tron POV Test Drive (First Time Driving EV Impression)

Today we take a 2022 Audi E-Tron for a spin. This is my first time driving an EV vehicle. I give you my impressions, the pros/cons of EV, as well as do some full throttle accelerations in dynamic mode.

What’s up guys today we are driving a 2022 audi e-tron so this is actually going to be the first uh all-electrical vehicle that i’ve driven you know we’re gonna kind of just go for a cruise you know there’s a few different modes um the vehicle kind of explained those um you know show you the acceleration and kind of talk about some of the pros and cons of you know

Having an electric car so as far as you know pros and cons go all right again this is pretty limited experience i’ve only been driving this car uh just pretty much this week and you know of course some of the pros are you know you have that excellent drivability of an all-electric car you know a ton of on-demand torque you know it’s pretty quick uh you know really

Easy to drive super smooth car um some of the cons that i’ve noticed are you know and of course i’m sorry let me back that up one of the pros are also you don’t have to stop and get gas which is is really nice especially if you have a charger at your house and you know you just plug the car in when you know you’re done with it for the day you don’t have to stop

And get gas which is especially nice especially you know during the colder parts of the year so some of the cons with this car you know the range is relatively low right so audi recommends uh keeping the battery around 80 charge and the range is about 185 miles depending on how aggressively you drive the car so if you drive a lot you know that may be a little

Bit problematic if you have to stop and recharge your vehicle uh you know if you’re just using this car to commute around town and don’t have extended drives you know it’s not really a problem but that is one of the issues you know if you’re planning to do a trip it does require a little bit more planning uh you know to make sure you just have enough charge but

So far so good this car has about 3 600 miles on it it’s pretty new still so some of the different modes you know as you can see here um you know adi has its automotive which is typically what i’ve been driving it in um we’re gonna switch it over to dynamic so in dynamic mode it actually gives you a little bit extra power so i believe it’s an extra 50 horsepower

An extra 90 foot pounds of torque putting this around that 400 horsepower and 490 foot-pounds so we’re going to do some acceleration runs here on the highway and kind of show you the different uh you know what this car is actually like to drive but as far as you know cruising it’s super smooth it’s quiet it’s comfortable definitely a really good daily driver and

It’s well equipped you know of course but yeah we’ll uh just take it for a cruise here and i’ll let you guys you know see how the car drives you know you can just kind of get in the gas a little bit and it picks up speed or not the gas but get on the uh pedal a little bit and you know it picks up speed really quickly which is nice especially for you know commuting

Around town if you need to pass people just having that torque uh that instant torque available makes for a good driving experience so hopefully depending on kind of the traffic situation you know hopefully we can get a poll in here a couple polls and just you know gauge the general performance of the car foreign so i’m gonna punch it from 40. and let’s let’s

Go definitely not bad acceleration plenty of power especially for a daily driver you know of course it’s not like some of the real crazy electric cars out there uh like you know tesla plaid and even some of the dual motor threes and stuff that have quick acceleration but this is the first electric car i’ve driven i’m pretty impressed with it so far so doing

That pull there uh that took almost 10 miles off the range that quick but it should come back if you you know take it easy on the car and coast a lot so one thing i’ve noticed driving this car is you know it coasts really well so you can just let off the gas and it kind of maintains that speed since there’s a car in front of us it’s actually uh slowing the car

Down slightly to keep us you know from getting too close which is you know i’m not the biggest fan of all the different features like that on cars nowadays but i guess it’s kind of cool this car of course has the uh a lot of different technology like that the the lane assist where if you try to you know move too close to the lines it kind of jerks you back i’m not

Really that crazy about it so obviously you want you to use your signal which you always should use your signal if you’re changing lanes um but i’m sure you can disable that i honestly haven’t uh played with it at all yet just because i’ve only been just kind of cruising this car around for the past uh week and testing it so maybe we can get another uh breakaway

Here kind of punch it and just this car just takes off man at first it’s kind of a really weird sensation with the electric motors when you punch it it just kind of like it’s almost like a power drill where you squeeze you know squeeze the button and it just goes it’s a definitely a little bit different sensation than a gas uh you know gas powered vehicle but you

Know i probably wouldn’t go electric as my primary vehicle but you know it’s not not necessarily terrible to have one in your you know car collection or your fleet however you want to do that if you’ve got the money for an extra vehicle or you know you need an electric car for certain things i definitely think it could be beneficial had you asked me you know three

Or five years ago if i would ever drive an electric car you know well it’s just an ambulance um had you asked me three or five years ago would i drive an electric car i would have laughed at you you know but these cars have come a long way and hopefully we’ll get to review at you know a tesla plan at some point and i think that would be pretty interesting on the

Channel so foreign all right yeah so some of the other modes we have efficiency mode you know that kind of makes it a little bit slower and you can definitely get more range out of it that way but it’s less fun to drive so i guess it depends what’s important to you but like i said i pretty much believe in either auto or dynamic you know they have comfort mode

All road which is pretty much like snow rain conditions and an off-road not really sure what off-road would be you know in a car like this not really designed for off-roading so i think they just kind of throw that in there as a gimmick but like i said i like dynamic you can also do an individual mode where you know you basically pick how you want the car you know

The battery you get the little extra boost um the steering kind of tightens up another thing that actually changes is the ride height so i don’t have the specifics on that offhand as far as you know the modes go but the ride height does change so i believe in uh dynamic it’s about medium height i would have to check on that so i’m not even going to talk about it

Because quite frankly i don’t know off the top of my head so i’m i’d rather not give you guys any incorrect information but if you’re interested in that definitely check it out i’m sure you can find out more on audi’s website so i mean just like beating on it like that doing a few polls that definitely drained the battery probably at least you know five at least

Five percent we’ve only been driving around you know probably about 10 minutes or less so that’s something to keep in mind is the battery life does not always last super long but i will say it’s super easy to have just a super heavy foot with these electric cars because it just makes it so easy to uh you know wanna get into it all the time and i think that’s going

To wrap this up today so hopefully you enjoyed this quick point of view drive and we’ll see you guys next video

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2022 Audi E-Tron POV Test Drive (First Time Driving EV Impression) By Steve Swiat

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