2022 aston martin dbx luxury suv
Altair Club Cars 2022 Aston Martin DBX Luxury SUV

2022 Aston Martin DBX Luxury SUV

2022 Aston Martin DBX – The Next Bond Mobile ? This Luxury SUV from Aston Martin. Thank you to Braman Miami for hosting us at their Dealership. For more info on this vehicle call: Harold Dominguez at 305-778-8863.

Hey guys we’re here at bremen miami and we’re going to take a look at this beautiful 2022 aston martin dbx up next on wheels and wheels beautiful front end a gorgeous looking automobile so sporty and elegant pirelli r-22 tires on these beautiful rinse check out that beautiful interior camel brown interior beautiful sunroof gorgeous seats in the back as

Well you can hear the engines just like settling down now so this is the aston martin dbx the suv of aston martin it’s a gorgeous interior here this vehicle has a twin turbo v8 and it has 542 horsepower and 516 pound torque so it’s got some really good get up and go the seats are absolutely beautiful check them out here’s your center console this is here at

Bremen miami in miami florida and here we have the ac controls let’s go to the menu and check this out you have all your climate controls here here you have your controls for your terrain so you have terrain plus terrain gt individual and sport as well you can see it here in the center console and you have your height adjustments here hill control descent

Your controls can also be managed here with this rotary dial your lane keep assist auto start parking is here parking monitors so you can get your parking you have your volume controls here i know cruise control is over here your phone controls lane keep distance for your cruise control this monitors your distance between the cars in front here’s your volume

Controls right here for your radio the light controls are up here it’s beautiful car super sporty automobile suv for the family sporty it’s gorgeous so you can access the menu also from this touchpad that’s right here and you can move across the different menu options it comes with navigation nice big screen i believe it’s 10 inch you press back home you have

Your radio your media settings phone settings and vehicle information so you can see the drive modes there’s quite a few choices you have individual suspension steering drive and exhaust system right now let’s say sport plus memory seats the interior is called oxford tan and it’s absolutely gorgeous the color on it is really beautiful very elegant looking

Here’s the hood popped up with that v8 twin turbo 4.0 engine it’s a 542 horsepower engine with 516 pounds of torque gorgeous this car has a 542 horsepower 4.0 liter twin turbo v8 engine with a nine speed automatic all-wheel drive with active transfer case rear electronic limited slip differential bespoke aluminum body structure as we’re showing earlier this

Six different drive modes in this vehicle performance braking system flat full led automatic headlights with 22 inch alloy wheels beautiful sunroof rear cargo is very roomy you also can get it with an umbrella in the back as well check out that sound nice roomy back seats beautiful sunroof 22-inch alloy wheels i’d like to thank harold here at bremen

Miami and he’d like to tell you a few words about this beautiful aston martin if you’d like more information on it so if you’re looking for luxury at sports this is your car the axe aston martin dbx you can contact me to the 305 778-8863 welcome to nowhere else what brave man we’re there to dream thank you so much harold you appreciate it you

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