2022 acura mdx vs kia telluride
Altair Club Cars 2022 Acura MDX vs Kia Telluride, drag and roll race. 3Row SUV Race

2022 Acura MDX vs Kia Telluride, drag and roll race. 3Row SUV Race

2022 Acura MDX A Spec vs Kia Telluride, drag and roll race. 3Row SUV Race!

Hello everyone this is sam khalid and welcome back to another video you asked for this and today we’re going to find out which one is the fastest out of these two three-row suvs especially thanks for this video goes to my good friend chris from acura north mississauga for bringing in his daily 2022 acura mdx and today we’re going to race it against the uh uh

Kia italia ride with the knight shade um now let’s talk about what we decided to do this well first of all there’s this is very interesting because both cars offer almost the same horsepower same torque almost and they’re both three row suvs and also you guys asked me to do a drag race between the two of them what’s the point of doing a drag race between two

Three row suvs well you get to learn about the driver’s driving system as well in terms of the all-wheel drive how fast it is on takeoff you also get to learn a bit more about the car itself how much faster does it feel i know most of you guys are not going to take them for a drag race but it’s also nice to see how do the engines compare because at the end

Of the day power delivered to the wheels it has to do more with the drivetrain how much faster you react how much better it is like for example the um acura has the super handling all-wheel drive system and while in here we have uh the v6 engine and it’s also equipped with different uh off-road modes as well in sport mode the first race we’re gonna do is uh

In regular mode comfort it’s a quarter mile test and we’re gonna find out which one is the fast now which one is the fastest let’s talk about the specs of the kia so the kia is the night shade it has a v6 under the hood it makes 290 horsepower 291 horsepower is equipped with an 8-speed automatic transmission it weighs about 4 300 pounds curb weight based on

Specs that i saw online and the v6 is naturally aspirated it makes about 260 270 torque most importantly it is an all-wheel drive drive train and it is a three row suv now what do we have on the other side and i’m gonna let my good friend chris talk about the mdx so chris talk to me about the mdx good afternoon everyone my name is chris holmes i’m the general

Sales manager of performance acura in north mississauga i’m a friend of sam’s and he asked me to come out today to join him in this three-row crossover shootout what we have to offer is a 2022 acura mdx platinum elite the car comes equipped with a 3.5 liter v6 naturally aspirated mated to a 10-speed automatic transmission horsepower 290 and 267 pound-feet of

Torque this is uh quite the contender and i think it should fare well against the kia tellu ride i’m excited about the race as should you be as well enjoy the race kilometers meanwhile you have kilometers on my vehicle is 59.32 that’s 5932 and the weight of the vehicle is approximately 4300 pounds so from a comparison standpoint i think we’re pretty bang on

Slow reaction this is the slowest race i’ve been into in a long time it has like a delay oh that mdx is taking off nicely i’m catching up to him but not by much come on kia i think i’m taking it almost neck and neck that was close see that’s where he gets me he has a bit of a slow lunch but then he’s able to keep up with me oh i’m taking this one i think i’m

Taking this one or maybe in that kinect maybe good to go one two three and go i think i had a better lunch than him come on kia oh i took him this time all the way to 7000 rpm with the fourth gear nice so so jesus this key is quick but so this is interesting when you do it in first gear and launch it that’s where that accurate really goes yeah i

Think the transmission is definitely playing a role in the way it gets this mass up and moving well chris this was a lot of fun thanks a lot for coming man i appreciate this hey everyone thanks for watching um i appreciate for chris coming and joining us as you saw like the cars are very similar in some ways but they have a lot of things when you switch modes

They change quite a lot i think the kia is quite fast but i think most important super handling all-wheel driving that acura does a fantastic job overall but they’re very very close so you couldn’t say one is a lot faster than the other one i’d say the mdx has some advantages the kia has other advantages like as we saw shift into second and then going to a roll

Pretty quick this thing is quite impressive we get to learn a bit more about how the transmission reacts and how the engine works i really had a great time i’m going to do more about more uh three row suv drag races let me know what do you guys think about this and special thanks for this video goes to uh toronto motorsports or cayuga for allowing us to book

The drag strip with that in mind thanks for watching guys stay safe cheers

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2022 Acura MDX vs Kia Telluride, drag and roll race. 3Row SUV Race! By Sam CarLegion

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