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Altair Club Cars 2021Toyota Land Cruiser | Near Extinction

2021Toyota Land Cruiser | Near Extinction

We review the 2021 Toyota Land Cruiser Heritage Edition. This is the end of a generation, and we discuss the details and why people love it. While other products like the Cadillac Escalade and Lincoln Aviator, BMW, and Mercedes raise the tech game, Toyota keeps everything old school. Others to consider are the Audi Q7, Lincoln Navigator, BMW X7, and Mercedes G Wagen.

Sometimes it’s hard to say goodbye this is the toyota land cruiser heritage edition and after 2021 toyota is killing off the land cruiser here in the united states so in this video we’re here to celebrate this product walk you through some of the engineering and show you why it’s so iconic give you a brief overview of the cabin and take this thing out for a drive

Enjoy inside the toyota land cruiser this is the heritage edition which is supposed to celebrate over 60 years of the land cruiser nameplate and for this special edition vehicle they’ve made some notable exterior and interior changes starting with the exterior they’ve added 18-inch forged bbs alloy wheels they’ve deleted a lot of the chrome on the front end

Of this vehicle and the side panels they’ve removed the running boards from this added a yakima roof rack and on the d-pillar you have some vintage land cruiser script or badging on the interior they made some changes with some of the piping and upholstery for this cabin they’ve deleted the third row and deleted the cool box in the center armrest so with that

Out of the way let’s talk about the ergonomics and practicality of this cabin when it comes to the ergonomics of the land cruiser it’s old school toyota truck i mean that in the best kind of way this entire interior is ruggedized and simplistic so storage this was originally a three row suv however they’ve deleted the third row for the heritage edition which

Means you have even more rear cargo capacity behind the second row the hatch itself is a split tailgate design which is also neat and the second row of seats fold entirely flat when it comes to occupant capacity the second row is fairly roomy if you are a full-sized adult over six foot tall you should fit back there fine the front seats themselves are somewhat

Comfortable they are not the best by any means but they should fit a variety of body types and if you like a tall command of the road or if you like sitting up high you should be able to do that no issue and this thing has a ton of glass which means there are no blind spots when it comes to the front storage the door panels or door cards are relatively narrow

Which means you can’t fit a large water bottle in there but they’re big enough for wallets your center glove box or center armrest i apologize is now no longer cooled which means there’s a ton of space in there and your glove box is enormous so with that all said let’s talk about the electronics before we head into the shop when it comes to the electronics of

This cabin it’s old school and if you’re paying new nearly 90 000 you might be a little bit disappointed but i will say this at least everything works your head unit it’s about a generation or two old in the toyota architecture you don’t have apple carplay you don’t have android auto but you do have bluetooth audio and usb audio it works pretty well the control

Structures it makes a physical and touch and you do have a reasonable backup camera system though it’s relatively low resolution you do have a set of toyota safety suite features like lane keep assist or really lane departure warning and adaptive cruise control it works okay but i acknowledge that’s not why you’re buying this thing the rest of this cabin when

It comes to the control structure is really simplistically laid out your heated seats your cooled seats and your heated steering wheels are all physical controls your all-wheel drive and off-road controls are also physical which i’ll walk you through all the modes when we head into the shop past that the last thing to talk about is the jbl audio system it’s

Actually pretty decent the noise floor in this cabin is relatively low however you do get some wind noise from the yakima roof rack so with that let’s head into the shop mark we’re underneath the land cruiser yeah the last time i was underneath this was 2017 and shockingly it’s identical jack the only thing that’s changed is my hairline’s got weaker i have more

Skin conditions three inches longer than it used to be but the toyota land cruiser is still going strong for at least six more months until they kill it off yep 2021 is the last model year and they did do some revisions throughout the years so this vehicle was introduced in the late 2007 early 2008 time period as the j200 generation land cruiser they got a mid

Cycle refresh which moved this automatic transmission from an archaic five or six speed to the eight speed automatic that you find now and this is loosely based on the toyota tundra architecture it’s been shortened switched around because it’s not a pickup truck and strengthened at least a little bit and they added a ton of skid plates to this i mean honestly

Mark this is an old-school truck with not a lot of problems right yes toyotas do rot out and the 5.7 liter apparently at higher mileage has some head gasket issues but there’s a reason these things hold their value everything’s mechanical everything works including kdss yeah and so i think this is the most important thing to talk about with the land cruiser is

That people will really appreciate this when it’s gone like you’ll see this in another 10 years bring a trailer or whatever the hell it’ll be people will be paying almost identical what these things are now when you can’t get them anymore because things like kdss which is its disconnecting sway bar system is all hydraulic it’s there’s no there’s not 20 ecu’s

Running it just basically mechanically if you drop a wheel it disconnects the sway bar the lines run to the front to the back the only thing you have to do is bleed that system in there there’s something about that the fact that you know that you could park this work on it on your own and not have to worry with a have a ton of headache and you get the in america

You get the 5.7 liter v8 which i don’t think anywhere else gets that and the nice thing about the 5.7 liter is the fact that a it makes more power than the smaller displacement engines outside of this country it doesn’t have cylinder deactivation it’s going to be fairly reliable and it makes pretty good horsepower almost 400. yeah and when we get in the drive

We’ll talk about that but again this is exactly the same as the video i did in 2017. so it’s just everything steel you have double wishbone front you have a live axle rear but you have in uh you have coil springs versus leaf springs it rides the same to me it feels the same it’s just one couple model years later and i can you sold the center locking differential

From torsion and all the drive modes so you have the crawl mode which is their basically their off-road cruise control which when you pair it in when you have it in 4-low you can also change the drive mode around from like mogul mode rocks and sand mud all that other fun stuff and it does do a better job helping you keep this vehicle moving off-road and it has

Some type of nostalgic charm to the way that it looks and feels it’s just it’s not a modern vehicle and that’s also why people love it it doesn’t have the gimmicks it doesn’t have all the things that people are like oh what’s how big is my screen how big is this what what tech does it have that’s not what this is about and that’s why i like it even though i’m

Not you know this is never something that i would own but that’s why i appreciate it so much it’s a niche product it is hyper expensive this thing’s like 87 thousand dollars which is ridiculous which to a regular person the fact that it doesn’t have things like apple carplay android auto the interior is dated they’re not going to understand but there’s a good

Reason that these things are worth the money they are in the used market like i said in 15 years it’s your this is not going to lose its value yeah as long as there’s no regulations that kill off driving it people are going to have this on the road for the next like jillion years yeah so with that mark let’s take this thing out on the road all right toyota land

Cruiser mark let’s say goodbye all right permanently v8 i’ll miss that yeah there’s something to be said about this toyota power plant it has such a tremendously warm resonant frequency that you must forget that this thing is like 5 800 pounds and not particularly fast because it does sound so nice and smooth yeah it really is and that’s one of the things i

Really loved about the tundra in a lot of ways this definitely feels like it really is kind of a tundra um but it rides way better than the tundra it’s less bouncy it’s less springy it’s more comfortable to drive and i think that’s also one of the reasons why it has a huge following it’s right in that good balance between truck ride usability and comfort yeah

I mean there’s something to be said about the modern offerings being able to do the dual personality thing a little better like the defender has better road manners and some of the more modern body unframed trucks like a suburban but what you’re getting in this instead is proven reliability and not a disposable product you’re buying this to keep it right

This is not really a lease vehicle you’re buying this to keep for 10 years 15 years potentially even longer and you know if you’re doing that a lot of this in the interior is pretty timeless it’s very straightforward and when you get out here in the snow which is our closest thing to off-roading where we live it’s extraordinarily capable i you know the very

Things that i know that people love about this are a lot of the things that i hate about it though i i can’t i i think about because how much is this 80 000 to almost 90 grand okay so this is a lot of money oh it’s an abnormal amount of money and you know i think about okay look at all the luxury suvs we get in and out of and granted they’re some of them are

Not as capable as this not as durable they’re not going to last as long as more gimmicks but they drive better and they ride better they’re quieter the electronics are better basically every single thing you use on pavement in terms of handling as well they’re way better choices than this but i don’t disagree with you we’re not going to be having a discussion

About those in three five seven years and that’s the very thing that is confusing to me about this is i would not enjoy driving this every day like some of those but at least i i would know that i could honestly have this long term and it’s going to hold its value yeah the inputs in this thing are not good the steering’s slow right i don’t want to get this to

Oversteer because the rack the actual steering ratio is so slow you have no feedback from the wheel it gets blown around at higher speeds it’s not particularly fast it doesn’t stop well but again right you’re buying this because you love old-school toyota products right yes this has the eight-speed automatic and it’s pretty lazy but it does and this thing does

Everything it’s supposed to and i mean what else can you buy that you know that’s gonna last like this other than like the forerunner well all the toyota unlocks this products that people go nuts about you know like really this is just an extension of all those it’s again right i mean this is a broken record the realities of ownership for this are probably are

Less glamorous than uh you know people’s perception of this you know what it really it’s cool to the people that know what it is and appreciate what it is and then to everybody else it just looks like a big toyota truck yeah big toyota truck that’s a lot of money that’s all that’s a lot of money yeah i will miss this when it’s gone and i think you know toyota’s

New direction getting away from v8s going to a turbocharged application and the tundra really does make me sad and i’m i don’t know how the the toyota buying population is going to feel about their new direction with their products yeah this is the crazy part about being in this world of driving and testing all these products that we know are short for this

World we know this is going to be gone and right now i’m kind of like i don’t appreciate it at all because one it’s a press card too i know you can still buy it you know there’s a lot of them out there but that tune changes over time you soften to it and i think when we get in cars that are full of every single thing that has a screen to interact with that

The physical control part of it that tactile totally disposable disposable when when that replaces this completely i’m going to get in here and think why was i so hard on this and that’s the truth of it so mark with that let’s get into the final thoughts all right jack final thoughts on the toyota land cruiser it’s the end of a generation and you know that

They’re going to replace this with something else but the big takeaway here is the land crews on a lot of toyota and lexus products they kind of stretch out the usable life for quite a while some of it is because all that technology has been depreciated they don’t really it doesn’t really cost them anything to keep it going other than just building more and

Most of what they build even though they go out in low volumes gets bought and on the used market they are in high demand at high prices that is extremely rare for something that is more of a commodity type build it’s not ultra high-end they’re not trying to wow you with any gimmicks it just works and has worked for quite a while the big argument here is the

The price tag like our tester was like 80 000 and that that’s just mind-boggling to me and when you look at something like this and this is going to be the counterpoint this xc90 that i own i wouldn’t trade the things that this does well the interior quality the interior design the audio system and the way that it is isolated and rides and the functionality

Of it but what i would give away is its lack of reliability it’s kind of weird build quality issues this has been in the shop and four times in the past eight months that’s something that i wouldn’t deal with with the land cruiser i wouldn’t have to deal with this losing 70 percent of its value because it’s so ridiculously expensive to fix and i think that’s

Where toyota and lexus at least with their trucks and bigger suvs have found this magic potion for people that love that and i gotta tell you once this generation moves on and we get into more complicated engine transmission design electronics we’re gonna miss this we talked about that talked about that on the drive i feel like well people aren’t clamoring

For these right now in a couple years you’re gonna want to get your hands on a used one if you can’t afford one new get one before the prices get insane you’re gonna love and appreciate the things that it does well but of course you’re gonna have to make excuses for the things that it doesn’t do so well but that’s life when you’re into these types of toyota

Products thanks for watching i’ll see you next time you

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