2021gmc denali 3500 vs 2021 chev
Altair Club Cars 2021GMC Denali 3500 vs 2021 Chevrolet High Country 3500

2021GMC Denali 3500 vs 2021 Chevrolet High Country 3500

2021GMC Denali 3500 vs 2021 Chevrolet High Country 3500

Welcome back so today we are gonna head over to my buddy’s house he just picked him up uh new denali and we’re gonna see what the difference is between our high country and his denali and give you a full tour of his truck remember hit that like button subscribe hit the bell for notifications really helps the channel out here we have it this is jed’s 2021 gmc denali

And he just turned 500 miles on it yesterday he needs to get out and use it more he’s getting some stuff figured out he got his anderson hitch in yesterday had to do some changes on it comment down below are you an anderson hitch fan or a b w companion or what fifth wheel hitch do you use he loves his anderson fifth wheel hitch had to do a few little adjustments

Um with the new 2021s but he’s able to get his old hitched work let’s go ahead and give a quick walk around i believe his is the summit white and ours is the iridescent white so ours has a little bit more of a sparkle to it not quite as bright of a white so as we were looking at these we started thinking oh the gmc is a little bit taller but we got out the

Tape measure and they both sit up on the hood at about 59 inches even though the gmc sits a little bit taller it looks like they’re actually the same it’s just the different styling on the hood and you can really see how even they are on height we’re we’re kind of on the side of the road so it’s a little bit off but how the mirrors are basically right exactly

The same place and yet again jed making me feel bad because i show up and his truck is shiny and clean and ours needs to be washed just water spotted it’s like it’s winter or something here all right so first thing most importantly payload he’s at 36.89 it has 40 pounds difference than than our chevy and we have figured that it probably has to be the tailgate

The new tailgate on these denalis is quite a bit heavier so this truck is well suited to carry a load jed decided to go with the different leather combination it’s kind of a gray and brown combo and looks really nice nice denali in the headrest here jesus trucks a lot cleaner than mine so going through everything very similar to what we have in ours he just

Told me that this little button down here deactivates your power steps so that way they’ll stay down when you’re washing it or whatever same basic instrument cluster all the towing stuff over here four-wheel drive everything that way i do like the color scheme that they’ve done on the steering wheel really nice looking around not seeing many differences at all

Between the two he does have heated seats here in the rear heated and cooled up front i mean this thing’s loaded up i i don’t know if we pointed this out in our video but we like i don’t even know if it’ll show up in there it is right there they build in extra head room so when you’re in here you just have that nice extra bit of headroom so your head’s not or

If you’re wearing a hat it’s not rubbing on the ceiling it makes the cab feel so much larger came with these power running boards which is so nice that they slide up out of the way nice and tucked away and the denali badging always looks so good overall not a lot of differences so let’s get to the few things that are different one of the main differences with

This and our high country is the tailgate system these new gmcs have a very distinct tailgate so you have a few different functions with it you can press the button let it down which is nice then up in the bed you have your handle which our truck does not have this to help you get up in here but then down here you have the second latch dropping that down and

Then you got your step here jed was saying he wasn’t too you know thrilled or excited about it until getting in and out working on zanderson hitch yesterday and using it a bunch of times he’s like okay that that’s nice like most things we all think oh we don’t need that until we have it pretty sweet little setup there the one thing you do have to watch for and b

W does make a hitch that works for it is right there so that way you don’t accidentally drop it down and hit it on your ball hitch open the bed fully lined just like ours and he was able to get his anderson in here great hitches nice lightweight i think they’re like 30 pounds compared to our bmw which is 150. one thing that a lot of people probably have noticed

That was just pointed out to me was the shape of the wheel wells is a little bit different on this has these different angles to it so instead of just being rounded it’s kind of angled off same will set basically with a different center cap another difference on these passenger rear doors they actually have the push button lock when the chevy does not have that

Not a big deal but just one of those little things that’s on the gmc denali and not on the high country another one of the differences um it has kind of the badging right here on the denali and it doesn’t have the big black plastic thing up in the hood like the high country does the high country has different badging here and then it’s duramax badging all that

Sort of stuff’s right up in here with the denali you also get different tail lights than what we have on our high country just kind of a different shaped tail light in comparison the headlight assemblies are also different i mean when you get the different grill and all that sort of stuff it’s gonna be that so here they are on the high country as compared to

The denali headlights on the denali are quite a bit different design and the other largest difference is this big old grill i really like the way that gmc does their grills it makes it look almost like a completely different truck and you always get lots of chrome with the denalis and i’m one of the few people i think that still just love chrome i don’t know

If you could get any closer than these two trucks it was kind of ironic that we both ended up buying them in the same month and we had no idea each other was buying new trucks great looking trucks um there’s a few differences between the two the chevy has the automatic power up and power down tailgate the gmc has that built-in step but it’s not power it’ll drop

Automatically but it doesn’t raise itself back up the gmc has a few little styling differences that we noticed but overall pretty much the same comment down below whether you like the gmc or if you like the high country also thanks for watching remember to hit that like subscribe all those sort of things really helps us out and enjoy your weekend thanks you

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2021GMC Denali 3500 vs 2021 Chevrolet High Country 3500 By Jaunt Junkies

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