2021 volkswagen atlas cross spor
Altair Club Cars 2021 Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport SEL: Start Up, Test Drive, Walkaround and Review

2021 Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport SEL: Start Up, Test Drive, Walkaround and Review

👋 Today we check out the 2021 Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport SEL! This is a more sporty version of the Atlas that still offers tons of interior storage, a sporty new look from the rear and can even tow!! Find out what else the 2021 Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport has to offer!!

What’s up everyone and welcome back to the channel so today i’m down at keffer volkswagen and we’re going to take a look at the 2021 volkswagen atlas cross sport so huge shout out to them for providing this vehicle for me today they are carolina’s vw power dealer so definitely check them out all their information is down in the description below the atlas that

You see behind me is finished off in aurora red metallic and it has an msrp just over 50 000 but we’re going to start off today’s review with what powers this atlas up underneath the hood is a 3.6 liter v6 engine paired to the 8-speed automatic transmission this pumps out 276 horsepower and 266 pound-feet of torque it is all-wheel drive weighs in right around

4 300 pounds it’ll do zero to 60 in the mid 7 second range up to its top speed of 130 miles an hour it also has a fuel capacity of 19 and a half gallons and you can expect to see around 19 miles per gallon in the city and 23 out on the highway this has a wheelbase of 117.3 inches its overall length is 195.5 it has a width of 78.4 a height of 68.2 and its ground

Clearance measures in at 8 inches as we work our way to the exterior now for this atlas i’m going to start off with the headlight housings so this model has led headlights led drls and led turn signals you’ll notice that the drls have a really nice l shape to them just underneath the headlight and the high beam along with the turn signal in the lower section and

It’s really nice how the headlights flow nicely with the grille you’ll see this chrome trim piece on the top section of the housing flowing nicely to the top section of the grille where there’s also two other chrome bars you can see there’s plenty of cutouts to provide maximum cooling to this engine and then on the lower section you’ll see this gloss black trim

Piece just to tie it in nicely you’ll also notice too that there’s really nice contoured lines running throughout the middle section of this bumper where you’ll see on both sides are functional air inlets so that will help provide better aerodynamics for this model and then right in the center you’ll also notice this has an integrated forward-facing camera to

Provide better visibility for upfront along with all the parking sensors that are nicely integrated in the lower section where you’ll also notice too we have another trim piece just to break it up along with more mesh to provide extra cooling and then as we finish up with the hood here you can see the distinctive lines running down it to give it a great look as

We work our way to the side profile now for this cross sport i’m going to start off with these wheels so we have a really nice set of 20 inch wheels they measure 8 inches wide you can see they have a five split spoke designed to them along with a two-tone finish which looks really good against this exterior red you’ll also notice too that we have a cross sport

Badge with some more chrome trim surrounding it this does have power folding side mirrors that are body colored you can see the integrated turn signal along with a camera underneath each one and i’ll show that camera system later on in today’s video this model also has a full moon roof so you’ll see that up top along with the roof rails there’s more chrome trim

Surrounding the windows along with down in the lower section of the door you’ll also notice too that we have the trim surrounding the fenders along with the lower side skirts and then my favorite part is the side profile for this atlas we have very crisp lines you can see there’s one in this front quarter panel here great lines just underneath the side mirrors

And running right through the middle and lower section of the door and then you also notice the line just through the gas cap and the rear fender arch and last up for this atlas you’ll notice that it has a body colored spoiler with the integrated third brake light the wiper blade is mounted in the lower section of the glass to help better improve rear-facing

Visibility and you’ll also notice too with the steep rake that this rear glass has it doesn’t hinder your rear-facing visibility from the driver’s seat which you’ll see later in today’s video this model also has led tail lights they have a really nice crisp line on them that flows nicely from the side profile bringing it to the back you’ll also notice there’s a

Chrome trim piece running right through the middle of the power liftgate where we have a backup camera all the parking sensors are down in the lower section where you’ll see more chrome trim and this also has a towing capacity up to 5000 pounds before we take a look at the interior this model does have remote start so if i lock it and double tap this button on

The key fob it will automatically start up which is a really nice feature to see if you do need to shut the vehicle off for whatever reason you can double tap that button again but now with the vehicle locked and the key in my pocket all i have to do is place my hand on the door handle you will see the side mirrors fold open as well and now we can move on to this

Door panel where you’ll see there’s a two-tone design with really nice white stitching we have leather on the armrest you can see all the window controls which are automatic up and down for front and rear we have the side mirror adjustments just in front of that along with brushed aluminum on the release handle you can see lock and unlock along with the fender

Audio sound system there’s also a really nice trim piece surrounding all of those controls in the upper section and then down below you’ll see the power liftgate release along with one speaker and a good amount of storage space in the lower section of the door and then as we work our way to the interior now you can see the two-tone design for these leather seats

They are heated and ventilated as well have a really nice design running down the insert along with the bolsters and the white stitching and then down on the sides you’ll also notice the memory seating adjustments along with all the automatic controls and now that we’re inside with my foot on the brake it’s time to start it up and looking at the virtual cockpit

Now you can see there’s a large lcd screen that provides a lot of information that you can go through over on the left side though you’ll see the engine temperature on the right side is the fuel gauge and then to control that middle screen we have all those over on the right side of the steering wheel here so right now you can see the navigation you can also

See your range until empty along with your average mpg running across the top you have the outside temperature along with the clock if i scroll over one you can pull up the audio you can also look at your phone when that is hooked up and paired you can pull up vehicle status to look through along with various mpg and miles per hour readouts so you can look at all

Those along with engine temperature your trip and economy along with an overview and your range you can also scroll over and pull up your range in full screen there along with the assistance systems and then we’re back to the navigation you can however though push on the view button and by doing that you can pull up the attack on the left side your miles per hour

On the right side and you can still scroll through all that information that i just showed so if there’s something like the navigation that you want to pull up in full screen it makes it very easy to minimize those on the bottom right there along with what gear you’re in over on the left side so you can see all that information clearly in front of you and now as

We work our way to the steering wheel you’ll see it’s completely covered in solid leather with white stitching running along the inside really nice brushed aluminum trim piece surrounding the steering wheel as well also over on the right side you’ll see voice commands along with tuning and the heated steering wheel control and then over on the left side we have

All the cruise and adaptive cruise control settings along with volume for the radio and then as we work our way to the left side of the steering wheel you’ll see there’s a little bit of storage in the lower section along with the headlight controls there’s also one air vent and as we work our way to the middle there’s a little bit of storage in the dash there

And just below that is the eight inch touchscreen system so right now we are on menu which basically shows you your radio your phone you can pull up the navigation on the screen if you’d like to if i just click on menu we’re back to this screen here where you can go into sound vehicle you can look at your assistant systems your climate controls different settings

And everything like that you’ll also notice over on the left side are shortcuts to radio and media we have power and volume for the radio along with phone and voice commands and then over on the right side is navigation and apps along with tuning you can also go into car as well and look at your vehicle status you can pull up your tpms different off-road settings

To monitor as well so you have your pitch and roll along with the steering degrees for your wheel which is really nice to be able to see so you can monitor all that information it’s a really nice system to use and offers a lot and then you’ll also notice there’s an air vent on both sides of that and working our way down below now we have all the climate controls

Very easy to go through the system we have temperature for driver temperature for passenger along with a small lcd screen so you don’t have to view that in the upper screen if you don’t want to we have it clearly labeled down below you’ll also notice the heated and ventilated seat controls along with where you like the air to go fan speed is right in the center

Working your way below that you’ll see traction control along with the wireless charging port really nice amount of storage space for your phone or other smaller items you’ll also notice there’s some auxiliaries and a 12 volt if you need to use those and then making your way to the shifter now if i just pull the release up front we can go into reverse and now

You can see the backup camera up here with all the guidelines and then if you’d like to see the rest of the camera system you can actually use this shortcut button here along with putting the vehicle into drive and then if we push on this button here you can see the top down view obviously i’m really close to the curb in the front there but it’s really nice to

Be able to see that 360 degree camera system you’ll also notice there’s two cupholders over on the right side we have the engine start stop button along with the electronic parking brake we have that shortcut to the camera system this also has a parallel parking feature so just by pushing on that the screen will tell you to put your turn signal on and shift

Into reverse so once it’s found a spot it will assist you in parallel parking really nice feature to see and then we also have all the different driving modes so by using this dial you can go between eco normal sport and custom there’s also a snow mode that you can go into as well as two different off-road settings that you can customize so it’s really nice

To be able to go through all that information and then working our way behind that you’ll see the armrest is finished off in leather and we have a ton of storage for any items you’d like to place in there as we work our way to the glove box now you’ll see there’s a lot more room for all that information too we’ll take one last look at these seats which have a

Really nice design to them and then as i mentioned earlier this does have a full panoramic sunroof so we can use this button up top to go ahead and open up the sunshade the rest of the way and you’ll see that provides a lot of lighting for the interior so we have those controls as well as being able to adjust the sunroof and the dome lights are up here as well

Now that i’m in the back seats for this atlas i’m gonna start off with the amount of room that i have so i’m five foot ten i have the front seat set at my height i can almost extend my legs all the way there’s that much space for my legs and my knees around two or three inches above my head i can improve that just a little bit by reclining the seat all the way

Back which just gives me a very comfortable seating position so i could be back here for a long period of time easily have two other people with me if i need to these outer seats are also heated too so we have those controls right in the middle along with two air vents you can see there’s two usb ports so you can charge any electronics you may have there’s also

Some storage pockets behind both front seats we have plenty of room in the lower section of the door if you need to use it and then right in the middle here we do have the armrest along with two cup holders if you need to use that and these back rests fold down as well they have a 60 40 split to them by folding them down you improve your rear storage significantly

Making it very versatile and last up it’s time to take a look at the rear storage space so if i just hold the button on the key fob the power liftgate will automatically open up and you can see even with the back seats up there is plenty of room this is a very deep area so you can put in a lot of items if you need to over on the driver’s side you’ll see there’s a

Small compartment along with a 12 volt and then over on the passenger side a little bit more room if you need to use that there’s also the bear up underneath and a little bit of hidden storage if you need to use that area too there’s also a spot where you can put a cover so you can hide any items in the back if you’d like to and then by folding those rear seats

Down you can see just how much more storage there is making this a very practical daily driver you can stuff it full of items if you need to which is really great to see and then being the power liftgate we can just push this button up top and it will automatically close all right so getting behind the wheel of the 2021 volkswagen atlas cross sport it’s been a

While since i’ve been behind the wheel of the atlas so getting behind the wheel of the cross sport it’s essentially the same vehicle there’s a few minor changes here and there you already saw earlier that that rear glass has more of a steep rake to it just to give it more of a sporty design and it also doesn’t have that third row so if you’re looking for a larger

Vehicle you need all that extra storage behind the back seats it definitely has plenty of room as you already saw with the back seats folded down too you can put pretty much anything you want in the back seats and this has a towing capacity around 5000 pounds so it’s a very versatile daily driver if you need something that can tow so you can also have that extra

Interior storage without having that third row just to have a little bit larger of a vehicle so it’s really nice how they’ve packaged that in the cross sport and giving it more of that sporty design also with the cross sport 2 we have the different driving modes that i showed earlier so by putting it into sport mode now we can also put the shifter down into s and

Use that to shift if we’d like to and it’s not incredibly quick but we’re getting up to the speed limit just like that if you need to use the shifter here if you’re towing you want to hold it in a gear yourself you can do that if you need to so you can definitely get up and move in this vehicle so it’s nice to have those different driving modes it’s also really

Nice to have the off-road settings too so it’s really nice with that 4matic all-wheel drive system you have the capabilities of taking this off-road you can go on gravel dirt whatever terrain it may be so it just adds to the daily drivingness of this vehicle being able to drive it in different terrain situations and inclement weather and situations like that

But now as we move on to the interior here this has a really nice layout i love the leather steering wheel we have the two-tone seats which are also heated and ventilated so on a hot day like it is today ventilated seats is definitely a must really nice infotainment system that’s easy to go through and i love how there’s not a whole lot of buttons so it makes

This center area very user friendly and easy to go through but we’ll give it a little bit more gas just in normal mode here by itself and we are up to the speed limit just like that not doing anything too crazy and now moving on to the overall visibility for the cross sport as i mentioned earlier with that steeply raked rear glass from the driver’s seat here i

Can actually see perfectly out of that glass so that doesn’t hinder your visibility having that steep break to it and it also gives it that sporty design as i mentioned while looking over my right shoulder it’s really easy to see out of that direction too pillar’s not all that bulky so it gives you a good 360 view and we have that camera system as i showed so

You basically have no blind spots around this entire vehicle which is great to see and one thing that i also noticed too looking over my right shoulder there is the fact that the backseat passengers have the manual sunshade so you can raise and lower those just to make it a little bit more comfortable for your backseat passengers which as you already saw plenty

Of space for three people to be back there comfortably along with having the heated seat option so this is definitely a very nice daily driver it’s very comfortable on the inside i don’t have any complaints with its suspension it’s absorbing all these bumps very well you can’t hear road noise wind noise anything like that so that just adds to being able to drive

This on a daily basis but i think that’s going to wrap it up for my walk around review and test drive getting behind the wheel of this 2021 volkswagen atlas cross sport once again huge shout out to kef for volkswagen for providing this vehicle for me today make sure you guys check out their website i’ll have that down in the description below they are carolina’s

Volkswagen power dealer so definitely check them out if you enjoyed today’s video make sure you give it a huge thumbs up and consider smashing that subscribe button if you’d like to stay up to date on our daily uploads and i’ll see you guys in the next video so you

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