2021 toyota supra gr vs infiniti
Altair Club Cars 2021 Toyota Supra GR vs Infiniti Q60S, comparison, drag and roll

2021 Toyota Supra GR vs Infiniti Q60S, comparison, drag and roll

2021 Toyota Supra GR vs Infiniti Q60, comparison, drag and roll!

Today i am driving the infiniti q60 s but it has a red sport map i don’t know what that is but apparently it makes the same horsepower as a red sport so i’m assuming it’s making about 400 horsepower um there’s apparently a map that you can purchase like an actual tune for this and then switch it to a standard the problem with this is that you can’t do normal

Modes because normal mode is taken as a sport mode but here’s what we’re gonna do because my left side we have a stock 2021 supra that makes 382 supposedly um we don’t know what bmw puts on it it’s technically toyota but it’s a bmw engine um i think that’s quick but it’s a rear-wheel drive this is an all-wheel drive and the problem is that that’s spinning

Quite a lot so we’re gonna do two launches and then we’ll do two uh actual uh rolls so the 50 kilometers and so on especially thanks of course goes to both owners uh the super owner and of course the owner of the q6 that came in today today we are at toronto motorsport park in cayuga ontario canada this is going to be quite interesting so let us let us have

Some fun i am ready to go uh let’s do this full sport mode okay are you ready on that side with supra oh my goodness i am gone on him but he’s beside me he’s doing well holy crap he’s quick he is quick and he got me he got me damn that supra so i got a better take oh my god that supra that is not 382 horsepower just look at that i make 400 how’s that

Even possible holy crap i’m rolling come on infinity yeah he’s catching up he is catching up and he is gone yeah like it’s a very close race in a red sport it’s a very close race it’s a very very close close race you did very well but i’m very impressed with how you launched that car how it takes off like with the rear for the rear wheel drive you’re

Not even spinning very impressed thanks again for coming today well that was it everyone thanks for watching and that surprise quick and again it’s not making 382 horsepower not even close to that with that in mind thanks for watching guys and uh especially thanks goes to both owners and specifically the owner of the q a 60 s this technique it’s a nas but

It has a red sport map on it i don’t know what that means but apparently makes about 400 horsepower same as a red sport um technically they should be the same cars right that’s the whole point um it was a lot of fun i actually love infinity but i wanted to see it against that like it’s keeping up but that thing once it hits the high speed it just goes and

Goes i love it that was uh it was a lot of fun i love cars like this it was very close it wasn’t like a hard win and he didn’t gap this car it was very very close

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