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Altair Club Cars 2021 Toyota RAV4 Prime Review: Why its always sold out

2021 Toyota RAV4 Prime Review: Why its always sold out

I’m driving the 2021 Toyota RAV4 Prime, a plug-in hybrid crossover that can go 40 miles on electricity alone. It’s also one of the fastest Toyotas you can buy!

Hello viewers my name is jordan golson and this is the toyota rav4 prime so let’s see what it’s all about the toyota rav4 prime is a plug-in hybrid it means it has a big electric battery and a gasoline motor and between the two it’s terrific fuel economy if you only use the gasoline engine it gets 38 miles per gallon combined but you also get a 40 mile all

Electric range so if you drive less than 40 miles a day you can run electric all the time and because it has such a big battery you can get a 7 500 federal tax credit which on this model starts at 49 000 and a little bit gets it down into the 42 000 range and if you live in a state with another tax credit colorado california uh oregon there’s a whole bunch of them

That offer uh ev tax credits you can save even more drives the price down even further now it’s interesting this car is in such high demand here in california that they’re putting huge market adjustments on it which basically means they’re raising the price i’ve seen rav4 primes with 20 and 30 000 market adjustments which is insane because you can just go buy

A tesla or something at that point but this is a pretty cool car so let’s get into it a little bit the prius prime came out first and that was the plug-in hybrid toyota prius 25 miles per gallon all electric something like that people really like it my main complaint about it is that it was a bit slow it wasn’t exciting the main benefit to evs to me especially

For people who are a little skeptical about it is the performance you put your foot down you get all sorts of instant torque the car just goes and it’s great prius prime doesn’t really do that this guy does though it’s got 300 horsepower not a very big car but it’s got all that low end torque thanks to the big battery and the electric motor this is actually the

Second fastest toyota 0-60 except for the toyota supra with the bigger engine toyota says 5.7 miles 0-60 i don’t know that seems a little fast under six seconds though it’s truly quick so if you’re looking for like a sporty crossover here’s your car weird right people don’t usually think of the rav4 as like the sporty option but i think on the exterior it does

Look pretty good it’s not boring at all unlike some toyotas like toyota’s new design language is pretty strong i think up at the front looks good led lights everywhere we got some rav4 prime badging all that stuff and you know it’s pretty nice inside surprisingly roomy back seats plenty of room front seats not too bad lots of cargo space because it’s just a two

Row it feels really big in here rav4 used to be smaller but everything’s getting bigger now right let’s talk about the drive a little bit toyota has been building hybrids for a very long time 20 years now and they’re really good at it you drive this around it feels just like a regular car even as the engine turns itself on and off or it’s in full electric mode

You’re just driving it around you can barely notice if you’re really paying attention the engine turning off and on it’s turned off and on me a few times here and i haven’t been able to tell it’s so smooth the way the engine starts and stops like there’s no shutter there’s no shaking of the car there’s none of that it’s just driving along and sometimes you have an

Engine and sometimes you don’t you just have an electric motor it’s really really good and i think toyota unsurprisingly has some of the best hybrids you can buy the only complaint i have is at very low speed braking the brake isn’t quite it’s very grabby you just touch it a little bit and you really come to a stop and part of that is due to the electric motor

And the hydraulic brakes and the way those intermix and really unless you’re looking for it specifically you’re not going to notice most people wouldn’t see it i drive a lot of cars feel a lot of brake pedals and so i can feel that it’s a little bit different in here typical rav4 nothing too different big screen riding high you got these useless buttons on the

Sides but you do get uh actual volume knob which is great and i really like the new rav4 they got these rubberized volume knobs it’s actually really cool and they also have the same rubberized knob on these huge climate control knobs i really like it it feels good you can use it with gloves everything looks good thank goodness that people are still doing physical

Volume knob and climate control because a lot of car companies are getting away from that not toyota thank goodness steering wheel this is typical toyota steering wheel adaptive cruise buttons on the right stereo and control of the screen on the left easy enough and we don’t have the annoying stalk because toyota has gotten away from that this does have standard

Toyota sense that’s their active safety features which every toyota has now and i have to commend them for that adaptive cruise control automatic emergency braking lane keep assist sort of an active steering thing it’s not a hands-off but it’s pretty good keeps you in your lane um all that’s really nice this one has a 360 camera that’s pretty good backup camera

That’s standard in every car now it’s got all the safety stuff you need and if you buy a toyota all that’s standard now every new toyota has it even like the older versions like the forerunner it’s amazing that they’ve been able to do that and other car companies don’t but it helps the toyota’s one of the biggest car brands um in the world they sell a lot of cars

And so they can afford to pay for all that so interior moving down you got the climate control that’s good this one has heated and cooled seats which is nice and actually we can demonstrate the power it’s happy to just take off it does get a little loud when the uh gasoline motor sort of revs up but who cares it’s you know it’s a rav4 so uh as i was saying uh

Heated and cooled seats you got a big button here for the turn the traction control on and off why would you want to do that i don’t know then you move further down you have a single usb a plug this if i’m going to have a criticism it’s going to be around the usb ports a single usb plug at this point toyota come on you can put more in i just reviewed a jeep grand

Cherokee l that had four usb ports up front two usb a two usbc and a 12 volt plug this has got a 12 volt and a usb plug does have a wireless charger for your phone does not have wireless carplay that’ll be coming to more cars soon it also has a auto hold button here and then you’ve got some interesting drive mode buttons one you’ve got the drive modes so you can

Turn it left to go into eco turn it right to go into sport or push to go into normal and it adjusts throttle mapping and things like that shift points to try and get you to be more sporty or more eco whatever then you’ve got buttons here the left one toggles between ev and hybrid mode and so you can lock it into ev only if you want to drain the battery as much as

You can or you can put it into hybrid hv and what that does is it will automatically turn on the gasoline engine when it’s more efficient so if you’re on the highway going 65 miles an hour it’ll turn on the gasoline engine because that is when it’s at its most optimal state there’s also this button which is charge hold and what that’ll do is if for some reason

You want to keep the battery charged up and not use it at all basically force the gasoline engine uh to run at all times you can do that too as with toyota this screen is not great it looks fine plug your phone in and you get carplay and it’s a lot better because the nav is not great stereo fine it’s acceptable in here you do have some other cool stuff that’s not

Technology related you got a little storage bin over here on the left you got another storage bin here on the right underneath the or above i should say the glove box underneath the airbags i really like that i love clever storage in places that are typically kind of wasted two cup holders here more cup holders in the doors and you got a big bin down here which

Does have a couple usb ports this is the xse version and it’s the highest one that means it’s got all the stuff and so you’ve got rear seats heated rear seats stuff like that huge panoramic sunroof that i really like and it’s got some cargo bars on the top that actually make it look kind of cool on the outside it’s a typical rav4 so why would you buy it well if

You’re not ready to make the jump to electric cars you get a 40 mile range which is pretty solid you could drive all day you know and that’s to the school to grocery store to work to whatever for a lot of people that 40 mile range is going to cover their all their day-to-day driving especially if you can charge it work this has level 2 charging because it’s got

A big battery so you can plug into one of those charge point or whatever charging stations and fill it up you can also drive totally normally just put gasoline in which is great if you have maybe one person in the couple who’s excited about evs and one person who is not and just wants to use gasoline and doesn’t want to adopt anything new you can just drive this

Regularly or if you have someone who’s just not comfortable with the idea of an electric car and doesn’t want to learn about charging and all that stuff this is a good way to get into that lifestyle i used to own a chevy volt which got about a 50 mile range that was one of the longest range plug-in hybrids and i loved it year and a half-ish put 17 000 miles on

It and i think 15 000 of those were all electric because it tracks it it’s pretty cool so i’m a big proponent of plug-in hybrids i really like them i think it’s a great way to get people into the ev world i know a lot of people especially on youtube are really all into evs and are like why are we still selling gasoline cars well a lot of people aren’t quite on

Board yet but plug-in hybrids like this that are so much fun to drive because it’s got all that extra power really show what an ev can do it looks like any other rav4 aside from the fact that it’s got a fuel filler on one side and an electric filler on the other and it says prime and plug-in hybrid on it you’d never know that this was anything different than any

Other rav4 it looks pretty much identical but you can go drive for 40 miles all electric and that’s pretty cool so that’s basically my spiel on the rav4 prime there’s not a lot to talk about because inside it’s the same as any other rav4 it’s just the drive which is fantastic 40 miles all electric that sums up this car big tax breaks and they’re really hard to

Find right now but if you can find one i think you’ll really like it

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2021 Toyota RAV4 Prime Review: Why it's always sold out By PRNDL by Jordan Golson

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