2021 toyota mirai hydrogen fuel
Altair Club Cars 2021 Toyota Mirai Hydrogen Fuel Cell Car – New Generation Mirai – Full Reveal

2021 Toyota Mirai Hydrogen Fuel Cell Car – New Generation Mirai – Full Reveal

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In developing the new Mirai, Toyota was committed to delivering all-round improvements to increase customer appeal, from its performance capabilities to the way it looks and drives.

So my so so do hello everybody i’m ryo shimizu the deputy chief engineer of the new generation mirai today i’d like to talk a little bit about this new generation mirai as you can see it’s a very good looking car now it drives very well we have now longer range and it’s basically a reborn of a mirai we had four points number

One is the styling we really wanted to achieve a emotional design that tracks people’s eyes second is the driving performance we really wanted to add some added value so that fcv fuel cell vehicle driving performance can be more attracted to a lot of our customers so that we can achieve the fun to drive third is the better comfort we wanted to overcome

Some of the points that we could not satisfy our customers on the current generation and lastly is a very basic of a fuel cell vehicle we wanted to add more uh driving range so first of all uh the styling as you can see it’s a lot lower on the new generation the reason we could do that is on the current generation as you know the fuel cell stacks that

Stands in underneath the front row seat so thanks to our fc unit development they did a really great job they made this unit very small so that now we can install the fuel cell stack unit in the front now i’d like to explain a little bit on to the performance of the car so um if you get on this car you’ll probably feel that it’s a very very smooth car

And also very exciting car the reason behind that is first of all the power of the fuel cell stack system the power has increased from 113 kilowatt to 100 to 434 kilowatts so that’s almost a 20 increase in the power performance of our new generation stack um thanks to a big motor it gives you that very good kick when you put the accelerator on during

Your driving also the weight distribution uh the front axle to rear axle weight distribution is almost 50 to 50. and then low center of gravity and also a very centralized center of gravity will give you that good handling performance on top of that we have a very good body structure that gives you that good driving performance from the body rigidity

We added a lot of reinforce in the rear section that gives you that very very good rigid rear section of the body so we think this body is probably the best rigid car or rigid body in all toyota bottles being a fuel cell vehicle it’s very very quiet a lot more quieter than the current generation so the reason behind that is because we managed to move

The stack unit from underneath the seat to the front basically the noise has moved away from the cabin that’s number one number two uh the guys in our development did a really really good job they basically managed to make a quieter unit of each component like the air pump or the hydrogen pump so each of those components got quieter and also thanks to

The jl platform because it’s being used for the lexus models we managed to do a lot of silencers in the cabin so that we can basically shut out all the noises that come from outside so on the other hand this being a quiet car we added a sound system on this car so it’s called the active sound creator so there’s a little button on the driver’s seat side

That activates a sound system so we do have two different sounds which gives you a different emotion during your driving so it’s please just uh experience the sound it’s it’s really interesting um it gives you this last uh kind of emotion uh to your driving performance all those points uh is the summary of the driving performance but of course where’s

Me means nothing so please get on the car you’ll probably love this performance of the car and the quietness of the car so please get on the car this mirai of course it’s a fuel cell so that feature of a fuel cell vehicle that would breathe in a lot of air it’s going through a very very high performance air filter so the air that is exhausting is a lot

Cleaner than what it is breathing in this car of course it does not produce any carbon dioxide but also as it runs basically it’s cleaning the atmosphere air so it’s it’s not just a zero but it’s also uh we call it a minus emission car so we made this uh meter this gauge will move as you put your pedal onto these throttles so it’s almost like a taco meter

As i mentioned or even like a turbo boost meter that gives you that little emotion when you do your driving um it’s expandable this gives you more detail this also crea shows how much breathing air of a human being has been cleaned so this car has already cleaned a total of 728 28 kilo liters which is worth of 40 men or women breathing air each year the

Longer you drive the more you will clean the air so the more people will count up in the screen so um that’s a very unique uh gauge or a unique feature but this can only be done by a fuel cell vehicle and now that we’re saying that this car is a driving driver’s car and we really want the customers to enjoy the driving performance of the car i hope this

Little meter can give you that a little extra emotion to your driving performance foreign foreign foreign my

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