2021 toyota highlander hybrid pl
Altair Club Cars 2021 Toyota Highlander Hybrid Platinum Interior

2021 Toyota Highlander Hybrid Platinum Interior

Detailed look at the interior of the new 2021 Toyota Highlander Hybrid Platinum. In the video, I showcase all of the interior features including the infotainment display, navigation display, drive modes, the hybrid features, and all the buttons in between.

So today i’m behind the wheel of the 2021 toyota highlander hybrid and i’m gonna take a few moments to showcase the interior of this thing so starting like normal from left to right over on the left you got your normal window switches door locks you got your rear mirror adjust you got door latch right next to the door latch you’ve got a couple presets you can set

For your seating um situation where you want to have your seat in respect to the steering wheel over to the right of that you’ve got your headlight button you’ve got a view button which that looks like a little coffee cup but it’s actually a camera so when i push that gives you the view of the vehicle you’ve got a button for the 120 volt plug you’ve got a rear

Hatch button you’ve got a heated steering wheel button as well as windshield wiper button below that you’ve got a little cubby hole for a wallet maybe you could store in here change anything small fuel released or lower than that above that you’ve got your trip odometer reset button as well as two buttons to adjust the dim level of the gauges now moving over to

Those gauges over on the left your normal attack is gone and in its place you get this hybrid gauge so right now it’s just the lowest setting and if it goes below that you’ll be charging if you go above that using a more fuel efficient driving experience you’ll be in the eco range signified by that green bar and then if you put your foot down you’ll be in the

Power range of the vehicle and of course there’s an off as well you’ve got temp gauge hidden inside that gauge over on the right you’ve got your speedometer with a fuel gauge below that now in the middle you’ve got a nice digital display which allows you to cycle through a bunch of options so let’s go all the way to the top so you’ve got a digital speedometer

You’ve got an eco score and you’ve got the fuel economy of your driving going down you’ve got driving support kind of gives you a compass going down below that it shows you what kind of media you’re listening to currently it’s on siriusxm below that you’ve got some driver information so it’s currently on the energy monitor if i were to drive the vehicle you would

See little arrows showing you where the power is coming from so i hate to do this on video but just to show you the aero assault there you go i don’t even really have to move so you can see where the power is coming from so that’s obviously the hybrid battery in the back and that’s the engine up front so you could see the it’s cool because it shows you you know

Where your energy is coming from to power the vehicle moving over to the right you’ve got tire pressure sensors so it shows you which wheel has what currently the right side is one psi more than the left this is a screen i usually use in my toyotas that i drive it based on these five bars it signifies how much power is going to each wheel and mostly obviously i

Use it in the toyotas that have all-wheel drive or any sort of four-wheel drive system and showcases such but when i’m in a hybrid toyota i really like this screen because i like to know where the power is coming from at any point i’m not an expert driver in any way but i can usually determine you know in any sort of all-wheel drive situation you know what wheel

Is getting the power out of time but in terms of hybrid power i mean you can feel the initial thrust in from electric vehicles and all but when when they’re both working together it’s hard to know when one is working so i like that little hybrid screen to showcase which one is doing its job and then finally on this grid it’s a safety system status just showing

You your pre-collision system parking assist your blind spot monitoring and your rear cross traffic alert showcasing that it’s all working going down one more you’ve got settings so lane assist you know your collision warning gauge info blind spot monitoring so it’s just another screen for that and below that message screen so also showcases you the temperature

Outside what gear you’re in and of course your odometer up top it’ll show you what drive mode you are in and i will showcase how to adjust that on the center console in a moment and of course the time now moving back to the steering wheel how i was adjusting between all of these options up here is over here on the left so going up and down kind of gets you through

The different options and then going left right we’ll switch you between the different screens in that option so for example the screen i like if you want to switch between you just go left right so back button phone you got your volume control you can talk to the car obviously now lane assist parks are the driving sensors you got the mode button for switching

What you’re listening to and you’ve got obviously different tuner buttons as well as the cruise control buttons as well just give you a better look at the steering wheel the start stop is right behind the steering wheel on the right side moving to the navigation infotainment display so this is the home screen you also have menu screen which kind of gives you the

Little buttons you can push so like destination audio phone you got apps currently they’re not really on this model projection so you can project your phone onto the screen info traffic accidents weather vehicle alert history nothing nothing on there at the moment setup allow you to change so many things such as clock projection settings if you want the car to

Beep when i just push the buttons you got bluetooth i don’t have a device connected currently using it to record this audio phone didn’t want to display some other person who had this vehicle’s information um voice vehicle oop you have maintenance you can adjust things and see the current situation when the next time you have to maintenance those items vehicle

Customization door lock settings climate settings light settings and convenience settings and you also have valet mode navigation wi-fi the app suite traffic data services you can download data and how i was controlling that was down low right here so you got home menu audio map for quick buttons to pop you in that setting you got a power volume control on the

Left you got a tuner scroll button on the right below that you’ve got all your hvac settings which as you can see you can also pop out a digital version so i can either do over here to cool or to heat and you can see the number changing up there and i also do it digitally if you wish hazard button right in between your vents below that you’ve got a cubby hole

And you can also pop out this little tab right here to force a cord through if you wish from the bottom because there are ports down here you’ve got usb a couple other usbs as well usbc you got your normal what i call smokers port so if you were to plug something in you could force it the cord through pop this out if it’s a big cord or something i don’t know

They just think of any situation you might need some fat cord i guess you can slide your phone right here in this nice little spot there’s also pretty good cubby space right here moving from all that you’ve got your gear shifter so it’s got normal park reverse neutral drive and like normal you’re going to drive and knock it over you’re gonna be in the sport

Mode and you can shift gears up is forward and back is going down in the gears to the right of that you’ve got two cup holders i’m currently starting storing part of my gimbal like i normally do behind the gear shifter diagonal from those cup holders is the drive mode selector but there’s also other drive modes off the side so for these three drive modes it’s

Sport normal and eco so right now when i showed you the gauge cluster i was in the sport mode you can switch it to normal and then to eco but like i just mentioned diagonal from that you got traction control off but you also have ev mode which while there’s an ev right there ev mode pops up when you push ev mode so let me do that again uv mode gone uv mode up

Now it’s basically using the hybrid energy that you’ve charged i believe you cannot go higher than 25 ish miles per hour if you do so you’ll get a little message alerting you that the parameters for the ev mode are not available at the time you also get trail mode which i just pushed and a little rocky i don’t know if you can tell right where the p is it’s got

Got kind of a little rocky there for a second so make it go away it’s got a little kind of rocky animation for off-roading i suppose now going back up towards the cup holders you’ve got your emergency brake what i call tab as well as the hold button for when you’re at a red light you want to save your foot put your foot on the brake push this down the vehicle

Will hold for you stretch your legs and then when you’re ready to go put your foot on the brake push the button again and you may go behind that you’ve got a nice cubby hole you can slide back it’s got a iq charger which you can turn off i should note really like that about toyota’s you can also flip it up and there’s another slot down there put it in a certain

Situation however you would like another smoker’s port like i call right here yes turn that charging port off moving over to the passenger side that nice cool cubby hole that i mentioned right here you’ve got one on the passenger side as well it does not take away from the fact that you also have a glove box let me give you a look at the passenger side door and

The seats this thing has three rows also has a sunroof which takes the space of the front two rows you’ve got the sunroof buttons as well as a nice sunglass holder that is pretty much the interior of the 2021 toyota highlander the hybrid model if there is some option i missed out on or something you’d like some more in-depth info about let me know in the comments

And i will be sure to find out some information for you if i can thanks for watching

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2021 Toyota Highlander Hybrid Platinum Interior By Danny Drives

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