2021 toyota 4runner xp magnetic
Altair Club Cars 2021 Toyota 4Runner XP magnetic gray.. SPOTTED

2021 Toyota 4Runner XP magnetic gray.. SPOTTED

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Hey how’s it going everyone sarasota tim i’ve got a uh xp here i spotted coming out of walmart my favorite place i just came out of church over there at the christ fellowship which was a nice service about only an hour long and i had to pick up a couple things across the street as i always do when i leave the gym this is a 21 at least because it’s got the radar

Cruise control he’s got him some nice meats on there too with these black wheels kind of tires are we sporting here on this of course you know i don’t have my uh my readers on me i don’t know what that is hanging on there let me i got my readers right here my pocket my sea rights so i can see right plus the sun is right there but these are called uh you guys were

Already saying it before uh neato’s all-terrain terra grapplers okay i think i’ve heard of those pretty nice looking tread design kind of a low profile sidewall it’s got him a running board on there and but i like the magnetic gray this was the color i i really like to get when i set out to buy mine but i got the the red now this one’s got the color matched

Grill the xp i guess is part of the package looks like he’s got fabric interior uh no leather and no sunroof and no signal in the in the side mirrors so another one like yesterday that i spotted that was the trd sport more on the uh sort of the basic line and you know the sr5 is supposed to be the entry level but i have that sr5 premium which you know has a lot

Of good stuff on it this one’s got the blackout package the black wheels and the black 4runner and everything i i’m sure that came from the factory or he he or she may have done that but looks pretty good on the gray whatever that little string is there i don’t want to touch it but uh this is a nice looking forerunner starting to pop up more and more once again

It’s absolutely flawless no dents or scratches uh these are front tag on it it needs um a basket rack on the top it needs a few things and we’re badging on the door there or something but beautiful 4runner 2021 i guess and uh i’m gonna head back over to mine now head back over to my house all right he’s a christian i like that he had the service over there at

Christ fellowship was good it was a satellite church i told you guys i would report uh you watch the pastor from the main place on a tv screen there are huge screens though and the church is ginormous inside great band in the beginning playing the fellowship music but anyway back to the story at hand here forerunner and magnetic gray fog lights leds very nice

Looking forerunner all right guys thanks for viewing get out there today and enjoy your sunday and make sure you crush it

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2021 Toyota 4Runner XP magnetic gray.. SPOTTED! By Sarasota Tim

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