2021 tesla model s long range aw
Altair Club Cars 2021 Tesla Model S Long Range AWD For Sale

2021 Tesla Model S Long Range AWD For Sale

Model S Long Range AWD, 6k mi., $99,675 Retail value, Branded title

Hello everyone today we have a 2021 tesla model s it does have the led headlights surrounds fog lights painted alloy wheels and that signature tesla glass roof and just so you’re aware if any of these leds appear to flicker at all that’s the refresh rate of the camera bringing you that disco party they don’t flicker to the human eye this trunk has additional

Space down here and by the way this will be equipped with a charging cable so it does have those side cameras this will also come with a blue star inspection report it’s a third party inspection company that’ll put it on racks put it up in the air take photos of the undercarriage and such that i don’t have access to come up with an objective opinion of the

Condition of the vehicle and i absolutely love this rear infotainment center see that you do have independent control of the heated seats this is very very cool and then also of your comfort controls your fan throw so i don’t want to blow it on my face i can go ahead and fix that and then also they can jump right over to their entertainment all right and then

After i show you the van here’s the vin right here 6675 or the last four digits there and go ahead and take that in and it’s ridiculously different than its predecessors turn signals your lights your horn and of course you’re going to have your push to talk and down here you have your miles to empty and your clock temperature outside and we’re going to jump

Down to a more important screen right here the software screen you said it is a model s long range with 6546 miles on this vehicle there’s your vin and your autopilot computer is a full self drive computer there’s your additional vehicle information so your air suspension type is adaptive audio system is premium and you have your homelink 5 garage door opener

Installed and then your full self drive capability is included and so is your standard connectivity okay and here is your shifter this is important or else you won’t know how to operate it when you first hop in see i push the brake and it now it knows that we’re ready for lift off and we’ll just go ahead and put that forward and now it’s in drive tap this to park

And then to put it in reverse you’re going to go like this it’ll show you that you’re in reverse and also show you your cameras and go ahead and tap that again for park you see it has an absolutely massive navigation screen and here are your comfort controls up front you do have a heated steering wheel and then heated or cooled front seats so that is very cool

And then you can change your direction of your air throw as well we’ll turn that down just a little bit for the video so you can hear me a little bit better and then as you come down here you can jump to your cameras and this will go away obviously once i fasten my seat belt but on either side and in the rear your cameras and then you can jump over to your radio

Or to your sirius xm and all those fun sources and then you can come over here you can install a dash cam so it is equipped for it it just does not have one there’s your arcade your theater toy box i’m get cozy your airflow will change the temperature and ambiance will change and then you can add romantic music to it if you’d like and we’re not going to do that

I’ll just go ahead and close that out but that’s a lot of fun there’s your light show and then as you come down here is your dual phone charger and then you’ve also got the charging adapter right there and then you have additional stowage down there here is your key fob and cup holders and then additional power supplies and stowage down in here and then up here

You’ve got your map reading lights and your signature glass roof so that about wraps it up for this model s on the interior here out front and center the airbags deployed but there is no structural damage we’ve got it all fixed up it has passed 150 point inspection down the state of utah safety inspection for more inventory visit us at tj chapman auto.com

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2021 Tesla Model S Long Range AWD For Sale By Tj Chapman Auto

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