2021 subaru crosstrek touring 21
Altair Club Cars 2021 Subaru Crosstrek Touring 21CT1382

2021 Subaru Crosstrek Touring 21CT1382

Hey everyone tyson the subaru specialist here this is our 2021 subaru crosstrek touring in the crystal black silica so 2021 crosstrek got some updates different front bumper valence different grille some different wheels and a couple updates on the interior but it’s still that same crosstrek that we all know and love still 8.7 inches of ground clearance tons of

Room in the back here deceptively large amount people don’t expect there to be that much room in the back of a crosstrek they expect it’s going to be tiny but you can fit a lot of luggage sports gear hockey equipment whatever you need back here touring model has a privacy cover hides everything from the top of the seats down as well go to the second row there’s

Room to fit up to three people comfortably across in the back even taller people fit there’s lots of headroom we do have power windows locks and mirrors up front here as you would expect the seats are height adjustable just based off of a pump system you probably can’t see it going up and down there but it was i assure you and all of the touring models and up

Will have that orange stitching with the exception of the outdoor that will have gold on the inside with the proximity key that you can have anywhere leaving your purse your pocket i put in the cup holder for this push button start everything comes to life the left hand side of our steering wheel has our bluetooth and audio controls you can make it take calls

Control the volume of the calls in the music the right hand side has our adaptive crews and our lane centering assist so when you turn on the cruise get an image of the crosstrek there’s four bars ahead of it all the way down to one bar each bar is the follow distance behind the vehicle ahead of you that you’ll follow at if you catch up and i just turned on lane

Centering there so above 60 kilometers an hour if the two eyesight cameras here and here can see the road lines it’ll illuminate white on whichever side it can see them and if you start getting close it’ll start giving you gentle steering input keep you in the middle of your lane great again for longer distance trips not for around town kind of annoying around

Town honestly new addition for 2021 heated steering wheel phenomenal it’s the best one of the best things ever when you have it in the winter update to the steering call or to the turn signal column and lights defaults to auto you can’t accidentally be driving around at dusk or early in the morning or in the middle of night without your headlights on very handy

Very practical super is all about safety the steering wheel is tilt as well as telescopic so you can adjust it to however you need to up top little information screen we can cycle through with the info button on the steering wheel date time water temp oil temp weather music fuel economy what you’re listening to a bunch of information that’s handy to know while

You’re driving it’s also where climate control displays and that ranges from 18 degrees on the low side all the way up to 32. so from freezing to tropical depending how you and your pastures like it am fm cd satellite radio it’s also a backup camera put it in reverse shows you the top of the bumper so you have something to relate to climate controls are adjusted

From here it is an automatic transmission with a manual mode so we do have paddles upshift downshift right there if you want to control your own gears we have heated seats high and low for both the driver and the passenger and then we have subaru’s x mode which is kind of like 4×4 low in a pickup for that really rough stuff under 40 kilometers an hour so that’s

A brief overview of the 2021 subaru crosstrek touring i’m tyson the subaru specialist talk to you soon

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2021 Subaru Crosstrek Touring 21CT1382 By Tyson Remmelg

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