2021 subaru brz my20 review plus
Altair Club Cars 2021 Subaru BRZ (MY20) Review PLUS 2022 BRZ Preview

2021 Subaru BRZ (MY20) Review PLUS 2022 BRZ Preview

We drive the last of the 2021 Subaru BRZ coupes (MY20), and give you a preview of the all new 2022 BRZ….

This week we’re going to do a final horror to subaru’s brza you might be wondering where we are we’re at the base of the blue mountains there’s a little bit of a view out here and that’s back out towards sydney back out towards the western suburbs and i’m going to take you in a minute on one of the best driving roads in the country back up through these

Tight twists and bends and that’s what this car was made for but before we do that let’s look at why this car over the last nine years has been so good it was released in 2012. debuted and i think it was around 2009 and since then this jointly developed project with toyota has been an absolute classic more 86s were sold which is the toyota version but this

Brz i think looks a little bit nicer i quite like the name brz there are now three models of brz with the brz ts being released through the model life of this little coupe they’re all powered by the same engine which has got a rather modest 152 kilowatts and 212 newton meters the automatics have slightly less for some strange reason you can get a six-speed

Manual or a six-speed automatic the engine itself sits very low in the compartment and i particularly like these red covers though there is room in there for a little turbo the chassis is nice and tight with a little bit of extra bracing but there’s room for even more bracing if you want it lighting all round is led with this smart combination that i think

Looks particularly sexy in fact the whole front of the car looks sexy and these bonnet humps you can see from the inside that give it a jaguaresque type feel as well as the deep ruts in the roof there’s 17-inch wheels on the bottom two models an 18-inch on the top models and this is a two plus two so there is room in the back but it’s snug i wouldn’t bother

If i were you the rear end also led lights there’s a bit of a hump to give you a little bit of extra space in the boot and these twin exhausts i think look sensational that’s the rear fog light reversing light there’s also a reversing camera and a little button underneath to unlock the boot and for some obscure reason they’ve decided to hide the boot manual

Lock just there just in case the electric lock fails inside there’s a full-size spare wheel and the seats do go down but they’re not split there’s more than enough room in that boot for a weekend away you might think that with the spare tyre in the boot coming up as far as it does that that interferes with your space but look there’s a back seat that’s never

Going to be used for humans put your soft overnight bags in that inside brz remains little changed from when it first started nine years ago this is the new generation of sound system and it actually sounds pretty good it is brilliant the dashboard is a simple three dials there’s a digital speedo in the middle some digital information on the right hand side for

Distance and so forth this car is only 347 kilometers old cruise control is a small lever and the rest are just fairly simple buttons and dials air conditioning is dual zone and there’s a neat row of toggles below and this is your stop and start button we do have drive modes after a fashion and some seat heating and i particularly love the red stitching and this

Alcantara upholstery but above all just in case you’ve forgotten there’s brz emblazoned across the seats i like that there’s cup holders and a decent place to put some trinkets plus a place for a bottle holder which in a car this size is really surprising you can do all this apple cast carplay stuff by voice but last night i went in and planned a trip to where

I was picking the car up best thing is all i have to do when i want it is just go into my phone and i can look up all my previous destinations there is navigation in the car but carplay has made it so easy i think the true joy of this setup is the fact that macpherson struts at the front and wishbones at the back give this a seat of your pants experience and

The gear changes are absolutely delightful now funnily enough the fuel consumption in the six-speed manual is more than the fuel consumption in the six-speed automatic of course you’ve got all your little luxuries like power windows power steering but this is the really interesting thing there is absolutely no safety gear this car doesn’t have eyesight in it an

Eyesight is subaru’s suite of safety gear and in fact the tight bend and in fact it doesn’t have autonomous emergency braking or any of the other things it doesn’t have active cruise control it does have cruise control but it’s not active but we’ll look at that on the freeway gosh this really gets you involved in every single corner oh god this is brilliant

We’re climbing now directly up the side of the mountain so there’s some switchbacks and gentle curves and it’s rewarding it’s engaging and incredibly sharp the steering you feel is alive but you can feel everything that’s happening through the seat of your pants and the little engine has this pleasing little burbly gargle the clutch is so light you can see

How we’re just changing direction so easily but the engine is a screamer on the highway as you’ll see we get up to around 000 and we stay there at 110. unlike the rest of the subarus brz is a rear-wheel drive and that means that the tail does get a little bit lively oh dear we’re behind an outback doing 40. there’s always one isn’t there so i showed you some

Tight twisting bends and how beautiful this sticks to the road now this this is a graceful sweeping bend admittedly the speed limit is fairly low but it just brings a smile to your face look at this oh god this is fabulous just fabulous the seats are incredibly supportive they’re firm absolutely firm but they’re very supportive we’ve reached the bottom of the

Mountains now we’re about to go across the bridge across the nepean river ears are popped and then we’ll be up to 110. here we go 110 now at 110 i’m doing 3000 rpm and 3000 rpm is it’s quite a lot i’m just going to activate my cruise control and now my manual cruise control is set so we’re buzzing along quite nicely on the highway the fuel consumption figures

As i said would get you 700 kilometers maybe perhaps 800 kilometers out of a tank depending on how frugal you were it’s only a small tank 50 litres but this may be a track car but above all it’s a fun car and i only hope they haven’t ruined it with the new one i only hope that the new one is as nimble and as fun as this is it’s got some extra power an extra 20

Odd kilowatts and some extra talk as well i’ll be sorry to see this go but i’ll be just as glad to see the new model when the new model is released we’ll do a video until then see you later that’s it this week the final hurrah for subaru’s brz it’s a stunning little coupe that deserves every accolade it’s gotten as always if you’ve liked the film hit like leave

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2021 Subaru BRZ (MY20) Review PLUS 2022 BRZ Preview By Gay Car Boys

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