2021 subaru ascent premier brown
Altair Club Cars 2021 Subaru Ascent Premier Brown Leather 21AS1077

2021 Subaru Ascent Premier Brown Leather 21AS1077

Hey everyone tyson the subaru specialist from subaru prince george here this is our 2021 subaru ascent premiere so this is the fully loaded premiere this one has the brown leather interior for the first time ever they’re offering the premiere with a dark charcoal black whatever you want to call it interior this one has the brown it will be the exact same features

Wise just the interior would be a different color but this is the abyss blue pearl quite a popular color looks really good with the chrome accenting the chrome handles now at the back here those little circles in the rear bumper those are the backup sensors they will actually apply the brakes if things can hit something in reverse absolutely terrifying when it

Happens but it stops you from hitting things well it’s worth it power liftgate right between these two stars little rubber switch or you can do it from the key fob or the driver’s seat now this little center cutout is where the trailer package would be tucked behind if you decided to have one installed doesn’t come from factory with it dealer extol the accessory

But it’s a much more finished look when you’re not actually towing something with it quite nice now even with the third row up you have a lot of room now the primers do only come with seven seats so the third row is always three the middle row is two captains chairs in this one now to fold them down if you need more storage lift and push so even if you just have one

Side down whether it’s the 40 side or the 60 side you’ve got good room the headrests pop up you just pull up and like a front seat to push it down there’s a little toggle you push in on now if you have people in the third row there’s two usb ports on the right hand side cup holders galore in here 19 cup slash bottle holders never have never not have a place for a

Beverage 12 volt outlet for any charging needs cargo light will shut off in the event you close the rear hatch or you just turn it off like that underneath here privacy cover a little bit of storage and this is also where your spare tire stuff is underneath that floor there there and right under here more stuff it tells you how hopefully that never needs to come

Out for you but sometimes it happens you can close that manually by reaching and grabbing the handle if you want you won’t wreck anything in the second row like i was mentioning two captains chairs it’s the brown leather interior now these second row chairs do have armrests and they lock in different places depending how you like to sit now to access the third

Row you can either go through the middle and use those two block handles there to leverage your way through or on both sides lift slide big seat to get in now this there is a bar at the front here and it’s a mat it’s like a manual passenger seat so you can move the second row forward if you have to accommodate taller people in the third row there so it’s nice

You get some adjustability the second and third row climate controls can be controlled from here or up front we’ve got a 120 volt outlet so pretty much a house plug for anything you need charging whatnot two usb ports cup holders the bolts for the climate control are actually out of the roof in the second and third row so you actually feel the heat or the cool

Much more quickly than when they’re just underneath the front seats facing backwards and we do also have sun shades for the second row if it’ll work for me there we go so easier to take a nap keep glare off of tablets gaming systems that sort of thing really easy to put away and below now it is a proximity key as long as the key is on your person within about

Three three and a half feet lock it gives you an eighth of a second to confirm it’s locked put your hand back in and it unlocks power windows lock smears as you would expect we’ve got two position memory settings for your mirror and your seat position now it will not remember the manual fly adjustment because that’s a manual adjustment and it will not remember

Your lumbar support level as that’s something that can change depending how long you’re in the car for of course power seat and we have the upgraded harman kardon audio system absolutely phenomenal audio system push button start floats on the brake you can see those little orange lights came on in the side mirror that’s your blind spot detection so it lets you

Know if someone’s in your blind spot on the corresponding side it doesn’t eliminate shoulder checking but it does really help you know you kink your neck sleeping on it funny something like that a couple controls down here by my left knee this opens the rear hatch this turns on all of the interior lights you can set it so the hatch only opens x percentage so if

You park in underground parking that’s really low or you’re not quite as tall as the as people and you can’t reach at the max capacity you can do that you turn off traction control you could turn off blind spot and this controls the brightness of the gauges which it won’t do right now because it’s not dark out left hand side of the steering wheel bluetooth and

Audio controls you can make and take calls control the volume of the calls and the music right here we’ll change this small screen gives you a bunch of different information i personally like the digital speedometer we’ve got our adaptive cruise intelligent crews however you like to call it that follows the vehicle ahead of you at a set distance and you can

Choose that one to four bars four bars at 100 kilometers an hour is approximately 150 to 180 feet which is what i recommend people use up here in the north just turned on lane centering so that uses these two rear view cameras here the stereo color eyesight cameras to look for road lines if it can see a road line above 60 kilometers an hour it’ll illuminate

Whichever side it can see in white and it’ll give you gentle steering input either way to keep you in the middle of your lane very handy on longer trips heated steering wheel it’s up to 40 degrees which is pretty darn hot little information screen up here which we can cycle through with these buttons here uh the view button turns on the front view camera press

It again turns it off and you hit the up and down arrows to cycle through a bunch of different screens what technology’s on the off-road screen widgets weather navigation destination or directions what you’re listening to fuel economy date and time eight inch display it is all touch screen or we have the physical buttons down here hit the map button map comes up

Right now we are running low on fuel because this one just came in and got pd out so what we do touch the map hit the gas it’s gonna search oh husky’s closest let’s go boom takes you there super easy to use and you don’t you don’t have to even search by like an address you can type in pizza and it’ll show you all the pizza places it is really easy to use this is

Also a backup camera put it in reverse rear assist breaking i was talking about shows you the top of the bumper there so you have something to relate to i know it’s in the shade so it’s kind of hard to see parking sensors are on and when you turn the wheel those orange lines move show you where you’re going to move end up if you keep your wheel turned like that

Climate controls are adjusted from down here driver side temp passenger side temp fan strength mode changes where the airflow is coming from changes on the little person there and then if you want to turn on the rear you just press rear on and to adjust the rear press and then you can adjust it from the driver side or the passenger side so someone can make an

Adjustment to the rear and if someone’s playing and you don’t want them to play with it press and hold get the little image with the lock so they can’t do it ventilated as well as heated seats so three stages of ventilated three stages of heated for both the driver and the passenger the ventilated is really nice it’s not as cold as an air conditioned seat blowing

On you so you don’t get that wet clothing feeling it it’s quite nice x mode is like 4×4 low in a pickup auto vehicle hold is a break holder for construction rush hour or drive through traffic two usbs automatic of course center roof controls and it is a panoramic sunroof moonroof combination it’s giant we’ve got sunglass storage with a spy mirror so you can keep

An eye on people in the back without turning around yeah it’s giant it goes into the second row only the first panel here opens this one is fixed and this is one of the coolest features ever it’s not so it’s an auto dimming mirror you can hook it up to three separate garage doors but if you’re carrying a ton of people or a ton of cargo and you can’t see out your

Rear view there’s a camera out the back window and when you flick it it puts it to the back camera view it is unreal a little disorienting when you’re driving is just something to get used to for sure but it’s pretty cool system and then back to regular mirror that’s a brief overview of the 2021 subaru ascent premiere i’m tyson the subaru specialist talk to you guys soon

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2021 Subaru Ascent Premier Brown Leather 21AS1077 By Tyson Remmelg

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