2021 santa fe hybrid blue
Altair Club Cars 2021 Santa Fe Hybrid Blue

2021 Santa Fe Hybrid Blue

All righty hi bradley this is jack over here at lee johnson hyundai favorite just sending you that quick walk around video on that santa fe hybrid in the blue trim that you’re interested in let’s go and do a full walk around to the outside here the metallic in this portofino gray looks really nice in the sunlight out here up front we’re gonna have those daytime

Running lights t-shaped those go all the way down to the headlights down below right there really nice chrome grille finishes and while we’re still on the outside let’s go and talk about warranty so what do you get when you buy hyundai well not only do you get great car for your money you have the best warranty in america so what does that mean for you that’s going

To be a 5-year 60 000 mile new vehicle warranty a 10-year 100 000 mile power train warranty 10-year 100 000 mile hybrid system components warranty a 10-year 100 000 mile battery uh warranty a seven year unlimited mile anti-perforation warranty three-year 36 thousand miles complimentary maintenance what that one’s going to mean for you is that’s going to be good

For oil changes tire rotations and full inspections good at this hyundai dealer or any other hyundai dealer in america and finally our five-year unlimited mile roadside assistance now when you shop at lee johnson hyundai if ever we’re gonna one-up that one for you we’re gonna give you a lifetime unlimited mileage powertrain warranty for the vehicle let’s go and

Open up the truck back here power truck touch the button that comes right up back here lots of cargo room right tether points on the back seats right there help stop stuff rolling around we’ve also got our powerful switches right there as well as a 12 volt power outlet really big turn space back here go and get this closed up just going to be the touch of the

Button right there let’s go ahead and come around to the side here in the back here lots of leg room back here got levers on the sides here that’ll tilt these seat backs forward and back as well as fold them down over here we’re gonna have our dual hvac vents and two lightning usb outlets these back seats do also slide back and forth with that lever right down

Here then we’ve got our power window functions right here as well as some privacy screens for you go ahead and move up to the front seat here already up front here we have our power window lock functions there on the door club box front seat right there as well as our floating center console so that right there big storage tray underneath there for you as well as

A lightning usb outlet and a 12 volt power outlet right there and then there’s our media controls hvac controls and then transmission drive mode controls there as well as the full center console let’s go ahead and move around to the driver’s seat get this started get some ac going 81 degrees outside already there’s that gauge cluster there for you radio media

Controls there all of our hvac controls right there shift by wiring transmission each gear available on the touch of a button for you got our smart hill descent control auto hold all of our drive builds right there parking sensor on off switch as well as our parking camera button that’ll turn on that rear view monitor for us anytime we would like and we also

Have our heated seats right there moving down further big center storage area right here with the usb outlet as well as a light there to let you know when you’re using the wireless charging which is going to be right here for you and then another cup holder there along with that one there go ahead and open this up here big deep center uh center console storage

Area with a removable tray there for you carpet line to the bottom that’s going to help stop stuff rolling around in there get that one closed up and here’s a full look at that gauge cluster for you and the steering wheel got all of our cruise control lane falling assist uh cruise control distance settings all right there as well as our call stop in functions or

Pick up and end functions there volume controls stuff like that then over here on the door we’ve got our power window lock and window lock switches over here and that’s about it hope this video was helpful for you bradley as always if you have any questions for me always feel free to give me a call over here the number is 425-258-9100 thanks bradley look forward

To seeing you next on sunday alright take care

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2021 Santa Fe Hybrid Blue By Jack Hyundai of Everett

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