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Altair Club Cars 2021 Rav4 Prime SE – Features In Under 5 Minutes

2021 Rav4 Prime SE – Features In Under 5 Minutes

I’m back with another Quick Car Review and today we have the 2021 Rav4 Prime SE. We go over all the standard features and options in under 5 minutes.

What’s up guys it’s skyler here coming back at you with another quick car review today we’re taking a look at a 2021 se rav4 prime i’m gonna try to give you the nuts and bolts just the basics in under five minutes there is a lot to unpack so let’s go ahead and run that intro the rav4 prime is toyota’s newest plug-in hybrid electric vehicle offering both functionality

For fully electric and gas-powered operation it’s toyota’s second fastest vehicle just behind the toyota supra and it has the longest range out of any other toyota as a plug-in model available at the moment with all the incentives surrounding this vehicle from mpg to style to speed it’s no wonder that we’ve got customers flying in from out of state or waiting on

Lists for months just to get their hands on the model that they want all right so i could probably go on for hours regarding what’s really going on in here but if i’m just giving you the nuts and bolts behind the powertrain it’s based upon a 2.5 liter four-cylinder hybrid engine with an ecvt transmission and if you don’t know the difference between a cvt and an

Ecvt i highly suggest you look into it because they are worlds apart when it comes to functionality and reliability getting back into it we’ve got 302 combined net horsepower between the electric portion engine and the gas engine we’re getting 94 miles per gallon combined with the electric and gas engine you can get 38 miles per gallon if you’re doing gas only

And we’ve got an electric range of 42 miles on a full charge the se model has a 3.3 kilowatt on-board charger which can charge the vehicle in just about four and a half hours when plugged into a 240 volt outlet it does take about 12 hours from what i hear when plugged into a standard 120 volt outlet and if you upgrade to the xse model there is an optional package

That gives you a 6 kilowatt on-board charger which can charge the car in just about two and a half hours when plugged into a 240 volt outlet the rav4 primes exterior is based off of the xse hybrid rav4 model of the standard hybrid with a few variations as you can see here we’ve got these 18 inch five spoke wheels on here with that ninja star pattern which i’m a big

Fan of as a former ninja myself we’ve also got black gloss accents here we’ve got led projector headlights as well standard on every version of the rav4 prime the se is only going to come with fabric style seating no option for soft text that is fully reserved for the xse models however it’s not all bad news the front seats do come heated standard and you can get

The back seats heated with an optional weather package now that gives you heated rear seats it gives you a heated leather wrapped steering wheel and it also adds the moon roof this particular one does have that package that is the only package available for the se every single other package is reserved fully for the xse model the se comes standard with an 8 inch

Multimedia touch screen that supports apple carplay as well as android auto and also standard is the push button start with toyota’s smart key system every single rav4 prime does come standard with the automatic lifting and closing rear tailgate with a push of a button from the key fob and as you can see the rear seats do fold down nice and flat for extra cargo

Room when it comes to safety every single rav4 prime is running toyota’s tss 2.0 now that is the pre-collision system with pedestrian detection lane departure alert lane trace assist road sign assist and this time around we’ve got full speed dynamic radar cruise control also standard on both trim levels of the rav4 prime is the blind spot monitor with the rear

Cross traffic alert all right so let’s talk colors available for the se model will be magnetic gray super white midnight black blue print silver sky metallic and the supersonic red like the one we’ve got today all interior will be black for every se model black seats with the red stitching toyota’s website shows a starting msrp of 38 350 but that is before all

Delivery charges and at its most basic configuration i’ve never personally seen a rav4 prime se delivered for less than around forty two thousand dollars and if you have spoken to any dealers about these you’ll find that most have a dealer markup ranging from a few thousand dollars up to twenty five thousand dollars over msrp and while that sounds absolutely insane

It should give you an idea of the amount of demand that there is surrounding these cars one of the main driving factors behind the demand is the federal tax incentives that some individuals are eligible for up to 7500 in tax credits however i do recommend everyone who is interested speak to their personal tax professional regarding their personal eligibility all

Right guys so that just about wraps up this quick car review on the 2021 rav4 prime se big thanks to folsom lake toyota i know there’s a ton of information surrounding these rav4 primes and i didn’t get a chance to touch base on it all today we’re just doing a very very quick nuts and bolts rundown for you if there’s a specific question that you have that i didn’t

Answer please let me know in the comments and i will be glad to address that for you the channel is still very brand new so if you like what i’m doing if you want to see more quick car reviews maybe on an xse model which we’ve got coming in very soon please make sure to like and subscribe to my channel if you hate what i’m doing if you hate my face i want to know

About it in the comments and i’ll see you next time you

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2021 Rav4 Prime SE – Features In Under 5 Minutes By Skyler Toyota

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