2021 ram promaster cargo shelves
Altair Club Cars 2021 Ram ProMaster | Cargo – Shelves – Partition Wall Inverter | Review

2021 Ram ProMaster | Cargo – Shelves – Partition Wall Inverter | Review

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Hey everyone mike sherry here at paul sherry ram today i get to unbox this 2021 it’s a ram promaster now this chassis is the 159 inch wheelbase so that means from the front axle the rear axle 159 inch wheelbase it’s the high raised roof fan which gives you about six foot three inch interior height now the promaster is a front wheel drive van so it does really good

And those top conditions snow mud excessive brain also it has great turning radius i believe best in class all right so let’s unbox this 2021 ram promaster as we come in has the giant sliding door easy to open and inside this van has been upfitted with some nice upgrades has the partition wall with a door so you can get from front to back has upgraded flooring

Here with a couple tie downs in it and then i love this option here it has the looks like a tool box off to the left with individual containers that are removable put your little parts in there easy to access i’m not in the van and i can just pull those right out a little grab handle right here to help you get up inside the van again six foot three inch interior

Height has a built-in power inverter here this is a thousand watt power inverter that’s going to be great if you’ve got you know those drills with battery packs things of that sort to charge it while you’re going down the road so when you get to your site you’re going to be ready to go plenty of shelving here the shelves are done out really nice slip resistant

Floor in them this side we have some more shelves and then some pull out trays these trays of course can be made over here so kind of organize it how you you see fit come around to the back it does have factory backup camera up top there and it has your barn style doors here now on the ram they’ll swing all the way open nothing you need to do to make that happen

Just keep pushing nice thing about that is if you need to back up to a door to unload items maybe it’s raining you can literally back right up got some nice big long storage there that goes almost all the way to the front a couple big hooks here now the floor space you have 11 foot up there to the partition wall we have a few of these in stock right now i know

Cargo vans particularly been hard to get lately so if you’re interested in this definitely call to see what we currently have available let’s go ahead and get in the cockpit now this is powered by that 3.6 liter it’s a v6 pentastar engine great engine has power mirrors uh the mirrors also actually fold in as well sorry for the dew on the window kind of out early

This morning power windows power locks this does have a cruise control down here which uh some of these cargo vans i’m in don’t have that some buttons for the radio enhance free connectivity again brand new van has 27 miles on it uh touch screen and color radio with backup camera a little clipboard up there of course heat and air conditioning controls get your

Partition door here it’s nice and handy all around great little vehicle if you think this will work for you and solve some of the the transportation needs that your business has by all means get in contact with us we’d love an opportunity to earn your business if you have a trade-in if you’re looking to upgrade something we’d love to help you out with that so

With that this is this 2021 cargo van thanks for watching everyone bye-bye

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2021 Ram ProMaster | Cargo – Shelves – Partition Wall Inverter | Review By Paul Sherry Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram

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