2021 ram 1500 crew cab how do ca
Altair Club Cars 2021 Ram 1500 Crew Cab | How Do Carseats Fit?

2021 Ram 1500 Crew Cab | How Do Carseats Fit?

2021 Ram 1500 Crew Cab | How Do Carseats Fit?

Can i fit all of this in the 2021 ram 1500 find out it’ll fit the fan brand i’m mr bram these are my three kids join us as we journey to find the best truck to fit the fan the ram name has been around for a long time and dodge was making them tough but honestly kind of a throwaway truck they were always the third best or the one you got because you couldn’t

Afford a chevy and your credit wasn’t good enough for a ford but things have changed dramatically this brand new generation they brought it up a notch the fit and finish and this ram 1500 is on par with some of the european brands and they’ve done amazing work by using real wood real genuine leather and while the ram is not currently number one it is one of the

Highest rated trucks in the industry and i can see why it has some awesome features like a rear step and in bed lighting and honestly from the driver’s perspective i feel like the ram looks good without feeling overtly manly and chunky so i’m really excited about getting into this and finding out how all of our car seats fit this truck is a two-wheel drive but

According to ram the 4×4 has the same body height now being a truck lifting an infant carrier can be a struggle so we chose the outboard position for placement i want to introduce you to fit the fam’s new baby they’re twins that’s right my wife didn’t want to have a baby just for youtube so we decided to use 20 pound weights now that we’re putting these seats

In bigger cars so we can really give you an idea of how hard it is to get the seat up into some of these trucks and suvs behind the driver there are tons of room i didn’t have to worry about how far back my seat was but consider reaching an infant from the front seat can be difficult unless you have the reach of an nba player oh hey there are you tired of waiting

Around at the car dealership trying to figure out if your car seats fit in your next new car well let us do the heavy lifting and put car seats in cars for you make sure you like and subscribe so you can be informed the next time we put out another review on a car you’re looking for don’t wait make sure you share this video with all your friends so they can also

Find what fits their fam you can see if this truck didn’t have those tubular steps it would be nearly impossible for my daughter to get in without grabbing hold of a handle now as for buckling they actually do a really good job with this truck because they’ve extended the buckles out further and it makes buckling really easy for my daughter i mean you know these

Things happen so with 63 inches of hip room you can pretty much imagine that any configuration of car seats is going to work three across in the back of this ram it’s also nice about this is this has two additional inches of legroom over just about every single one of the competition in this class this truck has tons of room in the back in fact more than the mega

Cab when you look at those dimensions what i found is the way the car seats sit is there’s a gap behind the seat i really wish it would fill there i didn’t want to recline the seats because then they’re too far back so i wish there was a middle ground there then our seats would fit a little bit better the other thing is the way the top tethers work on this truck is

Very complicated as you can see from the owner’s manual it took some reading to figure out once installed a challenge is whether or not these are going to be durable over time i have friends who drop their kids and their car seat every single time they go to child care that means the seats coming in and out one or two times a day and i’m worried that this webbing

Is just not going to stand up to that metal dragging across it every single time you uninstall one durability note is that the seat backs are made out of vinyl and not a hard plastic which to make them more durable against punctures whenever you throw something in that cab but overall for forward-facing i think these kids are comfortable and this is a great truck

For that unfortunately the ram bed is only five foot seven inches in this model now it’s a compromise because you have such a large cab and frankly most people purchase this to drive around without any cargo in the back but you do wish you had just those couple of extra inches when you start hauling lumber or moving your kids into their next dorm room one of the

Bed features i love about the ram is this in bed lighting you can turn it on and off here or it automatically turns on and off when you unlock the truck and it makes a huge difference when you’re trying to load in low light or it does it also has these tie downs now this is a factory option all you have to do to use the tie-downs is pull it out find the spot where

You want it and then you just tighten it down and then you can tie down to anywhere in the bed the ram crew cab is actually one of the largest crew cab offered by any manufacturer other than of course ram’s own mega cab and that is because they’ve really expanded the way you can use this cab you’ve got reclining rear seats and even with the seats up i fit across

The floor in the back hey what no napping while we’re filming i had to find a chance to catch some extra seas somehow we have three kids okay bye so this truck is the laramie edition and this fabric inset here it’s like a micro suede is a crumb magnet some of the crumbs from my kids car seats came out and you can see it just attaches to this and it takes multiple

Passes by a vacuum in order to get it off another really nice feature in the back cab is the ram bins these are bins that are underneath the floor great for tie downs or any emergency gear you need so that it’s not sitting underneath the seats and sliding around every time you take a turn it’s ram symbols not quite as hefty as the jeep branding but man they don’t

Want you to forget that you’re driving around after checking this truck out i see why the ram 1500 is such a popular vehicle it’s not just the price these are well-rounded option packages supporting a fun and powerful truck and while you may need to haul a trailer in order to move anything larger than a bicycle around in this crew cab it’s as close to a family

Hauler as really any truck can be we really appreciate it here fit the fam because you’re feeding my kids

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