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Altair Club Cars 2021 RAM 1500 CLASSIC WARLOCK *BEST FEATURES* | Is This The Best Truck For The MONEY?

2021 RAM 1500 CLASSIC WARLOCK *BEST FEATURES* | Is This The Best Truck For The MONEY?

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What’s going on everybody jason here and today i’ve got this 2021 ram 1500 warlock i’m not going to be covering its full review because i’ve already done that and i will link that up above somewhere but today i’m going to be talking about the best features that you can get or the best features that the warlock currently has now when it comes to the warlock it may not

Be for everyone’s taste just because of how aggressive it looks and not everyone wants an aggressive looking truck but for the ones that are interested in a warlock i’m gonna be covering in my opinion of the best features that you know this truck has to offer for the money and obviously right off the bat you can just tell by the exterior of how aggressive it looks

And now this is the previous generation rebel and obviously those have have a different uh design now compared to this a little bit different but kind of similar anyways this one you can see it’s it’s got a very aggressive front end and a lot of people obviously like i mentioned will not like that they just want something that’s subtle uh or not too in your face

But this one in my opinion it just makes the road presence really really mean and aggressive i’ve also mentioned this in the full review that i did on this 1500 warlock is that the warlocks do come with a small lift as well compared to the other trucks and especially if you’re looking for you know an aggressive looking truck it’s either you get the warlock or you

Jump up quite a bit in price uh and get in for the rebel the other cool feature that i like on these trucks that you know make it very very unique compared to any other classic are your projector headlamps now these are obviously the halogen ones similar to the normal classics like the slts or the st’s but with those ones it just doesn’t give you that look that the

Warlock headlights give you you’ve got that nice projector in the middle and of course that nice uh little bar underneath the headlamp which just makes the truck look even more meaner even from the headlamps i don’t know if that makes sense but it just ties into the whole front end of this truck and talking about lights also you get led fog lights compared to the

Other classics that are available whether it be the st again or the slt you’re just gonna get the halogen ones but these particular ones on the warlocks that you get are led fog lights and they’re not as you know in your face or like kind of like a awkward shape they’re just nice and small fit right into the bumper and they’re in a circular shape which just make it

Very very perfect and it just doesn’t make it look weird on the truck it just ties in again like with the headlamps to the whole aesthetic of the truck now another one is that you have different packages that you can get with the warlock truck so the truck that you’re looking at right now it has the regular you know the 20 inch black wheels which also look amazing

If you want to make it go further you can also get the all terrain package so what that’s going to give you is your actual tires are going to be all terrain um and then you’re gonna get 17 inch matte black wheels which just look way way more aggressive compared to these these ones i would say look a little bit more um like a luxury type of a tire or a wheel compared

To the other ones where it’s just ready to you know go off-roading do whatever you needed to do also within the all-terrain package you’re gonna get a full-size spare and front and rear mats moving on to the next one now this is an optional thing that you can get not everyone likes this uh people are torn on this whether they want this package or not it’s called the

Warlock decor package and what that’s going to give you is the warlock decal so on the back of the bed you’ll notice the warlock decal and then that’s what you’re gonna get so not everyone is a big fan of having you know a vinyl sticker at the back but it just looks nice and even on the hood uh you’ve got a nice uh little vinyl design going on and again like not

A lot of people are big fans of this um but also with the sports performance hood that you get with this truck which is standard on the warlocks it just looks so much more aggressive because you got the black striping the black warlock on the side of the bed written and then you got obviously your black front end black wheels everything’s just blacked out and it

Doesn’t matter which color you get it’s just going to stand out another cool feature that you can get on the warlock trucks are the ram boxes now again with a lot of other options that you can get with the warlocks not everyone is going to be a fan of the ram boxes of course just because of the room that they take in order to get those put in to your truck but you

Can get that option if you do need it not only are you gonna get an aggressive off-road looking truck but you’re also gonna get ram boxes if you do need them also if you’re a huge music listener while you’re driving working whatever you’re doing with your truck the warlocks you can get the nine speaker alpine system which sounds absolutely amazing now of course you

Can get obviously like the harman kardon’s and all of that stuff on the more expensive trucks the new body styles but if you don’t want to break your budget and you want the warlock and it has all the features that you really are going to be using practically you’re going to get the 9 speaker alpine system and it’s just going to be amazing to you now over on the

Rear i believe this is unique to the warlocks because i tried finding it and even looking at the actual truck side by side and i don’t think the normal classic st’s or slts have these sport tail lights like the warlocks do so not only are you getting a you know a very unique looking front end um you’re getting also very unique looking tail lights and how you can

Tell the difference is if you take a look at a just a regular non-warlock compared to a warlock you can see the design in the warlock tail lights that it’s going to be completely different compared to the other trucks and my last favorite feature when it comes to the warlocks is the standard rear park assist system so you’ll notice uh in rear bumper you’re gonna

Have your parking sensors and of course it’s a huge uh safety thing to have when it comes to you know trucks and stuff like that or any vehicle in general but especially if it’s your first time getting into a you know a full-size truck uh those definitely do help having the rear park assist system and that’s it for today’s video let me know in the comments down

Below what your favorite features are on the ram 1500 warlock or you know features that you don’t like or you don’t like about the truck let me know in the comments down below i’m very curious to know and just like always do you love this truck or do you hate it

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2021 RAM 1500 CLASSIC WARLOCK! *BEST FEATURES* | Is This The Best Truck For The MONEY?! By Everything Car Reviews

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