2021 porsche taycan cross turism
Altair Club Cars 2021 Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo EV / World premiere

2021 Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo EV / World premiere

2021 Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo EV / World premiere

100 electric 100 percent dynamic  100 percent fit for adventure   from our virtual studio to the world premiere  of our first all-electric cross utility vehicle   tycoon our first purely electric sports car   to more than 20 000 customers it has already   won more than 50 international awards including  the award

For the world’s most innovative   has achieved during its first year on sale   with customers and experts and we will  continue on this path at high speed after all   our goal is to make our vehicles carbon neutral   by 2020 one third of all new  was electrically powered our aim is to make this  more than 80 percent

Worldwide by 2030. this is   why we are now boosting our electric mobility  strategy by launching the taikan cross turismo   it’s only three years since we presented the study  for this new vehicle concept in geneva today the   taikan cross turismo reflects all of porsha’s  innovative strengths and pioneering spirit it  

Shows our courage to break new ground with this  car we are adding a true or rounder to our range   situation an elegant car for business meetings   in the city a capable partner for weekend trips  to the countryside in short it’s a sporty friend   with a sustainable drive system this innovative  model combines several vehicle

Concepts in one   and sets a new benchmark let’s take this outside  into the open air where the taikan crosstaurismo   challenged it to the max in fact we have given   it a really hard time on all kinds of services six  weeks five countries right across a continent and   here is where it started from a beach in malibu 

We took it to the freezing cold of norway in the   sun rain wind and snow country roads motorways  as precise and sharp as a swiss army knife  that’s the new porsche tycoon cross tourismo   still camouflaged what you see here is our test  vehicle from the film clearly coming fresh from   the test drive straight onto the stage

The dna of  the cross tourismo comes from the porsche taikan   uncompromising dynamics a highly emotive driving  experience powered by an innovative electric drive   with 800 volt architecture the performance figures  speak for themselves up to 560 kilowatts and   1050 newton meters of torque 0 to 100 in just 2.9  seconds

Top speed up to 250 kilometers per hour   strong and reliable in all weather conditions   four models will be available from the start  the cross tourismo 4 and the 4s the crosstourism   turbo and our flagship the turbo s all four models  come with the high capacity performance battery   range according to wltp is up to 456

Kilometers   making it the perfect companion for day to day  use and thanks to a charging capacity of up to   added in just 5 minutes an excellent figure   a high-tech off-road chassis with all-wheel drive  and adaptive air suspension is also standard on   higher than the sport saloon the optional   30 millimeters

This really helps the cross  tourismo when it’s time to leave the asphalt   and we also optimized our suspension system so  the crosstaurismo comes with a specific driving   mode this makes sure it does well on gravel roads  in terms of stability performance and dynamics   now our engineers have gone one step further  

This means that we have once more raise the bar  ladies and gentlemen the crossturismo is the most   versatile and practical tycoon we have built to  date it reflects the distinctive pioneering spirit   if we have seen in the film you have been part  of our test drive in norway so what is your first   impression of the taikan cross

Tourismo i think  it’s unbelievable the cross prismo takes off like   a rocket it’s agility it’s spore dynamics driving  it really was a lot of fun right from the start   precision steering even at minus 35 degrees on  snow and ice dynamics spontaneous power delivery   during the test did i ever feel like the vehicle  

Was getting anywhere close to its limits very very  impressive indeed up to now you were only able to   see the car in camouflage and now here in real  life what’s your impression i like it a lot i   crossroad looks without the camouflage the   timeless lines and this typical porsche fly   the car the attentional of mission of

Trending   design gimmicks i mean personally i like that very  very much and the inside the increased headroom   rear makes for an extremely spacious feeling   imagine yourself driving across turismo   does everything you want the car to do nowadays   it definitely does on both accounts the tycoon  crosstalk is more

Impressed me in every way   the motorway or on winding country roads   and it’s home off the beaten track as well   and thanks to luggage space i can fit all my ski  equipment and as you can see a couple of e-bikes   on the back an all-electric driveline with no co2  emissions that really makes this the perfect fit  

For me okay thank you helping us on the test drive  ladies and gentlemen the taikan crosstaurismo  is designed for people like axel lundsvindar   people will live life to the full we do a lot  of sports or enjoy being outdoors with a family   people who wear your comfort as much as dynamic  agility like to go off the beaten track

And   people want sustainable mobility sustainability  represents an important reason for purchase these   product or design that’s what our customers   see as added value sustainability is therefore an  important pillar in our porsche strategy and with   the taikan crosstarismo we are taking another step  towards

Our sustainability goals driving with zero   local emissions in an all-electric sports car  zero emission production at our taikan factory   and not only there the past six years we have  reduced co2 emissions at all porsche production   facilities by an impressive 75 percent per car  and because we look at the entire value

Chain   guidelines for our suppliers ladies and   gentlemen the taikan crosstaurismo stands for  mobility that is both sporty and sustainable   we are firmly convinced the highly dynamic and   flexible cross turismo will add another chapter  to the titans success story so far thank you  

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