2021 nissan z proto 400z first l
Altair Club Cars 2021 Nissan Z Proto (400Z) First Look – It Definitely Has My Attention

2021 Nissan Z Proto (400Z) First Look – It Definitely Has My Attention

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Will this be the Toyota Supra Killer?

Hey everybody it’s an exciting day today because we’re giving you a first look at the much anticipated sports car the z proto or zed proto from nissan and before we get started let’s clarify one thing is it z or is it zed well it all depends where you come from where you live i was born and raised in canada and here we are taught to say zed however yes i know

That horse-like animal with the black stripes is a zebra i it does it just feels weird to call it a zebra it is a zebra and uh but to just make things official i wanted to see what do they call it in japan so i enlisted the help of nissan canada who contacted them and this is what they had to say the head person for the z car or zed car in japan hiroshi temera

Officially says it’s z so guess what he also says call it whatever you want let’s just celebrate the car i can definitely get behind that but in the spirit of being official for this video i’m going to try to call it z i might slip up a little bit here or there but let’s give it a shot let’s go i officially believe that all the designers and engineers for nissan

Have been abducted and replaced by cyborg beings that don’t have to eat or sleep and all they have to do is just work because they have just been going non-stop with these new car launches in fact in 20 months they’ll introduce 10 brand new models yeah we had the ultima which we tested we had the sentra i’d say it’s one of the best in class right there then you

Have the brand new rogue that is coming we did a walk around we have not driven it based on what i’ve seen i think this is going to be a hot hot seller another new flagship aria ev i think nissan is killing it when it comes to the styling department and it’s no surprise that when they set out to design this latest iteration of the iconic z car they wanted to

Make it the best of all generations by creating a fresh bold look from designs of the past and the future are we going to start to identify which parts of the car are most important for the next day that’s right every designer has a different experience of z so yeah we want to kind of try to create the next zenith great for 50 years the z has been the legendary

Sports car for the nissan brand the new car definitely pays homage to the original car with its similar long hood angled down to teardrop leds which now feature two half circles which really emulate eyes in my opinion you know what they say eyes are the gateway to the soul so this has a lot of soul the front grille design comes from the newer generation z i

Almost said z there and the side profile is my favorite you can really see all that nissan dna blended through multiple generations it really is the best of all of them the roofline looks so straight as it slopes all the way down to the rear lid and then just chops off nice and short the lower rocker area has carbon fiber and has a design line that looks like

It pulls the rear in before widening it out for a nice wide stance with those 19 inch wheels and this bright yellow pearlescent paint is a tribute to the original 240 and the z what do these rear tail lights remind you of well how about the horizontal lights of the popular 300 zx i’m loving the two-tone paint on this one i’m not sure if they’ll all have this

And also this chrome or satin trim coming down the roof line it really breaks up the model color and it adds a little bit of a vintage look to it so what do you think of this car so far well i’ve been staring at these pictures and videos for quite a few hours right now and i can be honest i am totally digging it i think if you’re a fan of the original z you’re

Gonna love this new one let’s take a look inside look what’s on top of that dash what a welcome sight this layout is very unique three heritage analog meta this is a motion value is on the top of the ip and the next event and the 9 inch center display that’s supported by strong straight console this is a modern day z car so gone are analog gauges but fear not you

Do get an analog look displayed now on a 12.3 inch screen behind that is a very retro style looking steering wheel it’s got a deep dish to it however it is a modern steering wheel you have redundant controls and of course you have an airbag i do like the look of this though without actually sitting in these yellow accented piped sport seats i can still feel like

I’m sitting in there and it does have a cockpit like look it looks like it has a lot of soft touch materials where it matters and the controls look very intuitive nothing too fancy you can see the hvac control the heat controls you have three knobs there so it’s not menu driven which is great and unlike the toyota supra yes you see that there that is a six-speed

Manual shifter this will come with a six-speed manual shifter and automatic is in development right now but thank you thank you thank you nissan if you know how to drive with three pedals you gotta go for the manual transmission on the z car for sure it just gives you that much more connection with the car and just the drive is just so much more engaging so what’s

Under the hood well at this time we kind of don’t know exactly however i can tell you that it will have a twin turbo v6 so most likely you know nissan they have that infinity brand and they have the red sport 400 and that’s a v6 twin turbo with 400 horsepower i think it would be perfect for the new z car with that six-speed manual transmission so uh i’m hoping

That’s what it is maybe it’s even more i don’t know but it’s probably a variation of that engine for sure so that’s all the information that we have on this new z car this is definitely the most exciting z car in my era for sure i was a big fan of the 240. i never owned one but i did have a friend jason if you’re watching this uh absolutely loved and missed your

240 we had so many good memories in that car especially but yeah what an iconic car and i think nissan has done an amazing job preserving that heritage of that original yet just including everything that the z has come to since then i hope you enjoyed this first look at the new z car from nissan i thoroughly enjoyed it leave a comment below tell me what do you

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