2021 nissan gt r premium pov rev
Altair Club Cars 2021 Nissan GT-R Premium – POV Review

2021 Nissan GT-R Premium – POV Review

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All week i’ve been driving this 2021 nissan gt-r premium and in this video i’d like to talk about what that’s been like we have blizzack lm 25 winter tires we’ve gotten some good snow driving in this car over the last week uh so if you haven’t seen that video already check it out but i’ve actually really enjoyed driving this car for how old this thing is i mean

When it came out i was just getting out of high school and starting college it’s practical enough to use i think on a daily basis for most people you’ve got this titanium blue exhaust nice alloy wheels premium paint the premium paint on this gtr looks fantastic the gtr is still in the game i think there’s uh there’s nothing wrong with this car in this day and

Age yes there are some more competitive options yes there are faster cars out there the more modern vehicles but this thing is still enjoyable and i think it still stirs the sole we’ve got a six-speed dual clutch transmission it’s sequentially operated so you can’t really skip gears on downshifts but uh it still does a very good job it’s an awesome performer

It’s a little bit raw more visceral than all the other dual clutches out now that are becoming a little bit overly refined i think and this still gives it a slightly old-school feel gtr makes 565 horsepower 467 pound-feet of torque from a twin-turbo 3.8 liter v6 there it is in all of its glory let’s take this thing for a drive look at the knack of ducts on

The hood pushing air down into the engine bay for some extra cooling they did a refresh on this gt-r a few years ago updated it refined it made some improvements all throughout and i will say that’s the first thing i’ve noticed about this car is that it is so much more refined than it used to be on the inside we have a pretty simple layout of course there is

The adjustable steering wheel just like before you can adjust it up and down moves with the gauges lots of adjustability to get the perfect driving position here um and there’s one thing that nissan really does get right is just the usability and the ergonomics of this car i have pretty good visibility you have semi-usable back seats if anything just for a nice

Parcel shelf we’ll test this bose audio system too buttons and knobs for everything we get apple carplay i mean that’s pretty much all you need these days even comes with a reverse camera a little bit of storage down here place to plug in your phone in there i mean not the best materials for a hundred and twelve thousand dollar hundred fifteen thousand dollar gtr

But uh you know i think the performance really makes up for it this car has been so much fun to drive this week the all-wheel drive system is just perfection yeah this thing can still hang with the big boys before we get started with today’s video i would like to thank our sponsor phantom wallet i’ve been using these wallets as my personal wallet for about the

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Sure to use my discount code topher15 for 15 off at checkout all right guys let’s take this thing for a drive and see what it’s like on the road as you start up the vehicle in every drive mode set to normal normal suspension traction control transmission engine this car actually feels pretty good um the brake pedal goes a little bit deep but has good feel the

Power here is absolutely fantastic and the transmission actually does a pretty good job holding gears and letting you kind of get the most out of the power if you’re on a back road you’re really hustling this thing you’re going to want to put into manual mode and in a race mode actually you know what let’s do that right now i think you guys get a pretty good idea

Yes the gtr can be comfortable which is uh which is very nice in a vehicle like this because i think this would make a pretty fun daily driver if i’m being honest in r mode you get a little pop from the exhaust very satisfying the six-speed dct is a lot of fun to hustle it’s pretty responsive especially in our mode gets a little bit a little bit sluggish in

Normal mode but it’s a good time hahaha that’s the thing i like about this car when it first came out people were like ah it’s too digital it’s not analog enough you don’t have a lot of control over everything you feel like the car’s doing all the work for you well in today’s landscape of sports cars and supercars this actually feels quite analog and involving

You have to shift the paddles yourself when you engage launch control you do it in manual mode not in automatic mode you have to shift through that one two on your own and it comes up pretty quick we’ll do a launch control here a little bit later show you guys what i mean but yeah and i think the big important thing about this car is that it’s still fun to drive

This thing is an absolute riot it’s comfortable and livable on a daily basis but when you hustle it it provides that thrill it provides that just amazing level of power and performance there’s an incredible differentiation between suspension and drive modes the steering’s a little bit light for my taste that would be my only complaint about this car if i had one

But everything else about it is pretty enjoyable and pretty good if you compare it to everything else that’s all-wheel drive yeah you’ve got the 911 but those are getting into astronomical price categories even though this is kissing 120 grand i think for what you’re getting it’s a pretty good deal getting on the highway here we’ve got quite a bit of noise for

These winter tires normally something you probably wouldn’t experience as much on a set of performance summers there’s a little bit of exhaust drone but it’s not too bad all things considered for the capability of this i think you’d be perfectly okay driving this every day or even on a long road trip these seats are very comfortable we have a decent bose sound

System and actually while we’re just cruising here let’s go ahead and listen to that bose sound system so two two please you the bose in this actually isn’t too bad just not quite as good as the soundtrack from this 3.8 liter twin turbo v6 i think this still sounds pretty proper it still hits so hard the boost built beautifully i mentioned

Earlier that this is a sequential dual clutch so if you put your foot down in sixth gear on the highway it’s gonna go from sixth to fifth to fourth it won’t go from six to fourth which you know it’s fine it’s fast enough doesn’t really matter comfort mode super soft really well damped i love that you could just quickly turn off electronic stability control we

Did some awesome snow drifts in this thing this week it was just a blast sliding this around in the winter this all-wheel drive system i think is just it’s kind of unparalleled in this segment i haven’t driven a new 911 turbo i’m sure that would be very nice as well or even a carrera 4s but um i don’t know there is a real magic to the way this all-wheel drive

System acts especially in the snow in the winter it’s very controllable the gtr used to be a little bit of a handful and now that’s no longer the case this is a very easy car to drive fast it doesn’t catch you out and of course on winter tires we have a little bit lower levels of grip but it is super nice to drive especially in the snow it can send as much as 100

Of its power to the rear wheels which is very cool and then as you get through that slide it’ll kind of progressively send more power to the front and pull you out of it you can just do these one finger drifts that are just beautiful i love it we get a clear entrance ramp here put everything in r mode see how it does hahaha handling and this is phenomenal and

I’m sure with a set of summer tires a lot of that understeer would be dialed out whenever you add grip it kind of neutralizes the chassis a bit more really my only complaint with this gtr from a drivability standpoint and a driving dynamic standpoint is that the steering just a little bit light it feels slightly disconnected and uh you know pretty typical in any

Vehicle in the last 10 years but in this gtr it’s uh it’s almost a little bit too light especially in race mode let’s sneak a launch control in here and see how it does that’ll never get old it’ll get old when the drivetrain can’t handle it anymore but until then it’ll never get old that is just one of the best experiences you do need to utilize some self-control

When doing launch control but for the most part that’s pretty impressive i like all the wheel spin you get on winter tires all right guys well that’ll kind of sum things up with the gtr i really have enjoyed driving this thing this week it’s it’s just so cool to get back into one of these and spend some extended miles in one you know not a car without faults

Of course yes it’s been around uh since i was almost in high school but you know what it’s still pleases and still thrills and uh this wouldn’t be a bad car for 100 grand or so i’ve really enjoyed it this week and i think any other car enthusiast and nut would too this is kind of just a kind of a a box to check off of the automotive experience and uh there’s a

Reason why it’s called godzilla it’s still a bit of a legend and the fact that you can still get one of these and that they’ve refined it as much as they have i think is a is all it’s a good thing it’s all good things here so anyway guys that’s gonna sum it up for this video stay tuned on the winding road magazine youtube channel and on the daily motor youtube

Channel we’ve done some fun things in this car this week until then we’ll see you guys in the next video thanks again to phantom wallet for their support hopefully you guys enjoyed this one this is a treat for me and uh yeah always fun to get into a sports car like this in the winter time props to nissan for doing this and all the other manufacturers who’ve

Been loaning out fun vehicles with winter tires that’s kind of the way to do it so you

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2021 Nissan GT-R Premium – POV Review By TheTopher

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