2021 mercedes maybach gls 600 su
Altair Club Cars 2021 Mercedes-Maybach GLS 600 SUV review from Mercedes Benz of Arrowhead

2021 Mercedes-Maybach GLS 600 SUV review from Mercedes Benz of Arrowhead

@Mercedes-Benz of Arrowhead is here to review the 2021 Mercedes-Benz Maybach GLS 600 SUV. Mercedes-Benz of Arrowhead is located in Arizona and is a Sprinter, Metris and Mercedes dealer award Best of the Best from MBUSA.

Welcome to mercedes-benz of our head my name is nick russo uh welcome back we haven’t done these in a while but it is my pleasure to show you a 2021 gls 600 maybach um if you follow my videos that we’ve been doing i’ve been trying to tell you that the brand of mercedes is kind of going to be kind of diversified uh using names that we all know and love like the

Amg brand maybach the new eq brand coming out so this is as you can see the first maybach inspired vehicle to the brandy tikka gls and they made it in maybach and the first thing you can see of course is that grille that is going to be the design uh that you’ll be seeing on all the may box coming out on the s-class and whatever else they bring they put back the

Star on the hood no laurel and wreath on there it’s just the mercedes three-point star on the hood the maybach uh kind of what you can see here is if you focus in on this grill right here this kind of tooth it looks similar to like the amg or it’s not it’s got this little uh divot that kind of goes into there so they translate that throughout the car you can see

It on the wheels you can see on the grill you can definitely tell it’s 100 percent maybach there’s nothing to say that this is a an amg car or a regular mercedes you know that’s a maybach coming down the road so that’s the first thing also all of the chrome goes all over the car okay and this is high class chrome high grade chrome this isn’t just plastic painted

Chrome this is high chrome and you can see the detailing of that throughout the bottom and then also a lot of things that people hate on suv vehicles specifically is that the shrouds here are not painted they’re plastic or they’re black they actually paint the whole car so there’s chrome underlays throughout the whole bottom of the car this is all painted just

To show you that this is a premium premium vehicle also if you know the brand you’ll also know that the lights become very important so you can distinguish behind the car or in front of the car what type of vehicle that is in the lineup by the lights and as you can see distinct three torches on the lights in the cluster making that s-class as we know e-classes

Two 8 c-classes as well as one so that also translates from the gls s being the flagship of our brand into making this a gls maybach so along the side of the vehicle look how clever that is also as you can see even on this uh side step that comes out from the bottom of the car you have that detailing i mentioned before with the line that gets a little thicker

Towards the top that’s in the grille on the wheels and also through the floorboard okay before i take you inside this beautiful uh gls 600 maybach i’m going to show you in the rear end what makes this a may box so in the exhaust tips here they actually put this chrome extension piece which is signature to the maybach you’re going to see that in the other cards that

Come out in the maybach edition like the s-class and whatever else they bring us also the font or the letter type is distinctly maybach it is not the mercedes uh letter type that we’re used to seeing that makes this a maybach as well and then the chrome you have to realize the chrome is the detailing that’s also a big deal with the maybach is the detail so they

Put into so all around the lights you’re gonna get chrome all throughout the top of the bumper and all throughout the bottom and around the exhaust you get all that chrome and then on the inside more maybach detailing you’re gonna get that emblem right there of course taking up a little bit of your room is going to be the uh champagne refrigerator which is that’s

The cooling mechanism right there and i’ll show you inside where you can stash your cups and your champagne bottle your magnum of course these are the maybach pillows you got the maybach look at how plush those floor mats are really sets off the interior which we’re going to get to in a minute and then of course you have plenty of space back here for the size

Vehicle that it is but again if you can see it i don’t know if it sews through but everything is just dripping in leather the whole deal is just leather and then it’s triple sewn with a center stitch all the detailing that makes this vehicle 100 percent a maybach so come on inside i’d love to show you that as well all right welcome to the inside of this maybach it

Is uh i mean it’s definitely one of a kind and let me tell you what makes it a maybach first and foremost they used a lot of rose gold accenting throughout the cabin uh because it just looks dynamite so on the uh driver’s side of the instrument cluster here you can see that the dials are kind of emblazoned in that rose gold motif and then you also have the maybach

Logos or emblems also inside each of the dials on the driver’s display on the vents here as you can see too they actually put chrome on those and the regular gls or 580 end of it is just black plastic so you don’t get uh the detailing and then like i mentioned before in the back of the car on the hatch and all that you got leather leather everywhere you can’t touch

Anything other than the wood that’s not leather in the car so around the steering wheel all over the doors all over the center console all over the roof leather everywhere and then it’s also distinct maybach by instead of just being a leather wrapped palm holder here it’s really nicely detailed wood with of course the crest in the middle in chrome and then it’s

Dialed out completely to the trim that’s in the car this has the flowing lines in it and it just looks absolutely stunning as you can see the two-tone leather wrapped dashboard and then this leather that’s on the seats all dripping wet in napa and as you can see how the detailing goes through the center of the seats with the little openings to just show you the

Craftman shift and then it’s just a whole different stitch pattern that you’ll see in any other car so you’re going to see a double stitch with a center stitch down the middle all over the seats to give it that fine luxurious detail and then when you even start up the car let me see if i can get this for you real quick here on the driver’s side display there you

Of course get the branding maybach but then also the startup screen which we’ll get to there will show you for sure is going to be of course like i mentioned up front the grille coming through giving it its own character so you know and instantaneously uh what vehicle you are in standard you’re getting the high uh high-end 3d or 4d surround sound from burmester

Uh but let’s get you into the back of the vehicle so i can show you what really makes this a maybach come along shall we okay welcome to the back seat of this maybach i mean again leather it’s kind of overwhelming i mean it’s hard to show up on the video but there’s just leather everywhere and the details are just intricate so again even on the vents in the back

Here you’re gonna have that chrome trim you have the wood grain uh flowing lines going through the whole car they pull the seat back the seats actually come back here so it’s much easier for the passenger to move it but this soul seat will move uh that will i’ll show you on video as well that will raise the lower leg extender for you for a little bit more comfort

And again you can see the detail a little more clear here you can see how this kind of scallops here in the middle of the seat all the way up the seat back again the trim the the detailing on the sewing on these seats is just amazing you have to see it in person for sure you see the ambient lighting throughout the whole cabin again the center console all wrapped

In leather with the two-tone sewing you have your cold weather or hot cup holders this is your charging station wirelessly for your phone and then if you’re having a power meeting and you got to get lunch in check it out bam just flip that over that’ll level out for you eat your food or sign off on that deal and we’re done so that’s how easy that folds out i can

Tell you by experience they have definitely improved this mechanism because that is simple and look at leather right into that simple to use here so if you’re having lunch signing some documents while you’re being shipped to the airport we got you covered in this maybach and then again if you’re celebrating you’re going to be celebrating life obviously if this is

Your car so you always have to have a magnum of champagne in the back seat of the car you’re also going to be able to store a couple of champagne flutes back here to be toasting whoever is lucky to be by your side but again no this is the ultimate in luxury for mercedes-benz so they’ve diversified the lineup you’re going to have mercedes basically at the bottom

Mercedes-benz amg is going to be the sports brand kind of a direct competitor with porsche and then they’re not going to let brands like bentley rolls-royce go without competition and that’s for all of you folks you’re going to have a rolls-royce bentley type vehicle for way less the price and you’re going to have the mercedes-benz name backing it the whole way

Through so please if you want to order one of these vehicles give me a call 480-550-2255 you

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2021 Mercedes-Maybach GLS 600 SUV review from Mercedes Benz of Arrowhead By Mercedes-Benz of Arrowhead

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