2021 mercedes g wagon g63 night
Altair Club Cars 2021 Mercedes G WAGON G63 NIGHT | G Class AMG Price Drive Review Interior

2021 Mercedes G WAGON G63 NIGHT | G Class AMG Price Drive Review Interior

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And check out this beautiful characteristic of the g-dragon iwc shaft housing clock that was a bottle on the side hello guys welcome to merge bands king this is the mercedes amg g63 which is extremely hard to get your hands on because the waiting list is more than two years and this is a beautiful example which arrived from geneva switzerland and it now belongs

To auto trexler near zurich so in this video i will take you guys with me for a night drive with a beautiful g63 i will show you the full exterior interviewer and the driving experience you can already see it has a gorgeous blue exterior color but let’s first check out the interior because of the amazing ambient lighting and the beige leather interior beautiful

You can already see the wood door panel and the complete pillars including the ceiling is an alcantara there’s a massage seats with the amg badging let’s listen of course you have to close it multiple times trial and error and it doesn’t matter from which angle you approach it it looks massive edgy from every way love the spare tire and wear so let’s check out

What is in the trunk and there you can see it opens in a 90 degrees fashion you can even open it a little more and yes it has a beautiful white leather bright with fabric on the side and easy entrance because of the square design and just check out the interior beautiful ambient lighting and just the cover of course and it has a robust floor mat with underneath

Quality like very soft floor mat so let’s close the gun and check out the spare tire so i have the key right here a beautiful glossy black and metal design with the affordable amg emblem on the back side there you can see the lights active of the exterior in a beautiful round shape so let’s check out the rear seats i will open the door and there once again you

Can see the gorgeous bash leather interior with the wood door trim amg floor mats and yes very quality seeds so now it is time to take it for a drive you have the side steps which you can use to step on them and yes it is awesome so hence the leaves fairly easy entrance again the leaves beautiful view and i will press the button for the electronics to work

And there it says amg with a gorgeous infotainment system invitation screen a lovely burmester surround sound system square which mimics the indicators on the side of the hood and there’s also another one on this side beautiful leather with the handle g-wagon characteristic and it does have the manufacturer panoramic or actually sunroof so before i start the

Engine i will open the window and let’s close it you have to close this very firm however press the button to start buckle up we have the exhaust button over here so that you can drive in comfort mode with still a good sound but let’s put it immediately in plus there are five different modes and yes it also has the parking button with the 360 view camera

Bird view let’s put the seat a little bit backwards beautiful ambient lighting and let’s go with the windows closed you can really experience the quietness in the interior and that is because it has the acoustic gloss let’s open the window again there you can see a two layer design the driving position of the g-wagen is amazing you sit so high of the ground

And it is extremely comfortable and sporty at the same time extremely agile in the corners given the size and weight two now of tons with 612 horsepower and it feels amazing check out the indicator so guys let’s enter the autobahn and we are currently driving in sport plus so let’s listen so i really have to say the aggressive amg experience you can really

Find it in the g63 i felt the wheelspin and you can also change the screen in front of you to design and sport so let’s accelerate on the left i’ve pulled it to amg where you can see the boost so let’s navigate back to zurich city i would just use a scroller down here enter destination and scroll to the z and there the first one says zurich so let’s enter

And and depth the route is being calculated so we are currently in the center of europe and guys let me know where are you from and now we will listen to the sound because it says exhaust settle powerful i especially love the burmester surround sound system in the edges of the corner and this really mimics the indicators on the hood in front of us you see the

E-class and as a comparison we are really sitting double as high and it really drives the e-class out so i will put it back into the classic mode by just swiping to the right to design oh not telephone but design one more down to classic and then you have this beautiful gauges with the speed on the left side on the right side you can put it to the rpm with the

Boost and in the center i would like to have my trip meter so that i can see the consumption which is currently 17.2 liters per 100 kilometers let me put it to zero as we are driving 100 kilometers an hour in a constant speed in the tunnel it also has the lane keeping assist as you can see this way it shoves you back into the lane left as you drive over a line

This is the old advanced command system pretty straightforward so as you can see we are currently entering zurich city and guys thanks for watching merch ben’s king i hope you liked the video and i’ll see you guys next time bye

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2021 Mercedes G WAGON G63 NIGHT | G Class AMG Price Drive Review Interior By MercBenzKing

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