2021 mercedes benz sprinter 2500
Altair Club Cars 2021 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 2500 Cargo 144 WB High Roof | Video Tour with Roger

2021 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 2500 Cargo 144 WB High Roof | Video Tour with Roger

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Hello matt i’m roger here prime motor cars mercedes-benz thank you very much for your internet inquiry um on our blue gray 4×4 sprinter van it’s been really nice chatting with you over the past few days i wanted to shoot this video like i told you i would i know i’d sent you some pictures but the video i think will do a lot more justice for you so this has the

Lighting package with the led lighting very nice especially at nighttime and i know you guys get a lot of rainy foggy weather out in washington so i think this would be a great sprinter van for you also it has the fog lights has the sensors too for safety in the front and rear bumpers and we’re going to get around to the back of the vehicle here in just a moment

Um has a 360 degree camera so one of the cameras is located right here just underneath of the mercedes-benz star and we’ll come around to here to the passenger side so we ordered this van and mat with the black painted wheels from mercedes-benz uh we think it looks really good with the blue gray so that’s why we did that your other cameras too you have cameras

On the exterior mirrors they’re located right under here and then when we get in the inside of the vehicle i’m going to show you some features in there too but i wanted to point the cameras out for you so this fan is equipped with the sidewall paneling uh very nice for protecting the exterior of the van as well as a lot of people will remove the panels do some

Insulating and put the panels back in because the fit and finish is pretty nice the this fan has the wood floor with the anti-slip coating on it also there is some tie downs in various spots in the floor makes it very convenient so matt one of the really cool things about this van too it’s got the sliding door that will latch midway right here so if you’re

Going to use it for upfitting for a camper van you have space back here that you can also use and this would be your door opening right here it’s uh makes it very convenient then we’ll come around here to the back of the sprinter van so our 2500 series uh 4×4 sprinter vans uh this one has the trailer hitch you can actually tow up to 5000 pounds with this van

Which makes it very uh very user friendly also this has the 270 degree doors so what that consists of too is both doors will open up 90 degrees and latch into place with the hinge and you can also open them all the way up and the way the hinge is designed it latches itself in place so the door won’t just slam slam on you with the wind blowing or if you’re parked

On incline things like that also i want to point out mercedes-benz has done a great job they put a nice uh backup camera just above the third brake light and when we get to the inside of the van i’m going to display that on the 10 and a quarter inch nbux display screen so now matt we’re gonna jump in the cab of the van and i’m gonna point out some really nice

Features in there for you all right matt so we’re sitting in the cab of the 2021 4×4 144 high roof sprinter van that you and i been discussing i’m going to start out up here on the dash so you have this compartment right here and this is where your wireless charging pad is for your cell phone also there’s three usb ports the port right here that looks like your

Phone a picture of your phone that’s you can get apple carplay on the mbux screen which is located right here it’s very nice so i’m going to just go through this uh briefly with you we compare two cell phones right here so you can do one and two phones which is uh very convenient beautiful navigation screen for navigating and you can actually shrink the screen

Down and blow it up just like on your cell phone and then we have your radio right here so you have sirius xm satellite radio am and fm which is a very nice especially traveling across country it has a multimedia center has a nice info center right here too and you can actually see what your van is doing for fuel economy this van only has about 12 miles on it

Right now so this is not going to be accurate but once you go through one tank of fuel the miles per gallon will be very accurate there’s an app store right here and then we have your vehicle settings you can do a lot of things in here you can turn things on and off it does have stability control that’s what esp is lane tracking assist it has parking assist uh

There’s much more in here too it has traffic sign active lane keeping assist active brake assist attention assist blind spot assist um and when you come to the dealership to to make your purchase i’ll go over these items more in depth with you and also i want to display that 360 degree camera for you um so here’s your 360 degree right here and then we have your

Backup camera right here also where this has a trailer hitch um you can see there’s a yellow line right here you can line a drawbar up for a trailer makes it very very easy um there’s your backup a wide-angle backup camera display for you this one is your blind spot assist uh you can see it’s blacked out on the right side my videographer she actually has the door

Open and taken the video for us but it’s crystal clear here on the left side and you can see your blind spot very very nicely and then we have a front view camera view and then a wide angle front view just a very nice feature for our sprinter vans also this has heated seats electric seats the seats do swivel which is very nice for uh turning into a camper van

So matt i hope you’ve enjoyed my video please feel free to give me a call this afternoon my cell number is 207-838-0169 thanks again you

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2021 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 2500 Cargo 144 WB High Roof | Video Tour with Roger By Mercedes-Benz of Scarborough

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