2021 mercedes benz sprinter 2500
Altair Club Cars 2021 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 2500 Cargo 144 WB High Roof 4×4 | Video Tour with Roger

2021 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 2500 Cargo 144 WB High Roof 4×4 | Video Tour with Roger

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Hello i’m roger here at prime motor cars mercedes-benz and sprinter vans in scarborough maine um doing a nice video of this 2021 144 wheelbase high roof cargo van this van is a great setup for a commercial contractor beautiful van it’s got the four cylinder turbo diesel engine in it great on fuel economy the maintenance on these two i just like to go over that

Is uh once a year every 20 000 miles for your oil services so they’re spaced out this has the nice michelin tires on it we’ll get a nice view of the cab area so this uh sprinter van does have the comfort seat package in it so it’s uh really nice this right here is for the back of your legs for your seat bottom to adjust nice lower lumbar support so when you’re

Fatigued at the end of the day you have nice comfort seats this seat does adjust up and down with this lever right here also we have this uh adjustment here too for the seat back and then for you gentlemen or ladies out there that are really long legs we have the seat extender right here for the back your legs too to support the back your legs just makes the

Ride and the sprinter van very comfortable we’ll open up the cargo door so this one already has the mercedes-benz solid cargo petition with the window in it just a really good safety feature for commercial contractors also it has the sidewall paneling so if you’re putting in a bin package it protects the protects your walls the nice wood floor with the anti-slip

Coating and you also have 10 feet four inches of floor space so i know electricians and plumbing and heating uh contractors they like to be able to put their 10-foot conduit and pipe in without having to bend it so you don’t have to bend it and bend it in the sprinter van fits in there nicely so this particular van has the step for easy access in and out of the back

Also it’s pre-wired for a trailer hitch it has your 7-way pin connector right here you can have a hitch added to the sprinter van and the 2500 series sprinter you can tow 5 000 pounds behind this van makes it very convenient and then also our doors open up 90 degrees they latch in place right here and then they also open up 270 degrees and then this particular

Model um there is a backup camera in all of our sprinter vans this one our camera is located above the third brake light and uh when you’re backing up with this it will view the camera in the rear view mirror so that’s a it’s a very nice feature all of our sprinter vans like i said come with backup cameras we’re gonna come around here to the driver’s side so

This is where your fuel filler is located uh right here you gotta open up the driver’s side door open up your fuel filler door and this is a 24 and a half gallon fuel tank and like i said at the beginning of the video the sprinter four cylinder diesel gets really good fuel economy you got your comfort seat for the driver as well this van has cruise control tilt

Telescoping steering wheel just a really uh a really nice commercial grade sprinter van so if anyone out there is interested in the uh new four-cylinder diesel 2021 sprinter van please feel free to give me a call my name is roger my cell phone number is 207-838-0169 thank you so much

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2021 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 2500 Cargo 144 WB High Roof 4×4 | Video Tour with Roger By Mercedes-Benz of Scarborough

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