2021 mercedes benz sprinter 2500
Altair Club Cars 2021 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 2500 Cargo 144 WB High Roof 4×4 | Video tour with Roger

2021 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 2500 Cargo 144 WB High Roof 4×4 | Video tour with Roger

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Hello kevin i’m roger here prime motor cars mercedes-benz in scarborough maine thank you very much for your internet inquiry on this incredible 2021 144 wheelbase four-wheel drive high roof just a really nice choice and like i said thank you very much i’m going to do this nice walk around on the van for you so right out front here we can see right away it’s got the

Fog lights uh a really nice option it’s got the safety sensors in the front bumper in various places also right here under the star because this van has the 360 degree camera one of your cameras is right here in the grill area which is really nice we’re gonna come around here to the passenger side so when we ordered this van for stock too we had the um steel

Wheels painted black so it looks really really nice with the graphite gray um also this van has the electric sliding door and i’m going to open that door with the remote the key fob you just push the button on the fob opens right up nicely very easy access so in the back here we’ve got the wood floor with the anti-slip coating on it that is an option in our

New vans also it has the sidewall paneling now the sidewall paneling you would ask me a question about that a lot of folks do take the paneling off insulate and put the paneling back on because it is a nice fit and finish and then that electric sliding door we can push the fob again and the door just closes nicely it’s very simple like i said very accessible

And then back here you can see mercedes-benz trailer hitch already on here you can tow up to a 5 000 pound trailer it’s got a really nice step right here for easy access in and out of the back of the van and we’ll open these back doors up so these doors uh they do open 270 degrees so right here uh it latches in place and it’s windy out here today and the door

Won’t just close on you and then they also open up 270 degrees now what allows that to happen as far as latching in place the way these hinges are designed uh there’s a latch mechanism built right in the hinge and as you can see i’m going to wiggle the door it’s latched in place nice and tight so if you’re parked on an incline as well it’s not going to just hit

You which is very nice and then right up here above the third brake light there’s your back up camera and then we have two more exterior cameras i’m going to show you where those are that uh helps with your 360 degree camera we’re gonna come right around here to the driver’s side so one thing that mercedes-benz has done too that i really like is the fuel doors

Right here so to get into where your fuel goes you have to open the driver’s side door to get to the fuel filler the fuel tank is 24.5 gallons no biodiesel just regular diesel fuel low sulfur which is the best for the van and then oh yes i mentioned the 360 degree degree camera the other ones are right out here underneath of the rear view mirrors and when we hop

In the cab of the van i’m gonna show you uh show you that display um i’m also gonna demonstrate this too because this has the swivel seat package uh in the easiest way you wanna make sure the seat is uh far enough ahead so the seat back will miss this b-pillar right here and the seats swivel very very easily so we got the seat turned right around facing the back

Very simple uh very uh mercedes has made it really uh user friendly to to do that and then you have the uh leather at uh seats up front also it has a nice leg extender right here for folks with long legs and then right here you have your lower lumbar support for your back uh so now kevin we’re gonna hop in the cab i’m gonna go over some of the features here in

The cab with you all right kevin so we’re sitting here in the cab with this beautiful graphite gray uh 2021 4×4 sprinter van i’m going to start out right up here on the dash park uh we have a usc port right here you can plug into this and get your apple carplay also there’s another usb port you can use for charging and also right here there is a 12 volt charger

Too so you can plug into that as well and then on the passenger driver’s side you got two more compartments here one here for storage and there is one on the passenger side lots of nice storage compartments and then uh i was stressing on the 360 degree camera so we’re gonna put the van in reverse so the passenger side door is open right now but you can see uh the

360 degree here nice beautiful backup camera and then you have a nice trailer hitch too that i was talking about so if you’re hooking up a trailer you have a nice yellow line here to line the trailer up by yourself it works out very well and there’s a nice wide angle rear view and then this one right here gives you your blind spot nice wide angle front camera

And then a nice wide angle view here which is very very user friendly especially if you’re in the city you’re trying to back up or get out of a tight spot also we compare two cell phones so you can do a his and hers cell phone on here really nice navigation system and then we have your am fm radio this is also voice controlled too you can tell tell it what radio

Station you would like it to be on you’ve got a multimedia center we have an info center one thing that’s really neat about this is you can look at your fuel consumption this van doesn’t really have any miles on it yet and it says 4.5 miles per gallon well after you go through a couple of tanks of fuel that should be reading somewhere up around between 18 and

20 miles per gallon on fuel and there’s an app store and we have a nice vehicle setting here so you can see it has esp which is stability control has lane tracking assess parking assist the sensors i showed you in the bumper will help with that also nice assistance here so you can see your parking cameras it gives you a little outline here active lane keeping

Assist you can also turn the lane keeping assist off if you choose to we have active brake assist so if you’re coming up on another vehicle uh too fast and you’re in cruise control it will the veil will actually help prevent you from running into that vehicle attention assist so if you’re on a trip kevin the van’s going to tell you to take a break if you’re

Getting tired it will recognize that and your blind spot assessed so get some controls here on your steering wheel heated electric mirrors heated seats electric seats what a beautiful setup and i already demonstrated the swivel seat package which i know is important to you so uh kevin i hope you enjoyed my video uh please feel free to give me a call my name is

Roger my cell phone number is 207-838-0 thank you very much

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2021 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 2500 Cargo 144 WB High Roof 4×4 | Video tour with Roger By Mercedes-Benz of Scarborough

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