2021 mercedes benz gla 200 amg l
Altair Club Cars 2021 Mercedes Benz GLA 200 AMG Line Park Assist – Mercedes Benz BGC

2021 Mercedes Benz GLA 200 AMG Line Park Assist – Mercedes Benz BGC

2021 Mercedes Benz GLA 200 AMG Line Park Assist – Mercedes Benz BGC

Foreign two hi guys welcome back to my channel for those of you who are here in my channel i’m james callan and part of the sales team here at mercedes-benz bonifacio global city showroom in this vlog we’re going to review the park assist or the parktronic driver assistant package for parking assist in this gla 200 amg line so join me guys in this vlog

So guys let’s try first the parallel parking let’s see how it works sorry it’s raining there and we go drive and then press the parking assist or park sonic button so according to the monitor drive forward to search for parking space so again this time is parallel parking we have here the vine the v220d and the gle suv so searching for parking space there

Stop the vehicle to park confirm to park so let’s confirm here press that button and go reverse so imagine the convenience of having a parking assist which is available in this amg or sorry gla 200 amg line yellow means three feet distance and change gear to drive there parking assist finish so imagine how convenient is that so assuming i’ll go up this just

Turn off the aircon or the car and then drive again turn on so this time we’re going to exit using again the park assist or the parks on it so let’s go drive and hearts on it so for little monitor confirm to exit parking space uh to left so exit space confirm orange means two feet distance so it reverses and drive again there excellent guys so this time

We’re going to park again through perpendicular or the side by side so guys let’s first try the side by side or perpendicular parking and park tronic so let’s go so as you can see searching for a parking space there stop the vehicle to park so as what the monitor says guys it’s um facing the wall so confirmed to park so express that and then go reverse

So what i’m doing now is just applying a little breaking just to assist the car and let’s see so let’s try here okay so parking assist finish excellent now assuming i’ll go out we’ll just turn off the car and turn on again so since i use the park sonic when i enter in this parking space and also use the park tronic to go up so let’s confirm let’s say

Right or left please choose exiting direction and confirm let’s say we go left here and we go reverse oh and go drive again there excellent guys this gla 200 amg line is our demo unit if you want to make a test drive just visit us here from monday to sunday from 8 am to 5 pm or you can email me i leave my email in the description below thank you so much

The gang salamat for watching this video and until next time for the next vlog i’m james kalang bye

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2021 Mercedes Benz GLA 200 AMG Line Park Assist – Mercedes Benz BGC By BISDAK CARVLOG

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