2021 mercedes amg gls 63 review
Altair Club Cars 2021 Mercedes AMG GLS 63 Review

2021 Mercedes AMG GLS 63 Review

Though the 2021 Mercedes-AMG GLS 63 is astonishing, the Benz GLS 580 is a wiser choice, or at least, it was.

I’ve been rolling a very large this week no not this large that large this week as i’ve had not one but two of these full-size premium luxury suvs to drive and review an interesting thing happened obviously you know cars usually bring people together and everybody loves to talk about cars or almost everyone and a neighbor of mine came came by as i had a brand

New 2022 grand wagoneer parked in front of the house and this 2021 mercedes amg gls 63 parked in the driveway and essentially pointed at the grand wagoneer and said another massive suv question mark it was a very brief and simple question but it absolutely meant a lot my answer to that was well fairly simple in fact it is fortunately unfortunately thanks to

These vehicles that automakers luxury automakers such as bmw affinity mercedes-benz stellantis and everything else it has and ford and gm it is with the sale of these vehicles and their full-size trucks so you know you get an idea of the scale here everything that’s big makes big money for automakers and it is these vehicles that are funding the development for

All of our future electrified vehicles that we will be driving i promise you that in the next 5 to 15 years that’s a little bit of a segue that’s kind of weird because this as i just mentioned isn’t just any regular mercedes amg or mercedes-benz gls it’s an amg 63. and frankly personally myself i’ve had a love affair with the mercedes-benz xgl now gls since

The very beginning in fact i’m celebrating 15 years of loving this suv uh it’s actually been a player in my life on a couple of occasions interestingly enough um so i’ve always had a soft spot for it and when the opportunity to test drive an amg 63 version of it i had to jump at the occasion but the funny thing is i realized something now after spending six

Days almost with the 63 is that when you go all out with an suv like this you’re doing it wrong the idea behind a full-size three-row mastodon is luxury comfort and refinement so what i’m essentially saying is that yes i will talk to you about the gls 63 but this isn’t the version to get if you want that costing comforting luxurious premium feel go for 580. at

Least that’s what i would do and in the process you get to save about 35 000 uh but let’s not kid ourselves right having 600 horsepower underfoot in a vehicle that weighs this much and is this big does kind of get to your head once in a while anyhow we’re going to do the usual little walker actually it’s going to be a big walk around this time and then we’ll

Take it for a spin because well if you’re going to go amg63 it’s the drive portion that really really matters if you’re to select this one out of the gls family well let’s just jump right into styling i mean the mercedes benz gls as a whole looks fantastic i love how you know it still looks massively powerful and and strong and muscular but still elegant and

Almost subdued in some respects and this even applies to this gls 63 from amg uh i have to say however that just so you know this is the third generation of the gls which was introduced for the 2020 model years it’s barely even two years old if i had to pick one first generation came out in 06 407 i believe and the second one came out in 13. um it’s actually

The second generation that i like the most because it’s still it’s kind of a blend between what you know smooth lines and boxy squared out and angles spread out lines and angles and boxy stuff that well essentially comes from the g g-wagon the initial inspiration behind well any ben’s suv for that matter uh but yeah this is still a really really handsome truck no

Matter which way you look at it let’s just jump into pricing now in the u.s base truck the 450 is 76 thousand dollars the 580 is 98 850 and the 63 is 132 100 in canada a little bit different a hundred and one thousand nine hundred dollars for the base 450. part of that is explained by the fact that our base 450 has more equipment in canada than in the us the

580 is 125 900 twin turbocharged v8 still and this one is 160 900 um it would be silly to go through any well all of the standard features on this thing in the video would be three days long but suffice it to say that everything is included i mean mbux is there twin 12.3 inch displays apple carplay android auto wireless charging uh the 22 inch wheels you

See here which are phenomenal and not even the prettiest ones there’s a hint here too it’s got the air suspension which is currently set at the higher setting just for fun why not you also get a massively powerful v8 big brakes and on and on and on so essentially like i said it’s all there and and to further support that my tester which would typically have you

Know a massive amount of options only has a few options in fact there are few options available for the gls 63. uh i do have the second row captain seats which i believe are a must it’s got the an unbelievable steering wheel which really kind of doesn’t fit this truck and it really messes with your mind i’ll show that to you in a moment the tech package for the

Heads-up display and the mbux interior assistant grand total 163 400 that’s it only a couple grand worth of options i know i’m shocked too all right so obviously power hatch soft closed doors everything is included in that uh what i do love about the power hatch is look at it go it really really moves all right so i don’t have all the details because bends

Won’t supply them as i suppose for interior trunk volume but behind the third row 355 liters which doesn’t look like less than half of what the grand wagoneer offers which is supposed to be about 800 so i believe eight uh i believe 355. now if you were to go behind the first row you’re looking at 2400 liters of boot space now behind the second row that’s a number

I don’t have but i’m going to guesstimate about 1400 liters of trunk space now if you compare that to the grand wagoneer just for fun 2 000 liters of trunk space behind the second round the grand wagoneer so you’re kind of starting to get an idea that the grand wagoneer is well the massive three row suv just for fun i love i just love this i think you kind

Of saw that okay so it’s still a big suv obviously so with the captain’s seats i mean kids have all the room they could possibly want admittedly though right here the second row is pushed all the way forward so that we can show and i could access the third row you do sit a little bit square so it isn’t totally uncomfortable but it’s not exactly an area an adult

Would want to spend too much time in again the grand wagoneer has a lot more room back there but still i mean the captain’s seats are superb these are comfortable they are yes power operated and heated that’s right go go go yes look as always this is a mercedes-benz so there’s the quality the fit finish the stitching the details everything is just beautiful this

Burmester burmeister whatever audio system is standard there is an optional super duper mega version of that too which this one doesn’t have and what i do like kind of it’s the plastic it actually looks cheapish but it the texture is nicer than what it looks like it’s it’s kind of cool i like that all right this is a good shot oh for some reason i just remembered amg

Exhaust on this thing obviously the tailpipes you if you scroll back you’ll see them anyway uh two times a 12.3 inch display merged into one it looks fantastic let’s just slide a but oh well here are the seats almost skipped over that the bolstering is massive i mean i can stick my almost my entire hand in there they will hold you in place while the truck tries

To keep everything in place too um all right so let’s start her up unfortunately because the gls is warm we won’t hear a cold start uh but oh i suppose while we’re down here uh so your drive modes are right here all right so individual i have it set obviously slippery trail sand oh go back in the opposite direction comfort and sport sport plus in my book image

Of individual is always the best i’ll talk to you about that in a few moments again uh navigation obviously is included these are the important buttons yes the transmission esp i think i mentioned the suspension was in the higher settings so you have the high in the medium and the low and the dampers and there’s the performance exhaust and yes it is on because

That’s the way it’s supposed to be um the interior assistant actually almost works because i haven’t created a profile and i’m not connected to anything so it’s not responding to my questions but even so i know it works well because i’ve tried it in other vehicles what i do like is that you do have the touch screen feature and you can always tango with the system

Via the pad there love the gauges they’re just beautiful the layout is superb and here you can see the head-up display which i love this configuration with the tachometer just a quick word invisibility i mean the truck is big you’re up high but you know the blind spots on the ends of the a-pillars are huge not quite as big as the grand wagon here but still pretty

Huge i don’t know if this is gonna work i’m gonna try but this is that steering wheel which looks like it’s lifted right out of a cla 45 amg which is kind of nuts it messes at least with my mind when i’m driving this thing anyhow so let’s let’s just go right ahead and do that now it’s a missed opportunity on behalf of stellantis for the grand wagoneer at least

In my opinion but hey two inches on um i think i think i can jump right into what i think is one of the principal reasons why anyone buys or releases a full-size premium luxury suv and that is comfort refinement i went through the whole gambit of adjectives to describe you know what these trucks are supposed to be and it’s the coincidence is fantastic that

I had this truck and the grand wagoneer at the same time because it did put a lot of things into perspective i mean nothing nothing will shine a light on disparities or differences more than a direct one-to-one comparison the the gls is extremely comfortable ultra smooth i mean with the amg active ride control and the adaptive dampers the air suspension and

All that the ride quality is really really good i mean only over the sharpest surfaces do you feel something filter into the cabin and up your button up your spine and even through the steering wheel on occasion um but however good that is and i’m in comfort mode by the way i just reset it i went back into comfort mode uh the grand wagoneer is i think just a

Little bit smoother and a little bit more isolated or insulated from the world and the road but even so i mean we’re talking you know this is where everybody all these trucks are pretty much including the escalade the yukon the navigator uh the x7 from bmw and all that um i guess i’ll just jump into the steering wheel right now um because this wheel i i although

I am sitting high i do get the impression that i’m driving something so much smaller and and somehow this is working with my small brain where when i tug at the wheel the massive gls which is like 5.25 meters long or about 20 centimeters shorter than a grand wagoneer by the way um it responds really quickly and the truck feels like it’s far more agile than its

Size would indicate it’s i think it’s unbelievable and when i got into the grand wagoneer it wasn’t exactly like that um yeah the steering wheel is like out of a cla amg cla45 it’s it’s completely insane the steering feels nice i mean they’re you know it weights the weight builds up gradually it’s not entirely sporty and i mean i know i’m not driving very fast

Right now even in sport plus i mean yes it does weigh up but it’s not i i’m not quite comfortable saying that it’s very sporty anyhow but then you know the size of the truck this is a 6 000 pound or nearly truck at least my butt in it it goes over that mark but you would never really be able to tell given how still quiet it is i’m gonna go into my individual mode

Which i have the powertrain set or sorry the engine set the sport the transmission is in drive and i do have everything else in basic or comfort with the exception of the exhaust which is in powerful and well speaking of power look the 580 has the same twin turbocharged four liter v8 with eq eq boost uh ended produces uh oh geez 483 horsepower and 516 pound-feet

Of torque i don’t remember the exact number from zero to 100 kilometers per hour but it’s something along the lines of five and a half seconds at the absolute most and when you step into this beast well you know amg just tweaked the output of the v8 um it’s more complicated than that but anyhow to 603 horsepower and 627 pound-feet of torque from like 22-50 100

Rpm all the way up to 5 000 if i’m not mistaken which means that this massive truck will do zero to 100 kilometers per hour in only 4.2 seconds which is essentially breaking the laws of physics and then the truck will also tow up to 7 500 pounds so that’s a 2 300 pounds less than a grand wagoneer but at that point it doesn’t entirely matter i think look the

Bottom line is that this is a rocket the torque is just phenomenal and i mean amg can make a v8 and a four cylinder and even a v6 or a straight six for that matter sound unbelievably good uh but no but the v8 look it’s almost wrong it’s almost completely wrong traffic just comes flying at you in nanoseconds um well before i get arrested i’m gonna get off the

Highway uh look that that’s it but that extra power and and the brakes and all of that i which are fabulous obviously i get why it’s 35 000 more than the 580 but i can’t see really wanting to spend 35 000 more i’d rather get a few extra options such as you know special order those 23-inch mono block wheels for my 580. um thing is too is that there aren’t that

Many players in the well super super three row premium luxury suv segment and here one of my favorite you know semi-long curves it’s incredible how the amg ride the adaptive dampers and all that really keep the truck almost flat you can feel the rear end squat a little bit but the front end stays level even when you’re on the throttle a little earlier than you

Normally would in a vehicle like this what i was about to say is that with the exception of the xb7 which i hope to drive a little bit later this summer possibly early fall there aren’t many massive power players in the segment that may all change if stellantis puts a hellcat engine in the grand wagoneer which absolutely they should but if you want to play in that

Superpower rarefied air segment niche segment between this and the xb7 i don’t know they’re about equal in my mind if you want just a large suv and you want the comfort and the refinement i know the grand wagoneer came out of nowhere and pretty much picked up all the honors but the gls remains well first of all the favorite in canada in the segment and a very

Very close second choice depending on color options may be your first choice yeah it really is that that fickle a decision

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2021 Mercedes AMG GLS 63 Review By Motor Illustrated

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