2021 mercedes amg gls 63 brutal
Altair Club Cars 2021 Mercedes AMG GLS 63 – BRUTAL Sound Full Review Interior Exterior

2021 Mercedes AMG GLS 63 – BRUTAL Sound Full Review Interior Exterior

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Hello guys welcome to merge band’s king right now we are sitting in the largest mercedes amg the gls 63 and there is no 63s because this is already the top of the notch engine it produces 612 horsepower with a staggering 850 newton meters of torque so in this video i will show you the complete exterior interviewer and this can be seen as the s-class on

Stilts with the amg version so let’s have a look at the exterior first soft closing doors of course and as this is the largest suv of mercedes-benz it is almost as long as the s-class long-view base 5 meters and 23 centimeters only the g-class is a little bit higher this is around 1 meters 85 centimeters the g-plus is 1 meter and 90 centimeters so you

Probably have already seen my mybach gls video this is the gls 63 amg so i’m very curious what do you like better you have already this very large door in the rear if you open it you will see a very luxurious ambient lighting and a lot of space for the rear passengers it also has the infotainment system screens in the wear but the gls maiba of course is way

More luxurious soft closing doors of course so let me know guys which one do you prefer the gls 63 amg or the maybach with its gorgeous mercedes store in the front you can follow me on instagram the link is over there to communicate with me your preference and i will see your comment so let’s have a look here at the front because this panamericana grill

Is very permanent and it stands out there’s around 13 vertical sleds and the amg emblem on the side i love these very large bumpers with this chrome touch and these are the new headlights we also see in the new s-gloss almost the same design indicating that this is the largest and the king of the road beautiful multi-beam leds with nice blue lines inside

And furthermore this hood is very large this at the height of my hips and it has a large power dome with muscular lines actually this exterior collar is called the obsidian black and it doesn’t have the night package so no blacked out parts here in the front but let’s move over to the side of which the front beautiful connects and there you can notice

It is a very long and large vehicle these rims are massive amg 23 inch the front is 285 40 23 inch and in the rear we have an even larger wider wheel this is 325 35 23 inch amazing i love that this doesn’t have the night picket so you have the chrome parts around the window and it also has this wolf slider in chrome furthermore it has the v8 bi-turbo

4matic plus emblem and let’s ring on the side and this takes us over to the weir because here you can notice where the glb got its id from to have this c-pillar with a large angle and where you can really notice that this is the gls amg because of the very wide quattro exhaust tips also in chrome and here it says amg with gls63 lettering not the s because

As i mentioned this is already the top of the notch performance amg engine 612 horsepower it also has a very significant large diffuser with vertical lines and the toe bar underneath i love these round shaped tail lights very suv like so let’s have a look at what is in the trunk you can open it with the key the trunk button over here there’s also a button

Underneath this you can also open it with your foot and there you can see it has a third row and even though seven people can fit in this gls it still has a lot of trunk space you can also flip the third row back to position so i will push them as you can see they both flip down and in this way there is a maximum amount of storage space so let’s close the

Trunk with my foot and let’s check out the interviewer soft closing doors of course there it has a lovely invitation display of the gls 63 so i will press the button for the electronics to work amazing double digital screen both are around 12.3 inches i’ve got the key right here a glossy black with an amg emblem in the front you can also have it with the

Affordable emblem on the back side but let’s put it here at the cup holder section which can also be cooled and heated as it has a wireless charging pad for your phone so in the wall interior you have this amazing luxury quality stitching with the leather all around the dash and it has a headed display in front of you with a gap for the hologram and you

Can also change it by going to the settings for the header display and then changing the content into amg so this is the broadest the most supportive view just confirm by pressing back furthermore if you press the home button right here you also have your stealth and display so you can change the content in front of you into sport so more orange and red

Design but you can also go for super sport and this is truly a different style one more up to have a look at the settings but this is the normal one with the rpm right here so let’s put it back into the classic style because then you have all your normal gauges next to each other and of course on the right you can also have a look at the navigation in this

Circumstances the suspension formatic assistance and here’s your navigation part it has the seat adjustments you can adjust it in more than seven different ways including the headrest and the memory seats it also has the heated and cooling seats and you can also operate the seat in front of you on the passenger side and that is only for the mercedes-benz that

Has a lot of width so you can’t press the other side from here it has a lovely amg steering wheel with leather wrapped stitching and vertical lines flat bottom and over here you can change the driving characteristics of the gls63 so let’s put it into sport plus and i do recognize there is no race mode for the gls-63 because it is just too large and heavy so

Let’s listen to the sound first of all i will press the home button and just swipe to the right and yes this is a full touch screen and you will press the amg performance one to the right to engine you can also operate it with the touchpad down here so let’s listen to the sound i think the vehicle is a little bit nicer that sounds very robust aggressive

It sounds amazing very strong aggressive and robust and here you have your main functions for example phone navigation radio media the comforts of the ambient lighting and also the massage function amg performance view apps internet and this setting so at the settings you have your important assistance for example the lane keeping assist and steering

Assist headed display activation tow bar function covers function so then all the side mirrors will fold in the suspension will race you can also have this burmester high end so that you have another speaker over here and this will also change with the ambient lighting so guys where are you from let me know in the comment section below maybe from america

The continents of mexico south america or canada so let’s check out the rare seas amazing let’s close the door soft closing doors of course and here you have your infotainment system screens also in the rear and there’s just a lot of space check out my legroom 30 centimeters and this is amazing because the seat is in my driving position you have your air

Vents on the side burmese surround sound system with a heated seating option and you can even adjust the seats here and the rear including the headrest amazing two cupholders some storage for your papers you can also enter the trunk from this area and just looking above you have this very large panoramic roof in two parts and for your infotainment system

Screen you also have these original mercedes headphones they look amazing it has the thermometic air vents all zone climate control soft closing doors of course and the lovely mercedes star so let’s have a look at what is another bonnet of this massive gls 63 amg so this is a four liter v8 bi turbo produced by amg it has the one man one engine emblem on

The top it has 612 horsepower and a staggering 850 newton meters of torque and this gls is so heavy so it doesn’t set any records but we do see that this is a beast on stilts and guys thanks for watching merge bans kang i hope to like this video with the glass 63 amg and i hope to see you guys next time bye

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2021 Mercedes AMG GLS 63 – BRUTAL Sound Full Review Interior Exterior By MercBenzKing

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