2021 mercedes amg gle63 s coupe
Altair Club Cars 2021 Mercedes AMG GLE63 S COUPE Walkaround +SOUNDCHECK

2021 Mercedes AMG GLE63 S COUPE Walkaround +SOUNDCHECK

I AM BACK with the Mercedes Benz GLE63 S AMG Coupe on our YouTube Channel featuring a stunning paintwork in obsidian black metallic! 😍

Blacked out car blacked out key that’s the way we go how do you guys like it is it too big or still good stunning guys i love this rate this rear from one to ten let’s go something i don’t love about this car is again the plastic parts give this car a very cheap look which one would you take would you take the gle 63s or the 6×6 metal uh so hello guys i am

Back welcoming you all with this today i will be presenting you the brand new mercedes amg gle 63 s and as you can already see it is not a normal one here we have the beautiful poopy version as i already did a video about the 63 coupe a few weeks ago which was full white speck here we have a full blacked-out version looking very very sick so in today’s video i

Will be doing a walk around showing you all the exterior features afterwards jump inside for the gorgeous interior of that one and last but not least finish it all off with some sound check of this brutal amg so let me talk about this kind specific here we have the gle 63s coupe the 2021 version the latest one we have a v8 by turbo amg engine producing 612 brake

Horsepower and for the first time with the gle 63 s we have to start the generator support in the engine with 22 brake horsepower which makes it super powerful it does zero to 100 in less than 3.8 seconds which is super fast i hope i can drive this car soon let’s just start off with the front of this brutal car we’ll be just doing a quick walk around as we already

Did one with the white let’s do the starting with the front here we have the brutal jelly 63s front let’s start here with the headlights here we have the multibeam led headlights for the gle specific continuing with the front we have the beautiful so called panamericana grille 14 vertical stripes here with the amg emblem then we have the huge like huge 3d star

Emblem in the front behind this we have a lot of assistant packages hiding and something very cool which makes the star look even bigger is this chrome surrounding ring how do you guys like it is it too big or still good for the overall proportion and look continuing with the front we have the mercedes-benz front emblem and some beautiful power domes also on

The front bonnet giving this car very muscular touch here we have the front bumpers as we have the night package all the chrome parts are full finished in black which look super super cool i love this spec you see we have the intakes over here you can see the radiator we still have like plastic parts which i really don’t like plastic parts on such an expensive

Car it really destroys the overall look to be honest i hope amg finds an alternative for that as i always mentioned in my videos we have the beautiful jet wing design intake over here the blacked out front skirt and all the sensors so how do you guys like the front of this brutal car as you know the wheelbase of the coupe is six centimeters shorter which makes

It more agile driving and curves for example it’s also for the first time back then the coupe and the suv had the same wheelbase but now mercedes has developed their own wheelbase just for the coupe specific to make it more sportier and as you can already see we have some beautiful multi-spoke rims so let’s focus on these here we have the amg multi-spoke rims

Full finished in black we have the mercedes-benz star center lock looking very very cool these are 22 inches which looks super super small with this huge tires honestly these look so so small something i don’t like about the full blacked out look of this car is this ring around the rim itself i wish it was also finished in black to match the overall look we have

The amg engraved and the red brake calipers which come with the s model we have the v8 by turbo and 4matic plus badge also with the red details here looking very cool fitting with the brakes continuing you with the sides ah side mirror part has finished the plastic i don’t like it we have the entrance board here which is also optional as you can see it’s full

Finished in black as we have the night package tint on the rear windows the frames you also finished in black we have the keyless grow package that’s why we have the chrome on the door handles here we have the rims also 22 inches in the back looking very very small to be honest because this car looks so huge the tires are so huge which makes the 22 inch rims

Look very very small just to show you how big these are we have 325 35 there are 22 wheels in the in the back guys this is huge continuing with my main and most favorite feature about this car and it’s obviously the rear guys just look at this i am a huge coupe fan to be honest if you have the suv and the coupe especially of the gle i would always recommend

You guys to go for the coop version because it’s so much more sportier in its design and its look back then when i saw the first press pictures i wasn’t really a fan of the gle coupe especially the tail lights but now i love it guys like after some sort of time i got totally in love with this beautiful lights guys so talking about the lights let’s focus on the

Taillights we have these tail lights just for the coupe specific looking very thin and very very sharp design here i love these gt63s badge the mercedes-benz star the amg badge also on that side continuing with the diffuser you see we have it full finished and black as we have the night package looking very very cool even the exhaust tips are blacked out which

I love guys i love this something i don’t love about this car is again the plastic parts give this car a very cheap look but since we are still talking about an suv it might give this car more suv characteristics which i understand but still you pay so much money for this car i wish it was optional guys so you could choose between the plastic or the exterior

Paint or carbon look or something else as you see we have the exhaust tips here these are also updated ones you see we have the amg engraved in the inside full blacked out since we have the night package and the overall look of the rear is just stunning guys i love this how do you guys like it just leave a comment down below rate this rear from one to ten let’s

Go so before we step inside and focus on the interior of this beautiful car let me show you the key and here we have it guys it does fit so nice and well with this beautiful blacked out car blacked out key that’s the way we go black gloss the buttons the rest is finished in a matte looking satin finish amg also here on the back we don’t have the amg emblem

Unfortunately so let’s unlock the car and step inside this beautiful gle 63s but before we start with the main interior let’s focus on the door panels as you see very nice leather finish here for finished in black and we have the very nice looking brown finish with the black stitching looking very very cool also the carbon elements giving this car very sporty

Touch the bomb master sounds because these i guess are the stock ones because you get optional ones we also have the bowmaster sunspeakers on top over here which look very very nice before we step inside here as i already mentioned we have the step board the amg entrance board you see with the foil it’s fresh from the factory we have the amg floor mats here we

Have the hallman international covers since we are at the holman international showroom as you can already see just look at this we have a 6×6 right next to this car which one would you take would you take the gle 63s or the 6×6 well continuing here with the interior you see very nice and gorgeous looking thing here let’s just step inside and let me show you

More of this starting with the animation as always guys so essential here on my channel very very nice looking interior here you have instantly beautiful ambient lighting which is welcoming you nice atmosphere here with the beautiful displays here and the nice looking steering wheel let me just start the ignition we have the steering wheel buttons as well and

Let’s just start talking about the steering wheel here we see the very nice looking carbon fiber steering wheel which is optional we have the alcantara on the sides as well the beautiful steering wheel frame is finished in stock color amg engraved on the bottom we have the nice the most lovely thing about this is the airbag cover finished in leather i love this

If you go for gle 63s just go for that also we have the beautiful shift pedals here which look very nice the steering wheel buttons where you can change the driving modes from sand trail slippery individual comfort sports ball plus and since we have the s model obviously race so let’s keep it here in sport plus on left hand side as well you can change and play

Around with the esp the amg dynamics the exhaust the suspension and else which is very very cool you have everything instantly on your steering wheel you can control this display with these buttons also you have the cruise control settings over here you can control this display with these buttons you can also set the volume of the music or shot complete lead

Up you can start the voice control with the mbox and it’s very very easy to control we have the touchpad also here which is very cool for the code driver to be playing around with the dynamics you could also set from here the volume and else we have this space where you can put your phone in for the wireless charging the cup holders which you can cool freeze or

Heat up as you see with the changing colors it’s very cool i always use it on daily basis then we have the nice looking carbon fiber center console and now let’s focus on the seats you see for finished in leather very nice looking brown seats here like it’s full black leather trim brown stitching the brown inside with the alcantara dynamica the amg badge looking

Very very cool i love these something also very essential is panorama roof guys if you go and get yourself a car always go for the panorama roof you will never ever regret it also rear passenger seats finished in the same pattern as you see we also have the ambient light and the carbon fiber touches on the door panels as well and yes that’s it basically for the

Interior look how do you guys like it so now let’s start with the sound of this beautiful car i will be lowering the windows first the car is already set in sport plus which automatically opens the exhaust wells we have the amg performance exhaust mounted on that and now i’ll be trying to do an emotion start we hold one pedal and start the car up okay i will be

Pushing the button foot on the brake and pulling the up or down shift pedals it doesn’t matter nice now let’s listen to the v8 of this now let’s step outside to demonstrate to the sound of this brutal car let’s go so now it’s time to demonstrate you the sound of this brutal car and just before we start i have to tell you this car is still cold so don’t expect

A loud one if you want to hear the real sound of this check out my video in the info box below so let’s start with the sound check starting with sport plus now let’s go wow when i was inside and did the wraps there were no pops and bangs at all but now as you can clearly hear as the car gets more warm and the engine gets more ready to do some sound checks you

Instantly have the pops and bangs as well and the rumble sound of this v8 by turbo amg sound still amg managed to do a great job on that even while having hard times due to all the regulations and filters and else still they managed to get a nice sound by this car so how do you guys like the sound just leave your comments in the comment section below let’s finish

It off with one more sound check for you guys let’s go so that’s it basically for today’s video i hope you all enjoyed watching for me it’s also the first time to see glee 63s coupe and full blacked out spec and how do you guys like it would you rather take this or the white speck i had a few months earlier i’m still not sure but i think i would also go for the

Full blacked out version because it does look very very nice in full flash as a resume i have to say this car looks really nice and sounds very very cool big thanks at this point to hallman international for giving us the opportunity to film this car here at their showroom they have the most craziest cars on the entire earth guys if you are seriously interested

In getting one just contact them and get in touch for prizes or else they ship worldwide looking forward to see you all again wish you all a great day i will be back you

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2021 Mercedes AMG GLE63 S COUPE! Walkaround +SOUNDCHECK! By Mr. Benz

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