2021 mercedes amg gle 63 s coupe
Altair Club Cars 2021 Mercedes AMG GLE 63 S Coupe – BRUTAL Sound Full Review Interior Exterior

2021 Mercedes AMG GLE 63 S Coupe – BRUTAL Sound Full Review Interior Exterior

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Okay hello guys welcome to merge band’s king this is the all new 2021 mercedes amg gle 63s 4matic plus coupe and in this video i will show you the full exterior interviewer the quality inside and you will listen to the sound of this v8 biturbo producing over 612 horsepower let’s start with the key it is still sealed in plastic with the amg emblem in the

Front and gorgeous materials blacked out as an option which matches perfectly with the night package and before we continue make sure you follow me on instagram the link is down below and i have amazing content special for you about all new mercedes-benz vehicles and the most imposing part of this gle 63s copay is of course here in the front where you can really

Notice the aggressive amg design with its panamericana grill 14 vertical lines and amazing as i mentioned the blacked out parts for the night package massive front bumpers and in terms of technology it has the new multi-beam led headlights with a two line design matching the e-class family it has a laser light technology and it can reach up to 600 meters easily

The design strikes also here in the hood with very muscular lines and compared to the gle it is not only the visual coupe line that is different for the gle coupe but also the wheelbase it has been increased with six centimeters walking alongside the front you can notice a prominent imposing high hood and here from the side not only the copay line is gorgeous

But you can see that there is a difference in wheel size both are 22 inch but the front wheels are 285 40 22 inch and the rear ones are thicker 325 35 20 inch amazing with the red brake calipers and i really love this night package with the blacked out contours around the window the running board on the side and the height of this gle is also lowered compared

To the gle suv this is around 1 meters and 70 centimeters in height and moving over into the side of the rear you can notice these very muscular and broad shoulders with the rear wheel archer and here on the tailgate it has this spoiler matching the body color and of course the new tail lights with pointy edges for the gle and check out these quattro exhaust

Tips very square-like and it has these lines on the top indicating that this is the 63s the s is also in a beautiful black contour so now let’s have a look at what is under the trunk it opens all the way alongside the copay line and you can see that there is a lot of space the turn capacity is of course diminished because it is a coupe line but of course

Because it is a gle family it still has a lot of capacity around 650 liters have a look at what is under the lid some room for a spare tire you can also close this cover and open it so let’s press the button for the trunk to close and we will immediately have a look at what is inside let’s close the door soft closing of course and i will press the button for

The electronics to work and you can already see the gorgeous ambient lighting all around the interior including the center console part in a round shape i will just leave the key still sealed in plastic here are the cup holders and there you can see it has the heated and cooling option also a wireless charger for your phone so you can just leave your phone on

There and it will charge the complete interior consists of carbon fiber details glossy trim at the door part the dashboard and full leather stitching all around the interior this is the amg steering wheel with a flat bottom so i will put it on the sport plus with the dynamic select switcher on the steering wheel and it also has the exhaust button as well as

The suspension settings you can lower the vehicle and change the amg dynamics and let’s listen to the sound of this gle 63 s coupe in cold start foreign it has the newest mbux technology just before the s-class new update both screens are around 12.3 inches so very large you can press the home button and just swipe through the settings so let’s have a look

At the amg performance you can check out the vehicle status the g-force the engine data the newton meters of torque and also the kilowatt so performance and here you have your vehicle settings to control the assistance options this says quick access so here you have your quick buttons to illuminate or activate different options for example the head-up display

Which you have in front of you the toe function lane keeping assist and steering assist and also the car wash mode i will show you the navigation system screen because it is very large and you can show all the world and of course this is a european based vehicle as i’m sitting in right now so you will have the full access to the european map you can also zoom

Out and see the whole world but then you have to update for some more road features the seating position is great you are sitting higher above other vehicles and i can see it has the panoramic roof in just one part and each corner is lit up with the ambient lighting because it has the burmest surround sound high end option so over here and also on the sides

Of the panoramic roof let’s have a look at what is in the rear seats easy entrance let’s close it soft closing doors of course and you also have your heated option on the door side ambient lighting with the carbon fiber details it has the thermometric air vent control system also for the rear passengers and here some additional cup holders and you can also

Access the trunk by flipping this part forward gorgeous boom master surround sound stereos without further ado we will check out what is under the bonnet v8 by turbo emblem on the side let’s have a look amazing this is a v8 bi-turbo 4-liter engine producing over 612 horsepower and over 850 newton meters of torque amazing carbon fiber protection unit and it is

Built by one man so one man one engine emblem on the top so let’s close the bonnet and guys thanks for watching merge men’s king i hope you liked this video with the gle 63s copay 4matic plus and i will see you guys next time bye

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2021 Mercedes AMG GLE 63 S Coupe – BRUTAL Sound Full Review Interior Exterior By MercBenzKing

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