2021 mazda mx30 electric review
Altair Club Cars 2021 Mazda Mx30 Electric Review

2021 Mazda Mx30 Electric Review

2021 Mazda Mx30 Electric Review,

Hey guys alex here ag automotive and welcome back to another one and behind me today we’ve got the 2021 mazda mx 30 electric so this is the all-electric one so what do you guys reckon so all right now before we get into that i just want to do a shout out to gosford mazda who were nice enough to let me have a look at this one today and i’ll leave their

Contact details in the description as well right now i’ve done the hybrid version of this so i was interested to see how the electric one went so here we have as you can see you’ve got the mazda badge you’ve got this black grill and if you have a look at the grille it actually continues on to the lights quite an interesting design because normally it’ll finish

Just there so you’d think that yeah and you do get led headlights as well also you have your front parking sensors there as well and if you have a look closely there is a front camera there too so what do you guys reckon of the mx30 have you got one of these or the hybrid one let me know in the comments interested to know what everyone else thinks of this

So the wheels on the mx 30 are 19 inch wheels and they’re wrapped in bridge stone tyres and they’ve got a nice sort of futuristic design which i like and the electric version only comes in the astina model so you can’t get a base model in the electric so something else i wanted to show you is as you can see it’s a red i like the burgundy red car um have a

Look up here you’ve got black up here you’ve got silver here and then you’ve got red down there so that’s an option you can tick if you wanted to get one of these you can actually get it all red or red and black or you can have the three-tang color if you wish but just an interesting design i think that is and it’s nice sort of a bit more individual and as you

Can see the silver trim piece comes all the way down to the back as well so i i think it sort of looks quite nice it all right so we come around to the back you’ve got your mazda badge in the middle there mx 30 there and you’ve got the sky active for electronic and i like the uh how these lights are molded and done i’ve always been a big fan of the way that

Mazda looks all right guys let’s go and have a look inside all right guys just having a look inside the mx30 now i just wanted to show you this let’s have a look at how the door opens nearly 90 degrees that is very cool and that’s because of the back door here which we’ll have a look at a little bit later so dortrum wise you’ve got some soft material at the top

Some stitching you’ve got some brown leather with stitching there you do have your window and mirror switches and then further down you do have some pocket space down there as well all right so inside we’ve got partial leather and the rest is cloth trim all right guys jump in and have a look all right and we’re running we’re on guys look at that that’s really

Cool all right so start down here now there’s a few buttons down here we have obviously things like your traction control parking sensors you can adjust your camera there you do also have two driver settings for the seats as well as well as a little pouch there for something all right so steering wheel steering was quite nice you’ve got the audio controls

On that side on the left and the cruise control settings on the right all right so the dash now if you have a look at the dash there you’ve got your uh obviously your driving info there trip computer what not and then we come back to the big dial you can leave it on this one as well and it will have a digital display as you can see up the top all right so

The indicators you do have order headlights as well and you do have auto wipers there too you also have a plus and minus it looks like paddle shifters well they are but they’re not there depending on the regenerative you what you want in the uh in the battery so you can have regenerative one and two regenerative braking you do have the power or the start stop

Button should say have the infotainment system so pretty straightforward you have the entertainment one there so that gives you the what music you’re currently listening to communication you do have apple carplay and android auto as well as well as bluetooth you do also have navigation which is really easy to use all right further down and this is actually

Reasonably soft actually i don’t mind it a little bit of nice stitching along there and integrated vents further down here the the air conditioning controls right so i’ve just got this on now it’s just a basic single zone you’ve got heated steering wheel and heated seats which is again quite nice you got heated seats for passenger and driver as well further

Down you do have the gear selector to put it into reverse you’ve got to move it over that way and when you do put it into reverse the lines do move with the steering as well which is really nice as well as on that side so you can see the lines do move which is pretty cool so and you’ve got put it into drive there’s no sport mode obviously this is one speed uh

Which is yeah again interesting you do have the media control here you do have a volume knob which i really like you’ve got your hair electronic handbrake and auto hold there as well down here you’ve got twin cupholders even and if you want you can actually put a cover over them and this is like a chalk they’ve used like chalk to um to uh to put on there and

I think it’s it’s an interesting design you know i haven’t seen anyone else use it so again a little bit of pocket space there or you can put those back there and show the cup holders so again quite nice all right now we’ve got the glove box pretty big actually if you have a look it’s uh yeah a reasonable big glove box another thing i want to show you down

Here this is the soft padding that you get so you put your knee down there and if we go down here you do have a 220 volt plug ac plug and you’ve also got two usb slots down there as well as some storage space there again with the the cork so the armrest does move back and forward again quite a nice feature all right let’s go and have a look in the back all

Right guys just going to look in the back now you need the front door open to open the back so just this lever here opens it up and then you can see the door trim itself again quite a nice design you’ve got your seat belt built into it and a grab handle and a little bit of pocket space now in the back you do have your iso fixed spots you’ve got four of them

There and you also have again this stitching this sort of half stitching half um all right let’s jump in and have a look all righty now the good thing is there is some buttons on here if you want to get in the back uh so in the back here we have twin cup holders here again quite nice and soft for your arm and if you have a look i don’t have a huge amount of

Headroom there as you can see so it’s and if you have a look from this angle i reasonably spat reasonably good and all right like spacious in here i will say though if i was to move this back the legroom and foot room is legroom’s okay again my knees are nearly touching the my legs are nearly touching knees are nearly touching the seat and the leg room is

His foot room is okay you don’t get anything in the back with regards to usb ports and things like that you do have some pocket space on the passenger other than that guys that’s pretty much it all right let’s go and have a look in the boot and see what’s in the boot all right let’s have a look in the boot now if you have a look in the boot from back here you

Can see that it’s quite um an easy access boot if you have a look from the side there now you do have this for to cover prying eyes you do have the tether points there there and there as well as some tie downs there and there under here what do we got under here so there is an air compressor for pretty much tyre sealant in there and you do have a tow hook

There other than that that’s the sound system the amp for the sound system you don’t actually have or you don’t actually get a spare wheel if you have a look underneath there’s no spare wheel at all right guys let’s go and have a look what’s under the bonnet all right guys just let me look under the bonnet of the mx-30 so here we’ve got a 35.5 kilowatt hour

Lithium-ion battery pack and it produces 107 kilowatts of power and 271 newton meters of torque and that’s mated to a single speed reduction gear that drives through the front wheels all right guys let’s go for a drive all right guys it’s going to go for a little drive in the mx 30 to see what i think so first impressions when i get into the mx 30 is sort

Of very nice upmarket mazda futuristic it feels quite nice it doesn’t um feel cheap it feels like it’s very good quality and mazda makes some really good quality cars so vision out the front vision at the front is really really good you can see you know in front of you and towards the passenger now the rear vision mirror does get in my way a little bit and

Speaking of the rear vision it’s you know what it’s a little bit smaller we’ll be honest yeah i think it could be a little bit bigger uh yeah it’s it’s okay but yeah i think a little bit smaller so so the vision out the sides guys visually out the sides of the front windows is great a vision out the back not so much so the pillars built into the back door

So it does make it a little bit harder to see out the corners of the car so steering guys steering’s a little bit on the heavier side i’m finding it’s just that’s just my take on it but still easy enough to steer around town so how’s the electric motors go in the uh mx-30 well let’s find out it’s uh just yeah i it blows me away these electric cars it really

Does they um there’s no noise i’m uh i’d love one of these cars yeah that’s right that’s brazen what’s reasonably nippy for a town car yeah so yeah guys i’m look i’m pretty impressed with the mx30 i think it’s quite a a nice car to have the back seats probably it’ll be some it’ll be better for probably two people a two-person car but if you wanted to like

I’ve sat in the back but with the seats sort of forward so i think if the seat was right back i’d struggle to sit in the back other than that guys that’s um pretty much it so yeah and this is the estena model so it’s got all the bells and whistles all the safety features that mazda’s have if you’re interested in something like this go and see gosford mazda and

Let them know that alex from ag automotive sent you and yeah they’ll look after you so on that note guys thanks for watching and don’t forget to like and subscribe if you enjoyed the video and i will see you on the next one all right thanks guys

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2021 Mazda Mx30 Electric Review By AG AUTOMOTIVE

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