2021 mazda mx 5 rf acceleration
Altair Club Cars 2021 Mazda MX-5 RF | Acceleration & Thoughts | POV | Catching Cars

2021 Mazda MX-5 RF | Acceleration & Thoughts | POV | Catching Cars

Sorry For the late upload! I sadly did not have a Laptop for the past couple of weeks But Catching Cars is Back… Enjoy the video!

How’s it going ladies and gentlemen welcome to catching cars my name is isaiah and this right here is the key to our test vehicle today thanks to mazda we have this 2021 mazda mx-5 or mazda miata as a press vehicle today this is the rf version of course we’re going to go ahead and take this out on the autobahn see how it goes and i’m going to come back and tell

You guys what i think let me tell you now really really love this car so before we get going be sure to subscribe and i will see you guys on the autobahn we are on the autobahn now with the 2021 mazda mx-5 rf we’re going to go ahead and launch it and then of course i want to tell you guys what i think so my impressions on the mazda mx-5 or mazda miata as it’s

Also known let me just start off by saying that this is the most fun vehicle i have driven this year this thing is so insane um i just got this thing today and i went straight ahead and drove it i think didn’t think i was going to like it as much as i do i recently had the audi tt as well which is kind of comparable to this i mean the audi tt is a bit more

Expensive but i guess they’re kind of comparable for what kind of vehicle they are and i didn’t think i was going to like this more than the audi tt but i actually do it’s not as fast in a straight line especially because we have a six speed manual the audi tt had that great seven speed dsg you know um but this six-speed manual is such a joy i’ve never shifted

Or never had a manual transmission that felt better than this one this is insane the only negative i do have would be with the manual transmission of course you have the gear lever and you can you know if you shift it aggressively you can twist this you know the knob here which is of course unfortunate but that’s just a really really minor negative about this

Vehicle um and that lane keeping assist noise is very annoying i was kind of scared there for what that was but either way this is the best vehicle i’ve driven this year um not the fastest in a straight line but it doesn’t feel slow uh with its rate around 180 horsepower it does not feel slow as i said on paper it may look underpowered you can get a standard

Mustang gt you know with 450 horsepower nowadays for almost the same price maybe a bit more expensive than this and this doesn’t even have 200 horsepower but you can rev it up it feels quick enough to have some fun and such a joy such a joy you definitely have to drive one of these um and it does lean in corners a bit more than i expected also the steering is a

Bit lighter than i expected um but due to it leaning in corners it’s not super planted it just adds to the excitement and you can also have the rear end step out there if you turn traction control off and you provoke it a bit such a joy so we’re gonna go ahead and end the video there make sure you check out one of these mx-5s be sure to subscribe to the channel

And i will see you guys in the next video you

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2021 Mazda MX-5 RF | Acceleration & Thoughts | POV | Catching Cars By Catching Cars

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