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Altair Club Cars 2021 Mazda MX-30 Review – Mazdas first EV but is the range enough? Interior/test drive

2021 Mazda MX-30 Review – Mazdas first EV but is the range enough? Interior/test drive

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Thank you very much to Mazda for letting me join them on their launch of the Mazda MX-30. From the outside I wasn’t fully sold but after sitting in the MX-30 I think it’s a strong contender to take on the Mini and the Honda!

This is the mazda mx-30 mazda’s first all-electric car now let’s start by addressing the elephant in the room it has 124 miles from a full electric range but wait wait wait wait right before you click away please just bear with me because it might only have 124 miles of range but if you’re into climate change and you want to make sure you’re saving the planet

Then it has some really interesting reason behind why they’ve opted for a smaller battery if this is the first time that you’re seeing my youtube channel and you like new car reviews then please don’t forget to go ahead and hit the subscribe button right let’s get into it mazda have done their research and found that most of their customers are driving less than

30 miles a day not only that but producing the big lithium-ion batteries means making an ev produces more co2 than making a combustion engine car due to the belief that the environmental impact of an ev should be measured across its whole life cycle is why they’ve opted for a smaller battery still not convinced just yet the low price of the entry level mx30 the

Fact that it’s got tons of equipment on offer and the fact that it has that smaller battery which makes it lighter and likely to handle better than a lot of evs these could all be reasons to consider the new mx30 let’s take a look at everything else the mazda mx30 is actually bigger in person than i was expecting in photographs it looks quite compact but in

Person it’s much more suv like the styling is refreshingly simple and clean up front the grille stretches the width of the car with led headlights on either end and a piece of plastic trim overhanging it that flows into the leading edge of the bonnet and the car’s roof has a contrast finish that makes the mx30 look more planted on the road mazda has opted for

A set of suicide doors like you find on the bmw i3 which makes getting into the rear a lot simpler the only negative is you can’t open the rear doors without opening the front the layout of them doors make it really easy for getting in and out of the mazda once you’re in it does feel slightly compact you’re not going to want to carry passengers for too long in

The back here but then again with a battery capacity of 124 miles it’s not likely that you want to buy this car to be doing a lot of long journeys anyway in the rear it can feel slightly dark thanks to the dark headlining and the fact that the rear windows are quite small and they don’t open but overall for smaller people i think they’ll be more than happy in the

Back here the mazda’s boot is reasonably well sized it’s 366 liters which is on par with the ford focus the only problem is is it has the power train underneath so it’s reasonably shallow there’s no drop down boot floor and unfortunately there isn’t anywhere to put your cables one advantage of the mazda’s smaller battery size is the fact that it has quite quick

Charging times so if you find an electric four core like this one you can charge the mazda from 10 to 80 in just 30 minutes if you charge it from your at-home wall box then that’s going to take you around 6 hours but still a reasonable amount of time from launch and for a limited time all mazda mx30s are actually going to be offered with a free at-home wallbox

Fitting so if you want to take advantage of that then you’ll need to be quick standard equipment on all mx30s includes led headlights with daytime running lights reversing camera master radar cruise control sat nav and a head-up display if you like the interior of the bmw i3 then you’re probably going to dig the interior on the mazda mx30 in the same way they’ve

Used a lot of recycled and sustainable materials plus a lot of them are vegan you’ll actually find plastic bottles on the doors and there’s cork down the middle now when i first heard about all these recycled materials i was a bit uh because i don’t actually like the interior of the i3 i think they’ve got it really wrong in places but actually mazda is a really

Nice mix of these the seats might be recycled and vegan but they’re still really comfortable and not as thin as you’ll find on the i3 and then you’ve got the steering wheel it’s in really soft vegan leather but you’ll also find that it has some really high quality touches of chrome which just elevate it a little bit further my favorite part about the cabin of

The mx30 has got to be this floating center console it really looks high quality and futuristic i was also worried about the use of cork but actually it ties in really nice with the rest of the interior now there is a reason behind this cork and that’s because it harks back to the history of mazda they actually first started out as a cork production inside the

Mx30 you can find three digital screens the main screen contains your sat nav and can be controlled with a rotary dial behind the gear stick the second screen houses the climate control and comprises of a touchscreen and physical buttons it’s great to have the choice between the two the last screen is your digital instrument cluster and can be customized to show

Various different driving functions like speed cruise control and your battery capacity a lot of the mx30s also get electrical seat adjustments which if you’re coming out of a petrol car you might be thinking no biggie but actually electric seat adjustments are quite rare on electric cars and i’ve noted a couple of times before when you’re spending close to

Thirty 000 pounds using a manual seat adjustment can feel a little bit cheap so it’s nice to see some electrical adjustments so the lovely tony from mazda has just gone through my five step of regenerative braking so what i’m gonna do is i’m gonna go ahead and do that now um so you guys can kind of see how that works because otherwise i might forget um but yeah

So there’s five differences and we’re just gonna go through and do that now so we’re gonna go ahead and put the car in drive and then of course you’ll see the ready come up and then what we’re actually going to do is we’re going to use the paddle shifts on the steering wheel to bring the regenerative braking up and down so at the moment it’s in drive and that is

Your essentially neutral and kind of regenerative braking okay so what’s that regenerative braking like on the road so we’re going to give it a bit of a test what i’m going to do is i’ve got it in the maximum braking setting and i’m going to come off of the accelerator now and as you can see unlike the nissan leaf that would have stopped you by then but actually

With the mazda it’s a little bit less kind of aggressive which is going to be better for a lot of people it’s still good to have the kind of five different steps that you can change it from but i do need to be wary that it’s not going to bring you to a complete hole the mx-30s front mounted motor sends 143 brake horsepower to the front wheels and is paired together

With 199 pound-feet of torque now the mx-30 like every other electric car does have instant power however it is one of the slower evs with a naught to 62 time of 9.7 seconds which is quite tepid for an ev fortunately that’s where the criticism of the drive of the mx-30 actually ends in almost every other aspect the mx30 drives really well the car’s comparatively

Small underfloor batteries result in a curb weight of 1 645 kilograms relatively light for an ev of this size the mazda mx-30 constantly feels relatively nimble and dynamic to drive sure you’re not going to mistake it for an mx-5 but it’s definitely amongst the more dynamically sharper of electric suvs being so settled also helps its cornering stability even on

Bumpy roads you can trust that it’s not going to slip mid-bend and the nicely judged steering is light yet accurate and easy to gauge even on a dual carriageway wind and tire noise is kept to a minimum however there is some sound coming from the mazda mx-30 and that’s a synthetic audio that they play through the speakers which sounds a tiny bit like a small petrol

Engine now if you’re stepping out of a petrol car to an electric for the first time this is actually quite comforting visibility out of the front is okay however that does become slightly impaired when you’re looking out of the rear because of the sloping roof line the rear window is actually quite small as you can see however all models come with parking sensors

And if you step up to the gt sport trim then you do also get a 360 camera all in all the mx30 isn’t actually a big car so parking it is actually quite a doddle it is a little bit too early to know for certain but the mazda mx30 is predicted to be one of the slowest depreciating evs even ahead of the honda e now that’s great news for everyone but specifically for

Finance buyers because that means that the monthly payments on the mazda mx-30 are likely to be low the headline price of the base model mx-30sel lux is just under 26 000 pounds including the 3 000 pound government grant which is a great price and undercuts many rivals the mini electric was slammed for its battery capacity and i have a feeling that the mx30 is

Going to be up against the same kind of naysayers but just like the mini i think the mazda is going to find itself with some loyal following it’s a great looking car with some real high quality interior tons of technology and just enough practical battery as long as you don’t need to go too far so what’s your opinions on the new mazda mx30 please let me know in

The comments below and don’t be too mean on that range if you’ve liked this video please go ahead and give it a massive thumbs up and if you want to see more videos like this then make sure you hit that subscribe button thank you so much for watching and until next time bye can’t get enough

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