2021 mazda cx 30 review
Altair Club Cars 2021 Mazda CX-30 Review

2021 Mazda CX-30 Review

Now this is the all-new 2021 mazda cx-30 yes samaza’s latest small suv crossover which wedges itself somehow some way between their cx-3 subcompact suv and the compact suv that is the cx-5 now before i give you an idea of pricing and features and all that i’m going to try and describe to you physically how it lines up with a few of its stablemates okay so

Lengthwise overall it’s about 12 inches longer than the cx-30 so not quite five inches however it is two centimeters lower height wise than the cx-30 or about an inch now the most important difference that you have to keep in mind with the cx-30 is that it is are you ready 27 centimeters almost 28 centimeters wider that is like 11 inches wider than the cx-30

In fact it’s only a few millimeters off from the mazda 3 sport that’s the three sport they were getting somewhere okay so base price in canada for the 2021 cx-30 gx is twenty four thousand five hundred and fifty dollars i’m gonna take care of that model right away it comes with a two liter engine it is front wheel drive only and serves only only for a lower

Price point in canada it does include an 8.8 inch screen led headlights apple carplay android auto keyless entry blend spot monitoring and a whole bunch of other stuff so it’s fairly well equipped in the us the base price is 21 900 but the difference is their base model includes the 2.5 liter four-cylinder engine also front wheel drive so back to canada the

Gs and the gt have the 2.5 liter engine as standard now the model you’re looking at right now is in fact ags with all-wheel drive and the premium package so or luxury package sorry uh so it starts at 27 350 bucks so plus 1500 for the i-active all-wheel drive so we’re at 28 550. the luxury package is includes a sunroof a leather interior power driver seat and a

Few other things so the grand total is 31 200 okay so many things so few things anyway styling wise uh it’s it’s very simple i mean this is one of the most attractive small suvs on the road today which pretty much echo what i may have said about the mazda 3 sport as being one of the most attractive compact cars available on the road today there isn’t much else

To say as far as the outside is concerned i mean i’ve been around a few times it is i love the combination long hood very short overhang in the back it’s a very muscular yet simple stance a lot of cladding which somehow really works on this vehicle and the wheel gaps look at the gaps between the tires and the flares it’s just completely nuts okay now let’s do

The usual tour so right you remember it’s a lot longer and it’s wider too but the trunk isn’t that much bigger so this thing has about 572 liters of boot space versus the cx-3’s 504 liters of trunk space so this is not where people win space wise when they purchase the cx-30 but still fairly accessible not really any storage under the floor but you know it’s

Still usable okay in the back now this is where the differences lie and a number of other differences i don’t know if you’ll see it better in the front but yeah so getting in and out is actually fairly easy the seating position is quite high and there is that beautiful dash and the sunlight is really not working in my favor but that’s my driving position look

At the leg room that’s about four times more space than you get in the cx-3 it’s kinda nuts width-wise you can’t fit three across compared to the cx-3 for example headroom isn’t too too bad and if you are an adult you can actually see out the window now the small side window back there is kind of useless but you can see i did not install my kids seats in this

Because it’s still very claustrophobia inducing if you will because look still how high the sight lines are or the belt line is where the greenhouse begins and if there’s a child seats in there they won’t be able to see out the window all right so let’s hope we can see this can you see this yes you can oh you see that huh now this is mazda going premium plus it is

Beautiful materials textures a little bit of stitching beautiful stuff piano black finish very smooth flat buttons i love the way they they all line up it’s very very nice okay so if we step on board and starter up i like that a black start stop button usually they’re silver or gray or something like that that’s a nice touch let’s shut her down okay the gauge

Is very straightforward in fact if you take a quick glance around this is very much all mazda3 which is fine the biggest difference being that yeah you’re sitting a little bit lower or the chat the body of the cx-30 is a little bit higher now there’s your 8.8 inch screen which is controlled via the wheel and selector here uh storage is decent ish for your that

Is a mask cup holders the bin over here can you see look at that blue leatherette it is fantastic it’s supple so soft to the touch good storage there good storage bins there uh visibility wise it’s actually not that bad with one exception now my seating position is always the absolute lowest and when you get over here you have just enough you know visibility to

Do that tight left hand turn around a cement medium however that you know the base of the pillar with the speaker here it’s quite wide now what i mean about almost good visibility is that yeah remove my hand can i change that yeah so visibility through the rear is next to nil and if you do the shoulder check well there isn’t much to see either but now if you

Concentrate on the front everything you need to see and want to see is here fits finish again the materials the attention to detail the surfaces so beautiful so absolutely premium even the steering wheel looks like it could have come out of an amati remember that amati yes this never happened luxury brand when all the japanese brands are going luxury um lovely

Vents the way they’re lined up the hvac controls are fantastic so simple so elegant and luxurious looking anyhow that’s the inside outside tour of the 2021 mazda cx-30 and uh well i did mention mazda 3 and there’s a lot of mazda 3 and that might come up again we shall see okay so let’s let’s just continue with the parallel with the mazda3 it’s it’s it’s so

Obvious i mean essentially everything you don’t see in the cx-30 uh all the mechanical components that are identical or nearly to the mazda3 sport then i’m going to use the sport because i think it’s pretty um so that includes a 2.5 liter four-cylinder engine with 186 horsepower 186 pound-feet of torque now that’s the engine for the gs and the gt in canada the

Gx has the two liter with 155 horsepower of memory serves um same six-speed automatic transmission and i active all-wheel drive system essentially it’s a beefed up three sport all-wheel drive so i mean the question arises again i mean where does this thing fit within mazda’s lineup right i explain to you kind of size-wise dimensionally what you are looking at

When you look at this vehicle um the the other part of the answer well it’s simply that the mazda 3 itself the new one the current generation car as good and as fantastic and value-packed as it is hasn’t done as well as it should it should be a far more popular small car but the reality is that small cars just unless you’re civic a corolla there is very little

Room to grow in that segment so what do you do if your master i mean you’ve invested a lot of money and you know that small cars are not going to sell no matter how good you make them well you prepare an suv version how simple right you raise the right height by a few centimeters or a couple inches you add all kinds of plastic trim and cladding and you call it

An suv charge a little bit more money for it bob’s your uncle you’re all set it sounds stupid but that in fact is what the mazda cx-30 is it’s a mazda 3 cross sport i see they could have called it they should have called me so essentially all that boils down to the fact that this thing drives essentially like a mazda 3 sport but you do feel like you’re sitting

Higher up which is critical if you want anyone to consider your crossover or the vehicle you are trying to sell as a car manufacturer but despite being a little bit higher and in fact feeling like you’re sitting a little bit lower in the car so it’s an interesting mix very trendy mix at the moment um you get a car that is extremely predictably good at almost

Everything uh handling wise it’s fantastic i mean the platform on which this thing is built the mazda3 is built is extremely solid which allows mazda’s engineers to tune the chassis to do exactly what they wanted to do without having to compromise or compensate for a crappy sloppy platform obviously this is a mazda which means that okay so power is good right

The torque comes in at 4 000 rpm and it it feels well and alive it doesn’t feel as spirited or sprightly as the mazda3 does but then again this thing is a little bit heavier than the mazda 3 sport even with all-wheel drive by getting back to the chassis and in the suspensions tune yes this is definitely sportier than comfortable but again because the platform

Is so fantastic the dampers don’t have to be compromised so you get plenty of this is one of the worst roads in my area and although i’m shaking and moving and i’m not going very fast so i should be going into the ruts even deeper very very little uh interference well maybe except for that part right there essentially it’s comfortable and it handles beautifully

Steering is spot on mazda which means the on center you can feel it pick up almost immediately the electric assistance a very responsive amazing brake pedal feel immediate little to no travel when you get on it but you still get great feedback when you roll your foot onto it i just showed you acceleration acceleration is quite good there’s a sport drive mode

Which i haven’t really used it’s i mean it’s fun but it just holds gears a little bit longer and the 2.5 isn’t exactly the quietest or smoothest 4 cylinder engine you can buy so normal is just fine it’ll allow me to demonstrate again i mean it doesn’t look that exciting on screen and it isn’t exactly that exciting as i’m doing it point is it moves plenty well

Fuel economy well mazda has a little bit of a hard time when it comes with you know the fuel economy with all-wheel drive the 2.5 and the only transmission six-speed automatic uh i’m averaging nine liters per hundred kilometers which is just a hair above what you should get in the combined rating of uh i think it’s 8.7 or 8.6 give or take which works out to about

26 miles per gallon now for something this small-ish or affordable ish it’s not exactly great it should be much much closer to 30 miles per gallon or much lower down to you know not nowhere near above eight liters prime kilometers but i suppose that’s one of the compromises you have to expect when you trade you know performance and premium features and textures

And nicer stuff you get a heavier vehicle that well might consume a little bit more fuel i’m sure there are ways around that but that’s not the case for the 2021 cx-30 anyhow it is fantastic overall to drive as a family man yes i’m a man uh i don’t see it ever fitting my life in my driveway to haul around the family it’s a little bit too snug and visibility is

Not that great as i showed you for both adults and rear passengers um but maybe you know as an empty nester something like this might be interesting that’s it

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2021 Mazda CX-30 Review By Motor Illustrated

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