2021 lincoln navigator l reserve
Altair Club Cars 2021 Lincoln Navigator L Reserve

2021 Lincoln Navigator L Reserve

Mr zlvede this is lane richards uh your salesman here with bluebonnet lincoln i’m gonna do a quick walk around on this uh navigator for you here this is a 21-year model and it is the l so it’s an extended version um a few details on this one it’s four wheel drive it’s got a max tow package uh and it is a reserve so you’re gonna have all the bells and whistles um

I’m not sure how familiar you are with the uh navigator but i try to hit on a little bit of everything you’ve got your 360 degree cameras which gives you your sensors all the way around the vehicle led lighting you’ve also got your power running boards your 22 inch wheels right here we’ll check the mileage in a minute but you’ve got intelligent access where you

Can enter the vehicle on all four door handles um on the inside here you’ve got several adjustments for your seat these are heated and ventilated with the massaging feature for the front uh driver and the passenger your second row does have the captain’s chairs and they are heated which is nice for your passengers you got the big touch screen up here you do have

The wireless charging pad in the center right there big led display back behind the steering wheel this one also has the active park assist auto hold feature which is kind of neat and then you do have your adaptive steering lane centering uh all the safety features like pre-collision blind spot in the mirrors uh pedestrian detection uh things like that but if you

Notice there’s your knob for your pro trailer backup and the brake controller down there so the vehicle will actually help you reverse the trailer when you save the trailer to the vehicle it’s kind of a cool feature or you can do it hands-free um same with the park assist it’ll actually steer you in and out of a parallel parking spot this one is certified and with

A low mileage being a 21-year model it does give you certification up to 100 000 miles which is nice 200-point inspection you get two keys um we’ve got a vehicle history report on it that i’m going to send over to you shortly i’m like you requested but here’s your oh here’s your center row right here with your captain’s chairs you can recline these and also send

Them forward to be able to climb in and out of the third row a little bit easier and then you notice your buttons over on the side there you can recline the the third row a little bit further which is nice you have vince up top for the third row vents up top for the second row beside your panoramic sunroof right there which does have a power shade you can close

Which is nice there’s your heated seats in the second row you can also control the media you have an inverter some cup holders 12 volt but you do have uh climate control for three zones you’ve got your driver’s side your passenger side up front and then the third zone is for the middle row and the back row so you can actually have three different temperatures going

Which is nice okay um beside that of course both roads will fold down for tons of storage but you have some cup holders in the back looks like you’ve got three two on this side one on the passenger side a usb a usb port on either side for your passengers in the third row and then up front you’ve got several down here as well as some storage right here and then

You notice the speakers on the door you do have the revel audio system which is just incredible you can actually get in here and go through a sound experience with that rebel audio system which is really neat um and we’ll we’ll do that if you make a trip down and get to show you in person um then again there’s your power boards it does have the crossbars and then

Moving to the back uh the cover for the hitch is inside the vehicle here i’ll show you in a minute but that gives you an idea what you get with the tow package um you’ve got the 4-way your 7-way and then with the plug you’ve got the little flat one let’s see and then you have the glass which is nice for pets i’m not sure if you have animals but it’s kind of colder

Go to the lake open that up uh the liftgate is hands-free you can remote it or control it from the fob if you have the fob you can use your leg to open and close it here’s your buttons for the power folding feature for both both rows right there there’s your cover for the hitch back here and this one also has cargo management system so you can fold this up

And lock it in to give you some extra storage then you have some down below or you can use it as a divider and then you also have some extra storage it’ll definitely be cleaned up needs a good bath but again you’ve got the led light in the back as well as the brake light that wraps all the way across coast to coast very nice feature here’s your blind spot icon

It lights up for you you also have your keypad and i would help you download lincoln way that way you can control the vehicle from your phone as far as starting and stopping it locking it unlocking it things like that but here’s your adjustments for for your seats and your memory settings there which you can actually save to your fob which is nice any time

Somebody adjusts your seats when you unlock your vehicle it goes right back which is a nice feature powerful mirrors automatic hiding headlamps so they’ll dim for you as you’re passing traffic you do have the heads-up display which is really nice feature i mean with the led screen here it will project your navigation as you’re going down the road so you don’t

Have to look away from the screen or the road i’m sorry which is really great you also have a garage door opener a little mirror there storage for some sunglasses some motion sensors so you don’t leave any passengers or animals behind and then up on your touch screen you have a bunch of different adjustments here you can set up your own personal profiles which

Is nice because it saves your points of interest so places you go radio stations that you listen to things like that ambient lighting so you can also change the color of the lighting underneath your feet hitting the door handles and cup holders and things like that here’s your charging pad got some cup holders over here spot for your cell phone up front um and

Then different drive modes so you can go through and change your different drive modes and then back up here just to run through very briefly let’s see here navigation should give you your peach to zoom you can also go 3d which is neat what else we’re missing here vehicle settings you have rain sensing windshield wipers which is another nice feature and then

You can go through and change up your settings back here on your touch screen as well but we could go through all that while you’re here you can change what you want to see in your heads-up display change what you want to see on your screen down here um look at your driver assistance change how your lane keeping system reacts uh all sorts of stuff uh the four

Wheel drive is nice because you do have the um four-wheel automatic so it leaves it in rear-wheel drive unless you slip and then it’ll automatically engage the four wheel drive which is nice for the life of the components and for fuel mileage you don’t waste the extra fuel mileage leaving it locked into four wheel drive um but also your mileage 8515 miles is

What’s currently on the uh odometer there and hopefully this gave you enough information um so that it’s worth the trip to come down because i’d love to show you some more of this stuff in person and go through some more of the bells and whistles here uh but if there’s anything else that you needed off the vehicle or questions you may have had that i didn’t hit

Uh feel free to just just send those over and i’ll i’ll address them for you thanks again

Transcribed from video
2021 Lincoln Navigator L Reserve By Lane Richards

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