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Altair Club Cars 2021 Lincoln Navigator L – Monochromatic Black with Ebony interior 21j3l03

2021 Lincoln Navigator L – Monochromatic Black with Ebony interior 21j3l03

Hey everyone i’m jason gillette here at hanson ford lincoln take a look at this beautiful black 2021 lincoln navigator in the l package this one has been outfitted with the monochromatic giving it blacked out wheels front grille and more it looks amazing let’s check it out so first of all underneath the hood of this it does have the 450 horsepower 3.5 liter twin

Turbo high output motor this is a very quick large suv that still gets amazing fuel economy and can tow you see these headlights up front these are beautiful automatic led headlights and fog lights and they have auto high beam to go with that then the vehicle does have an around view camera systems there’s a camera in the front grille under both mirrors and in the

Back it also has front park sensors if you get too close to something in the garage it’ll let you know as well it also has a forward collision system with semi-autonomous braking and pedestrian detection so it will break for you if it needs to saving lives and saving a little money on insurance which is really nice this has the lincoln lit uh upgrade as well so

Your front lincoln star as well as some other lighting effects on the vehicle and light up at night and make it look amazing you see these beautiful 22-inch monochromatic black wheels on the side they look amazing they look like they’re spinning even when they’re sitting still navigator is posted on the side of the vehicle it’s the only place you’ll see it posted

And they’ve done a great job with that these are an led lit signal light in the mirror they’re a power heated memory mirror power folding with blind spot integration in them as well then to get in or out of this vehicle you can just put your hands in here and it’ll unlock sent the heat from your hand you can press this and it’ll lock it or you can use the keypad on

The side here and put in your code you can also use this key fob with unlock lock remote start power liftgate and alarm or you can download the link and way app and do that anywhere in the world all from your cell phone and all for free with no subscription in the back you have nice tinted windows as soon as you unlock the vehicle the power running boards deploy

And let you in when we open it up you’ll see this has the beautiful ebony environment inside really nice job touches of wood grain inside if you see this little speaker with the r on it that’s because this has a rebel audio system some other company harman kardon did a great job on the audio on this then in the back here it has the upgraded center console which

You have places to put things control over the music cup holders spots underneath to throw things and these back seats are ultra comfortable plus they are heated in the back here you do have control over the power sun shade control so up top you’ll see you have a huge panoramic sunshade uh and power sunroof and then to go with that you have climate controls usb

And inverted power supply back here as well which is really nice this leather by the way is bridge of wear leather that is an upgraded leather from the highlands of scotland bridge aware has been doing leather for a long time and they do it better than anybody else coming to the back this is the l package with plenty of room in the back see that little sensor off

To the side that is a self park sensor this great big vehicle will park itself and even take itself out of the parking spot then in the back here you’ll see you’ve got park sensors on the back bumper to go over with that all-around camera system the front and back cameras do have a washer nozzle come out and even spray the camera off for you which is really nice

And then under the middle here is a hitch this vehicle is capable of towing quite a bit of weight it does have a power liftgate it also has a power glass release so you can open up the glass or the lift gate and i can do that with my foot or if i hit the key right here that’s going to open up for us you see how much room we have behind that third row just an amazing

Amount of space this also has the upgraded cargo management system meaning you can fold these up we can move this put it up now we have a shelf there which is really nice and a lot of places to uh organize all our cargo if we want the seats to go down we just hit these buttons here and the seats will powerful down for us and then we can even do the second row

Of seats and push that down now you have a huge amount of space in the back here you can take a look at that what a giant amount of cargo space let’s go to the front take a look at that for a second so we open up the driver’s door and i’ll show you some of the controls in the driver’s door here these are all your seat controls that’s right not down by the seat but

Up top and this is the upgraded perfect position seats with massage feature which is nice three different memory settings here in here we have our power locks power folding mirrors and our power windows and then you get a good look at those beautiful perfect position massaging memory seats again this bridge of where leather is something special on the dash here

Beautifully trimmed the automatic set and forget it headlights power liftgate button power adjustable pedals and then a power tilt and telescopic memory steering column on the edge of the signal light here if you press this button on or off that is for your lane departure system let’s climb up inside this and take a look so now we’re in the vehicle we just hit

The push button ignition that’s going to fire up for us the memory steering wheel changes over and you got this beautiful full digital display in here that’ll give you a digital speedometer and a lot of other readouts you can customize it to however you like if you look up top in the glass you’ll see we do have a heads up display which also displays our digital

Speedometer and a bunch of other information then on the steering wheel we have our volume controls we have our intelligent cruise control which is awesome it does slow down with the vehicle in front of you we have controls for our display up top including our heads up display and stereo controls then you have this nice big screen in the middle this infotainment

System gives you access to all sorts of information stereo and otherwise it also has wi-fi and it has apple carplay and android auto so you can mirror your smartphone this becomes your phone and you have spotify podcasts maps from your phone anything you want from your phone comes up on there now this vehicle does have a hard base gps which is really nice

Especially if you ever go through any mountain area with limited cell phone access you still have a map on board which is great and it has built-in wi-fi i told you about the all-around camera system if i press this button right here it’s going to show you all around the vehicle for cameras we can even see a front view camera or we can stitch all three cameras

Together and see a super wide camera view piano key shifters so these shifters are super convenient out of the way they also have literally the feel of a piano like a high-end piano it’s not just a button they did a great job in the r d and research on how that works then you have volume controls down below we have all our climate controls including our rear

Climate controls which we can press here and that’ll come up on the menu here which is nice and then we have our heated and air conditioned seat controls uh right here and i forgot to mention this bridge of wear leather steering wheel which feels so good is also heated that’s right feels like a warm cup of coffee first thing in the morning and the control for that

Is right here in our settings now i mentioned those massaging seats if i go ahead and press this button right here up on our display gives me our seat controls the massage comes on automatically or i can go to adjustment if i don’t want to massage and i can really contour just every facet of the seats i mean there’s lumbar controls everywhere we can control so

Much on these seats coming down here you do have this nice wood trim if we open this up you’ll see we’ve got a usb and usb-c can uh power supply as well as um wireless charger in here or the mac and just put your phone there and charge it close this up keep the phone out of sight open this up and you’ve got nice cup holders and more places to put things these

Couplers have lights in them and you can change the color of that uh pretty cool feature i’ll actually show you that in this display so if we cycle over and go to ambient lighting we can pick the color we want for the inside of our car which is awesome then down here we have an electronic parking brake auto off for the engine park sensors for front and back auto

Hold which will hold the vehicle at a red light if we want the self park will park for you and drive modes what are drive modes well if i spin this dial it’s going to bring us to a bunch of different modes summer for traction slippery deep conditions for snow and if i go the other direction with this knob we go into a normal drive conserve for better fuel economy

Or excite really wake up that twin turbo motor then in the middle section nice armrest here this does open up and you have more places to put things which is awesome up top a frameless which is pretty stylish electrochromatic auto dimming mirror controls for map lights controls for our big power sunroof we have a sunglasses holder and i love this a conversation

Mirror where i can talk to the people behind me garage door openers up top here again a beautiful interior in here the bridge of where the touches the obliques the wood trim the rebel audio system both the heads up display and the digital display what an amazing machine if you have any questions about this please let me know

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2021 Lincoln Navigator L – Monochromatic Black with Ebony interior 21j3l03 By Jason Gillett

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