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Altair Club Cars 2021 Lexus RC 350 F Sport: Start Up, Exhaust, Test Drive and Review

2021 Lexus RC 350 F Sport: Start Up, Exhaust, Test Drive and Review

👋 Today we check out the 2021 Lexus RC 350 F Sport! This is a luxurious coupe with some great features and room for four people!

What’s up guys and welcome back to the channel in today’s video i’m down at hendrick lexus north lake getting to check out the 2021 lexus rc 350 f sport with the blackline special edition package huge shout out to them for providing this car for me today make sure you guys check out their website that will be down in the description below this model here is finished

Off in sonic chrome and it has an msrp just over 57 000. let’s go ahead and start off today’s review by jumping up underneath the hood where you’ll find the three and a half liter v6 engine this is paired to the eight-speed automatic transmission and it pumps out 311 horsepower around 6600 rpm and 280 pound-feet of torque around 4 600 rpm this model here is rear-wheel

Drive it weighs in around 3 700 pounds it’ll do 0-60 in 5.8 seconds up to its top speed of 143 miles an hour and with a fuel capacity of 17.4 gallons you can expect to see around 20 miles per gallon in the city and 28 out on the highway this has a wheelbase of 107.5 inches its overall length is 185 it has a width of 72.4 a height of 54.9 inches and ground clearance

Measures in at 5.3 inches with all those specs out of the way now we can go ahead and jump into the exterior walk around on the rc 350f sport so the biggest change for 21 is a redesign of the headlight it still retains the triple beam leds they are just vertical now instead of horizontal so it gives it a much sleeker design within the housing and i love these drls

They have very crisp lines to them and it gives an aggressive look when you see this coming at you down the road there’s also really nice contoured lines surrounding the headlight housings just to give it a really nice look and then making our way to the grill we still have the hourglass shape design you can see the black chrome surrounding it and you’ll see more of

That trim throughout this model you can also see the lexus badge right in the center which also doubles as a forward-facing sensor so it’s really nice how they’ve incorporated that and it doesn’t break up the grille by placing it somewhere else really nice design touch to see you’ll also notice there’s plenty of cutouts in this front end to provide maximum cooling

To that engine along with some inlets on both sides it’s even in the lower section of the bumper as well you’ll also notice the parking sensors nicely integrated throughout this bumper along with parking sensors on both sides and then making our way up to the hood you’ll see there’s very clean lines that run down it and they flow nicely to the top points of the

Grille making our way to the side profile now i’m going to start off with these wheels they measure 19 by 8 up front and 19 by 9 in the rear they are finished off in black chrome so that trim piece you saw on the grille is a great accent to these wheels this model also features the f sport suspension and you’ll see the sport badge just behind the front tire moving

Our way to the side mirrors now you can see they have a two-tone design they’re finished off in the sonic chrome along with black and you can’t see a trim piece separating them just underneath the integrated turn signals up top this model also has a sunroof and then what i really love about the side profile on the rc 350 is all these crisp lines i’m going to start

With the lower side skirts you can see how they actually protrude away from the vehicle so it gives it a very aggressive line all of these lines flow nicely from the front end as you saw and you’ll even see the bumper line extends to the front wheel arch so that’s just a really nice touch to see and there’s a line that starts just behind the f sport badge it runs

Through the door handles all the way to the rear tail light you’ll also notice the window trim is blacked out as well and finishing up in the rear i’m gonna start up top with the third brake light you’ll see it runs across the entire length of the rear glass and it also has a really nice sloping design all the way to the trunk lid where you’ll see even more crisp

Lines running across the top and that’s even carried over to the led tail lights i love the square shape design that they have to them really flows well with the rest of this vehicle and they have a dark housing to them as well to match everything of course this has a backup camera with all the parking sensors even more lines in this lower section of the bumper

And then down below we have the dual exhaust now it’s time to go ahead and take a look at the interior on the rc 350f so with the vehicle locked and the key in my pocket all i have to do is grab on the door handle and it will automatically unlock now we can go ahead and take a look at this beautiful door panel where you’ll see black leather and white stitching

We have a really nice brushed trim piece running across the top and then just above that you’ll see the release handle along with the memory seating adjustments surrounding the windows and the side mirror adjustments you’ll see this really cool wood trim piece which is unique to the f sport lineup the grab handle is just behind that there’s a little bit of storage

Space in the lower section of the door and then we have one of these 17 speakers in this mark levinson audio sound system and then moving to the door sill you’ll see f sport along with lexus rc down on the floor mats and now we can take a look at these beautiful black leather seats you can see the white stitching running down the bolsters there’s solid leather

On the bolsters and then perforated leather running down the inserts these are heated and ventilated seats they have a very nice design to them and very supportive as well i love the aggressiveness to the bolsters on the sides and also down below and then at the side of the seat we have all the power adjustments and now once inside with my foot on the brake we

Can go ahead and start it up looking at the gauge cluster now you’ll see front and center is the attack over on the left side is the engine temperature along with your odometer on the right side is the fuel gauge and the clock and then also right in the center you can see the miles per hour along with what gear you’re in and then by using buttons on the right

Side of the steering wheel you can scroll through a lot of information so right now you can view whether you want to see the miles per hour or the kilometers per hour you can also scroll down and look at your current mpg along with your average you can also see your range as well you can see your gear position along with your tpms you can also change the look of

The gauge cluster by going through the different driving modes so currently we are in normal you can see how it changes with sport s it will change again for sport s plus and then we can also go into eco mode so it’s very nice to be able to see that and now making our way to the steering wheel you’ll see it’s covered in a combination of wood we have perforated

Leather and solid leather down at the bottom there’s also more stitching gives it a very nice design you can see this lower trim piece as well which matches nicely with the steering wheel mounted paddle shifters they have a really nice touch to them on the right side of the steering wheel you can see these controls i was using for that center screen you also have

A customizable button along with a back button we have the lane departure assist along with the distance pacing and then over on the left side we have volume and other controls for the radio along with bluetooth and voice commands and then making our way to the left side here you can see down below we have the odometer reset you also have your automatic headlights

Along with the blind spot monitor you can turn on and off the parking sensors and there’s the trunk release as well there’s one air vent above that and then making our way to the center we have the 10.3 inch display screen so you can control that using this pad down below you can see map and menu along with the back button and then you have this pad here that you

Can click on and also use your finger on like a mouse by clicking on menu this screen will appear where you can look at a lot of information in the lower section of the screen and you can scroll through that by using that mouse pad that i just showed so you can look at audio phone you have apps projection is how you can play apple carplay and android auto you can

Also go into setup and climate so you can use the mouse pad to go through this information if i want to turn the fan speed up i will just click on this bar here and then swipe my finger up and that will adjust the fan speed if i swipe down that will bring it all the way back down so there’s a lot of information that you can go through and then over on the right

Side you even have shortcuts to the navigation so if i click on that you can pull that up on the right side there if you’d like to and if i click on the map button down below that will bring it up in full screen if you’d like to see that and you can see just how far back it is there giving it a really nice look we have the engine start stop button and then moving

To the middle you’ll see two air vents along with a clock we have a small lcd screen just below that for the temperature controls so you can quickly adjust that you’ll also notice on both sides we have this bar here if you swipe on that you can easily adjust the dual zone climate and then we have the fan speed right in the center along with where you like the air

To go you’ll see a cd player right in the center along with power and volume for the radio there’s tuning on the right side very nice finish to these knobs on both sides just underneath that you’ll see the heated and ventilated seat controls for both driver and passenger over on the right side this style here is how is controlling the different driving modes you’ll

See right behind that there is a snow mode you can turn off traction control there’s also an auto hold brake assist and then making our way to the shifter now it’s finished off in leather if i put the vehicle into reverse you’ll see the backup camera up here with the guidelines they also move with the steering wheel as well which is really nice to see and then just

By touching on that mouse pad you can change the angle so you can see this view here or you can have this view here just to give you a little bit different of an angle if you need to use that we can also go all the way down into drive and then pop it over into manual mode which does allow you to use these steering wheel mounted paddle shifters you’ll see over on the

Right side there are two cupholders and then making our way to the center armrest it’s finished off in leather with more white stitching and you can see there’s a good amount of storage space along with some auxiliaries and a 12 volt and then making our way to the glove box now you’ll see more of that wood trim that we saw on the door panels which is really nice

To see if we push on this button here that will open up and that gives you a lot of space for all of the items you have to place there so we’ll go ahead and take one last look at these seats i really love the design to them you can see the stitching over on the bolsters there and then as i mentioned earlier this does have a sunroof so we can go ahead and open that

Up we have all those controls in the middle here along with the touch sensitive dome lights the rcf sport is a two-door four-seater vehicle so i’m gonna go ahead and hop into the back seats all you have to do in order to do that is pull on this latch on the backrest and the forward seat will automatically slide forward giving you plenty of space to go ahead and

Hop in and at five foot ten you can see my head is just up against the headliner here and with the front seat set at my height i have some room for my knees and i can put my feet up underneath the seat so these are functional back seats for full size adults if you need to use them or it’s great for extra storage space as well you can see there’s a small tray right

In the center here we have really nice leather on the armrest along with speakers as well and last up we’ll go ahead and take a look at the rear trunk storage space there’s a few different ways to do this i’m just going to use the button on the right side of the backup camera and this will automatically open up and you’ll see there’s a good amount of storage space

In here for a four-seater vehicle now the back seats do fold down they have a 60 40 split to them so if you need to utilize this for even more storage space you have the option to do that which is really nice to see and then with the back seats up if you have four people in here you can easily place all their items in the back you have a lot of storage space for

This kind of vehicle over on the right side you will see a first aid kit and then up underneath the floor you’ll see all the spare tire tools there’s also tie down hooks in this floor if you want to safely secure any more items and there’s also one grab handle up top making this very easy to close all right so getting the 2021 lexus rc 350f sport out on the road now

Let’s give it a little bit of gas here normal mode and we are up to the speed limit just like that it’s not a crazy loud vehicle it’s definitely very well insulated on the interior so if you’re looking for this as a daily driver it’s going to be very comfortable i can’t hear any wind noise or road noise there’s no tire noise or anything like that so it’s definitely

A great comfort vehicle if that’s what you’re looking for but at the same time you can also pop it over into sport s plus and you can feel that f-sport suspension tighten up just a little bit and you can also hear that engine noise some of the exhaust a little bit we’re gonna go ahead and downshift all the way to second gear here and giving it a little bit of gas

Now in sport s plus we are up to the speed limit it got a little bit louder so it’s really cool how even though this is really geared more towards the luxury and comfort you can still put it into sport s it has the suspension for it you can take this out on some back mountain roads if you’d like to and have some spirited driving fun in it so it’s really cool

How you have the best of both worlds there and then just moving on to this interior now as you’ve already seen in today’s video very nice materials running throughout i love the wood trim the leather these seats are incredibly comfortable i’ve put a few miles on this car so far and i love the side bolstering support even down by my thighs here they’re just very

Comfortable seats i could definitely see this being a great daily driver just because of these seats alone they are incredibly comfortable and they hug me super well but now that we’re at a stoplight here let’s go ahead and talk about the overall visibility it’s actually really easy to see looking over my left shoulder i love how you have that small glass there

And then same on your right side there okay we are hearing that exhaust a little bit more than previously so that definitely sounds good but like i said visibility really good to see in a vehicle like this the glass is super close to you so that is very easy and the turning radius is incredibly good in this let’s give it a little bit more gas this is definitely

Fun to drive i love the responsiveness of these paddles they’re in a great spot too finished off in a really nice design and i love how solid feeling they are so they’re definitely really nice paddles to be able to use and with that suspension just coming around to turn at a normal speed here it handles really well i’m very impressed with this vehicle i love the

Exterior design of it i love the interior design and just the general layout i love this screen how it’s kind of tucked away in there nicely and it’s hidden from the sun glare as well so we have the sun shining today and you can still see that screen which is really nice so i think that’s going to wrap it up for my walk around review and test drive behind the wheel

Of the 2021 lexus rc 350 f sport with the black line special edition package once again huge shout out to hendrick lexus north lake for providing this vehicle for me today make sure you guys check out their website that will be down in the description and if you enjoyed today’s video give it a huge thumbs up consider smashing that subscribe button if you want to

Stay up to date on our daily uploads and i’ll see you guys in the next video you

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