2021 kia seltos first drive revi
Altair Club Cars 2021 Kia Seltos first-drive review

2021 Kia Seltos first-drive review

The South Korean automaker may be growing its utility-vehicle lineup too much, but the new Seltos is a rugged little machine with a spacious, nicely designed interior. Even though it’s intended to squeeze between the Soul and Sportage, it should do well for itself.

Not that long ago kia’s were more like dairy products than they were other cars i mean they lasted about as long as a carton of unrefrigerated milk and once they started to stink it was time to toss them out but today the story could not be more different over the last 15 years or so this automotive brand has gone from curdled to incredible thanks to consistent

Improvement and excellent products now in recent years models like the sol stinger and telluride have been absolute blockbusters so i have high expectations for this 2021 kia sell tous like every other automaker this south korean concern is keen to cash in on the continuing crossover craze it’s utility vehicle lineup is already well fleshed out but this latest

Model is intended to squeeze between the soul and sportage that may seem like a narrow space to occupy but the sel toast stands apart from its siblings in a few ways which i’ll get to shortly this machine is offered in five trim levels there’s lx v s/s 2-liter s 1.60 and sx a strong value pricing kicks off at about 23 grand including destination charges which

Are 1120 bucks oh and if you’ve been asking yourself what does sell toast mean well here’s the scoop apparently this kia is named after celt us that’s c elt us in greek mythology he’s the son of heracles the more you know differentiating it from the soul and sportage shell toast the vehicle is designed to be more capable off-road no it’s not a trail rated

Jeep wrangler but there actually is some substance underneath all of this rugged styling for instance ground clearance clocks in at seven point three inches though i forgot to bring a tape measure to verify this claim the approach and departure angles should be fairly generous plus a torque vectoring all-wheel drive system with a locking center differential is

Available the celso’s has a wheelbase of 100 three and a half inches and an overall length of 172 which makes it about the same size as a honda hrv or nissan kicks as for interior space it’s quite generous with these backrest sup you get about 27 cubic feet of junk hauling capacity but if you fold them down that figure grows to nearly 63 which is comparable to

What you get in a chevy equinox which is a larger class of vehicle the cell tous is spacious and capable just don’t expect any under hood fireworks the base engine is a naturally aspirated 2-liter unit that’s matched to a continuously variable automatic transmission this combo is good for 146 horsepower and 132 pound-feet of torque now if it were 2002 i might

Be impressed by those figures but it’s not so neither am i instead what you want is this it’s a 1.6 liter turbocharged four which is offered in s 1.16 and sx models it gives you 175 horsepower with 195 pound-feet of torque and it is matched to a 7-speed dual-clutch transmission the base engine can be had with either front or all-wheel drive the turbo only comes

With four corner traction and models so equipped should return 25 miles per gallon around town 30 on the highway and 27 mpg combined other versions of the sel toes are slightly more efficient kia is killing it these days and the sel ptosis interior is just one more example of the great job it’s doing yes nearly everything is hard plastic in here but nothing is

Blatantly cheap the buttons and switches feel good they’re plenty of interesting textures and build quality is excellent as with the cargo hold this vehicles backseat is huge with plenty of room for both legs and heads an eight-speaker bose audio system is standard on top-shelf sx models ditto for a 10 and a quarter inch high-resolution touchscreen all other

Versions of the sel toasts come with an 8 inch display though no matter the model apple carplay and android auto are standard nearly all versions come with a wrapped steering wheel and shift knob though a ex and sx versions also feature a wireless charging pad leather seating surfaces and push-button start and once you fire that engine up you are rewarded by

Reasonably quick acceleration when you nail the pedal lacell toast moves quite well it’s got lots of mid-range torque though it does feel just a little bit soft right off the line almost like it’s a gear or two too high which can make it feel a little bit slow in a round town driving however there is a solution to that you can just click it over into sport mode

Which seems to eliminate much of that softness the cell tosa steering is reasonably sharp no it is not a mazda miata but for the class it’s really quite competitive with nice weighting especially in sport mode though there is one dynamic downside and that’s the brake pedal it’s a little bit grabby er than i’d like the thrust this vehicle’s powertrain provides

Is perfectly respectable though it does sound like a four-cylinder there’s no way around that unfortunately a range of kia drive wise assistance features is offered in this vehicle and that includes things like automatic high beams lane departure warning lane keeping assist all of which are offered on all versions of the sel toast with the exception of the most

Basic lx model now beyond all of that stuff you can also get blind spot monitoring rear cross traffic collision avoidance assist which is quite a mouthful and even adaptive cruise control with stop and go capability now just a few short years ago these are features you couldn’t get on some luxury cars and here they are available on a small crossover at a very

Affordable price as for the suspension it provides a reasonably compliant and controlled ride up front you have mcpherson struts so there’s nothing unusual about that however at the rear things are a little bit different front drive models are fitted with a torsion beam though models that are equipped with all-wheel-drive do get a multi-link set up for extra

Strength rigidity and safety the cell toeses body is made up of about 61% high-strength steel with some 374 feet of structural adhesive which i’m pretty sure is just a fancy way of saying hot glue the 2021 cell toast is a damn good small crossover and a welcome addition to kia’s already utility vehicle rich lineup this thing is stylish as a high-quality and

Spacious interior plus it offers loads of tech what more could you want now this top shelf sx model with just two options added on to its stickers for just a hair less than $30,000 which is still quite affordable of course you can look for this brand new kia sel toes at dealerships right now thank you so much for making it all the way to the end of this video but

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