2021 jeep wrangler unlimited rub
Altair Club Cars 2021 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon 4XE | Complete Review | with Casey Williams

2021 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon 4XE | Complete Review | with Casey Williams

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Hi everybody it’s casey williams it’d be pretty easy to argue that took jeep way too long to get on the road to electrification but it’s finally on that road and there’s some really good products to show for it for 2022 you’ll see the grand cherokee 4xz plug-in hybrid but the vehicle we have today is also very cool it’s a jeep wrangler unlimited rubicon 4xz

Plug-in let’s go look at it we’re not going to spend a lot of time on the exterior because it’s basically a big four-door jeep but they do make some subtle changes to let you know that’s the plug-in instead of the red tow hooks that you would have on the regular rubicon they’re blue again it’s kind of in chrysler’s color with electrification it’s been blue blue

And turquoise so that’s a little different but the rest of it’s pretty much the rubicon the air extractor is here in the hood you got the 4xc logo looks really cool but the big thing you’re going to notice on the side is the port for plugging in as with the exterior the interior of the rubicon 4xz really is just kind of a jacked up version of the standard jeep

But i like the interior a lot i think this generation wrangler has really been very successful as far as the layout and the comfort level seats you got nice nice thick leather seats they’re nice dual zone automatic climate control up here so you have some comforts i wish the seats were heated they’re not but that’s all right touch screen very easy to use very

Intuitive all the icons down below so you got media climate your apps navigation phone again just very easy just kind of click through things my phone’s not connected so it’s kind of asking for it but very easy to use there i like those big knobs for volume tuning there’s also redundant climate controls you can do voice activation with it too all that works out

Really well power window switches down below you got auxiliary switches for exterior attachments um this this being the rubicon you’ve got locking front rear differentials you do that here you can also disconnect the sway bar so you get more articulation with the wheels off-roading so this is a pretty serious machine in fact the electrical system makes it a more

Capable off-road machine we’ll talk about what it does in just a few moments but i just like it a lot it’s very easy it also has alpine audio system sounds really good you’ve got the sound bar between the seats so you can put the top down and really thump it and this has the sunrider top that i really like so you can get you can get the wrangler with a full

Lift off hard top you can get it with removable panels and get the full soft top but i think this is the best option for most people one touch so you still have the hard sides but you can get open air all the way back over the rear seats which i think is incredible so you can you know you’re in town you’re on the trails you can open up the roof but when you

Get back on the interstate you can press one button the thing slides closed and it’s all done this also has a lot of safety gear on it you have forward collision alert with auto brake adaptive cruise control blind spot warning or cross path detection so really everything you need to keep yourself safe too well driving the 4xc is a unique experience so after you

Plug in you get 22 miles of all electric range which is perfect for city driving but being a hybrid you also get plenty of power so it has a 2-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine connected to an 8-speed automatic transmission then you toss in the electric system and you get a system output of 375 horsepower and 470 pound-feet of torque so you’ve got the most

Efficient wrangler ever created and you’ve got one that’s probably the most capable off-road too so it’s a really good combination of power this is the rubicon so it has the disconnecting sway bars we also have the locking front row differential so you can really do some serious off-roading fuel economy for this is not bad so from a fully topped off battery to

An empty gas tank you’re looking at 49 miles per gallon equivalent running just gas 20 miles per gallon equivalent combined so really more kind of typical wrangler driving but i like the vehicle i like the way it drives again plenty of power uh my headshot is it has an electric save mode you can press a button and you can just use the gas engine and the regular

Hybrid system too and what’s advantage for that is when you’re on the highway and something that’s shaped like a brick you’re gonna you’re gonna go through that battery in just a few minutes so you can save the battery use the turbocharged force center on the highway and when you get back in town you can put it back electric mode and get full advantage of it how

Do you think it’s really a nice people to drive and being a wrangler the unlimited you have plenty of space for four or five people in it actually handles pretty well still got solid axles front rear so there’s you know you’re not gonna get around that still gonna have a little bit of a rough ride um the jeep’s done a very good job of refining it for a vehicle

With this capability i think the rubicon 4xc is the best wrangler yet you’ve got the 22 miles all electric range in the city you’ve got more capability off-road you get the most power you could ever want in this vehicle it has all the luxury features too all the way around just a very nice vehicle that comes at a price so the 4xc starts at 51 000 this one has

Equipped 69 five dollars if you can afford it you’ll like it that’s a pretty hefty sticker well next week well another fun car until then start forward you

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2021 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon 4XE | Complete Review | with Casey Williams By AutoCasey

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