2021 jeep grand cherokee l first
Altair Club Cars 2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee L – First Look & Review ( 8 Seater SUV )

2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee L – First Look & Review ( 8 Seater SUV )

Hey Guys, This is All New 2021 Jeep Cherokee L – First Look & Review. New 2021 jeep Cherokee L

We’re extremely proud to introduce the new grand cherokee l it’s a very big deal and it’s a it’s a big big adventure for design engineering and the brand to to reinvent a nikon and lever the heritage of the carpet make it a more modern more up-to-date more exciting product ever bringing the new technology but also refreshing the design bringing something that

Doesn’t lose the past but you know look at the future i think the grand cherokee l as it’s presented today delivers on pretty much everything it’s uh it’s another achiever in every category it’s an overachiever in performance it’s an overachiever in design it’s really beautiful i think it’s the lines are very very sophisticated but it’s a very simple design

At the same time beautiful contradiction in the grand cherokee the contradiction of being a rugged product but at the same time being as sophisticated and premium as it is being at the same time capable off-road and truly capable with waterfording and at the same time the outstanding on-road with outstanding on-road manner makes it really an interesting product

So that dual personality makes it the success what it is the customers never get disappointed because they always have that overachiever providing them what they need when they want it every time we do a change in a jeep we have to make it better off-road and better on-road with this four-wheel drive capability so that our customers are never let down they want

To know that they have the best four-wheel drive that they can buy and they get that energy a couple things you’ll notice as soon as you get in the vehicle is i talked about authentic materials you open the door the summit model behind me has got more real wood and real leather and real metal than any other suv in the marketplace and it really makes you feel

Like a million bucks and then you start you know driving it and feel the tech whether you know you’re massaging your back with the seat uh or whether you’re you know playing with the technology and using the technology to make your day a little bit easier we have a new uconnect 5 system that’s got a 10 inch screen and the radio another 10 inch screen in front

Of you so there’s lots of tech there to help you through your day and it’s just fantastic environment to be in there’s something that i’ve learned when i joined jeep is the customer is the center of everything we do and we listen to them the customers were asking for a three row so we brought them a three row and seventy-five percent of the segment is three-row

We’re able to be number one in the segment with the two row which was quite remarkable now we’re going to have the opportunity to really break through in the segment because we’re going to have that three row and that two row which is going to also come this year and on top of that we will have a version plug-in hybrid that will come later this year you

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2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee L – First Look & Review ( 8 Seater SUV! ) By Automobile Geeks

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