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Altair Club Cars 2021 Jaguar F-Type R: Start Up, Exhaust, Test Drive and Review

2021 Jaguar F-Type R: Start Up, Exhaust, Test Drive and Review

👋 🏎 2021 Jaguar F-Type R: Start Up, Exhaust, Test Drive and Review

What’s up everyone and welcome back to the channel in today’s video we get to take a look at the 2021 jaguar f-type r huge shout out to jaguar land rover porsche volvo of greenville for providing me with this sports car today definitely check out their website that will be in the description below this model here is finished off in carpathian grey premium metallic

And it has an msrp just under a hundred and thirteen thousand dollars the 2021 jaguar f-type r is now the king of the f-type the svr has been discontinued but that engine has been brought back in the r this has a 5 liter supercharged v8 engine it’s only paired to the 8-speed zf automatic transmission but it produces as much as the svr this has 575 horsepower at

6,500 rpm and 516 pound-feet of torque as low as 3500 rpm it comes standard with all-wheel-drive weighs around 3,800 pounds it’ll do 0 to 60 in about three and a half seconds and it has a top speed of 200 miles an hour and it also has a fuel capacity of 18 and a half gallons so you can expect to see around 16 miles per gallon in the city and 24 out on the highway

This has a wheelbase of a hundred and 3.2 inches its overall length is a hundred and seventy six inches it has a width of seventy four point two and a height of fifty one point six inches starting up front the biggest change for 2021 is the redesigned headlights from the previous model you can see they are much thinner and they just have a completely new design

To them they are still leds they have led daytime running lights and led turn signals as well if you look inside the housing there you’ll see there’s quad beam led headlights so it’s really nice how it has an intricate pattern running through them and then the drl in turn signal runs on the lower section of the housing it just gives it a very more sporty look in my

Opinion i really like the refreshed design of them as we make our way to the grille here you’ll see that the frame is finished off in gloss black we have brake cutouts in the mesh to provide maximum cooling to that supercharged v8 you can see the jaguar badge right in the center along with the our badge off into the right down at the bottom you’ll see f-type just a

Subtle touch to see we have a nice slip spoiler here there’s more cutouts in between the grill and the spoiler to help provide even more air well and then often to the left and the right side you’ll see the air inlets they have an integrated parking sensor in them along with two and the front grille but you’ll see the mesh has nice cutouts not only to provide better

Airflow but you’ll see there are cutouts on both sides too to help with better aerodynamics as well and then as we make our way up to the hood you’ll see there are two hood vents they are functional which is nice to see there’s two nice lines running down the middle of the hood and then as you saw earlier the whole hood actually opens up in reverse just giving it

That extra cool factor moving to the side this features a staggered setup of wheels they measure 20 by 9 in the front and 20 by 10 and a half in the rear they’re finished off in a high-gloss black and they have a 10 spoke designed to them as well looks very good against the color of this vehicle behind that you’ll see the red brake callipers this has four-wheel disc

Brakes in all four corners the rotors up front measure 15 inches and 14 point 8 inches in the rear just behind the front tires you’ll see the jaguar badge along with some more gloss black trim giving it a really nice look as we make our way down to the lower side skirts they have a lot of contoured lines to them you can easily see all the depths to everything which

Just gives it an aggressive look the body colored side mirrors have a nice gloss black trim piece on the front section of them they are power folding and feature the integrated turn signal as well this particular model has the optional full panoramic roof over all the side profile has a really nice design to it i like the line that extends from the hood it goes up

Underneath these side mirrors and then above the door handle all the way to the gas cap in the rear just giving it a really nice design you can also see that the fender arches behind the rear tires stick out a good bit to add to that aggressive look and finishing up in the rear this has an active spoiler which you can adjust yourself or it will deploy at speed this

Has led tail lights the back up camera is nicely placed up underneath the license plate along with all the parking sensors that run throughout the middle section of the bumper this does have a power lift gate down below you’ll see the rear diffuser is finished off in gloss black with very large cutouts on the inside of it just add to the aggressive look and then on

Both sides of that we have the quad tip stainless steel dual exhaust that’s gonna wrap it up for the exterior walk around on the 2021 jaguar f-type r comment down below what do you think of these subtle redesigns for this model i think it looks really good i really like everything on the exterior well let’s go ahead and check out what they’ve changed on the interior

You can see the door handles are flush with the door right now we have the power folding side mirrors in all i have to do is push on the front section of the door the handle will appear to me the side mirrors will automatically fold out and then i can easily open up the door the door panel has very premium feeling materials you can see the white leather and white

Stitching running along the armrest there’s perforated leather just behind that and then solid leather with more stitching running across the top this also has a nice brushed aluminum trim piece surrounding the release handle there’s luck and unlock with all of your seat adjustments as well as your memory seating adjustments this has a 10 speaker meridian sound

System you have your side mirror controls along with the window controls and a good amount of storage space in the lower section of the door as we make our way to the door sill you’ll see the r badge along with jaguar down on the floor mats once inside we are now seated in the performance seats they are finished off in windsor leather and have a really nice

Two-tone design to them i love the r badge embroidered on the top section of the headrest then you can see the jaguar badge with a nice cutout surrounded in brushed aluminum these seats are very thin they have aggressive bolsters running down the sides of them they are heated and ventilated as well with very nice stitching i really like the positioning of them

Super comfortable on both sides as we make our way to the steering wheel it’s wrapped in perforated and solid leather you can see the black stripe on the top of it along with the r badge down at the bottom looking at the controls now on the steering wheel off into the right side you have your cruise control and adaptive cruise control settings along with the

Heated steering wheel often to the left side you have the mode for the radio along with voice commands and bluetooth and all of these here will control the twelve point three inch screen so right now you can see a great graphic of the f-type if i just click on the menu button now we are looking at media we can scroll over to the driver assistance so you can view

Your collision avoidance your steering assist you have your speed limit awareness we can scroll over to your trip information we have the display layout so you can easily configure all of that we can scroll over again to your vehicle information so you can take a look at your tire pressure your oil level and other information like that you can see on the left side

Is your speedometer along with the speed limit sign and your fuel gauge off until the right side is dtac and the engine temperature and then just on the back side of the steering wheel you can see the steering wheel mounted paddle shifters nicely finished off in brushed aluminum as we make our way to the left side of the steering wheel you’ll see a dimmer switch

For the gauges we have the lane keeping assist along with the power button for the trunk release there’s one air vent just above that you’ll see more leather and stitching right in the center we have two air vents when you shut off the air those will automatically go down just giving you a much cleaner look and then of course when you have it on they will appear

As shown right now just below that we have another jaguar logo and then right in the middle is the ten inch screen this is very easy to go through just by clicking on the home button that is how you get to this screen right here so you can see your navigation your media and your phone we can scroll over to a customizable page and then often to the right side you

Have your climate controls your bluetooth valley mode your cameras you have a dynamic system all of the ambient lighting can be controlled going into the dynamic system now you can configure a lot of things like your engine your gearshift your steering and suspension all of those can go from comfort to dynamic which is very cool to see you have the factory set up

We can also pull up a g-force meter we have a lap timer here that you can control along with your throttle and braking we might as well go ahead and take a look at the camera system so right now you are seeing the rear-view camera with the parking sensors off into the right side which you can turn on and off to the right of the home button we can go into settings

So you can configure your display theme or your map theme very easy to get to we have the navigation which we can pull up full screen you have your phone right next to that when that is paired you have your music we can go over to the climate controls and you can control where you’d like the air to go whether it’s at your feet head or the two right in the center

We have the cameras again that we can easily get you for shortcuts along with the parking sensors and then a shortcut to the dynamic mode so that is very easy to go through just below that we have three rotary dials they all are multifunctional often to the left side is the temperature for the driver temperature for the passenger is often to the right side if you

Push on this and then turn it left or right hopefully you can see these seats are now on the cooled setting turning it all the way to the right they are now heated so that is very neat to see for each of these side dials right in the center we have the fan speed and then just by pushing on this you can shut everything off push on it again and we get the fan speed

Back underneath that we have a row of toggle switches you have ac controls along with the hazards right in the middle and a few other research buttons below that we have the engine start/stop button along with a 12-volt off into the right and then as we make our way to the leather wrap shift ur just by pulling the release up front i can go all the way into reverse

Will get another view of the backup camera we can go all the way down into drive and pop it over into manual mode and then to place the vehicle in park we just click the p on the top to the right side of the gear selector we have the volume and power for the radio on the left side we can toggle between two different driving modes holding it all the way up will put

Us into rain ice and snow and then holding it down will put it into dynamic mode and then right in the middle is the normal driving mode so it’s nice that you have the option to do that especially with the all-wheel drive system just behind that we have the electronic parking brake along with traction control we can change the exhaust note you have the active rear

Spoiler button along with the engine start/stop feature and then off into the right side you have a nice grab handle for the passenger it’s completely covered in leather with more stitching as we make our way to the center here we can reveal two cupholders with a little bit of storage space right in the center of those and then looking at the leather wrapped armrest

You have another 12 volt with a couple usbs and a good amount of storage space for anything that needs to go there as we look at the glovebox now just by pushing on that electronic button it will automatically open up giving you plenty of space for everything that needs to go there we’ll go ahead and take one last look at these seats very nice two-tone design up

Top this has the full panoramic roof so we can easily open up that sunshade you have a couple buttons along with the rear view mirror right and the center there and then looking behind the seats you have a little net here for extra storage space and last up we’re going to go ahead and take a look at the rear storage space i’m just going to hold the button on the

Key fob and it will automatically open up for me you actually have a decent amount of space for a two-door 2-seed vehicle you have some indentions that go off to the left side a little often to the right side so you can put any items sideways that you like to and you can remove this cover as well if you need just a little bit more space you can kind of go through

A little bit too behind the front seats so it definitely gives you plenty of room and there is a removable part of the floor here with even more hidden storage space so if you need to put anything down there you have the option to do that which is nice to see good use of space we can just push the button up top and it will automatically close alright so getting

The 2021 jaguar f-type r out on the road now actually drove an f-type a couple weeks ago with the 2-liter four-cylinder engine in it now i am driving basically the flagship model now as they have done away with the svr we now have the r with 575 horsepower and this is going to be interesting to see how much quicker it is than the 2 liter 4 cylinder so you have

Three different engine options that you can choose from there is a v6 right in the middle both of those come either all-wheel drive or rear wheel drive this one however only comes in all-wheel-drive and obviously with all that power that gives you a lot more versatility in being able to use it which is awesome to see well let’s go ahead put it into dynamic mode

Here we’re gonna pop it over into sport mode basically the on shift is second gear not even half throttle this thing sounds so good i couldn’t imagine getting on it a little bit more as we downshift to third gear wow i love that sound of a v8 it just has a very aggressive rumble to it and those up shifts will go down to second gear here oh my gosh that sounds

Incredibly good we’re gonna go all the way up into eighth gear now and just cruise and see what it’s like to drive as a normal vehicle so popping it back into regular mode basically and back into the normal automatic this is such a fun vehicle when i drove the 2-liter four-cylinder i felt like that had an adequate amount of power i didn’t see a reason to go with

More horsepower for this type of vehicle but my thoughts have changed just a little bit now that i am behind these supercharged v8 coming up to a sharp right-hand turn here oh and handles so well in just an automatic mode plenty of power and the low rpms to get out of the turn it it’s definitely an awesome vehicle to drive visibility over my left shoulder is very

Good visibility over my right shoulder isn’t bad that pillar there is not all that bulky so it is easy to see you have some glass behind the seat as well i really like how thin these seats are it’s a nice design not only to save weight but in order for me to see out of that back window there it’s not a big bulky seat which is nice to see forward-facing visibility

Is what you would expect very easy to see the 180 degrees i have right here this is a true luxury performance vehicle it has everything you would want for just being a luxurious vehicle the fitting finishes very nice i love the leather on the steering wheel it virtually covers everything you have very nice leather on the seats leather on the door panels it’s a

Very nice premium feeling vehicle but at the same time this is a track monster you can take this out on some nice mountain roads you can take it out and do some laps in it and have a very fun performing all wheel drive vehicle that’s gonna put a smile on your face both with its spirited driving and with just cruising and driving it every single day this is this is

Very cool now that i’ve driven it compared to the the 2-liter 4-cylinder if that’s all you’re looking for it was a great vehicle performance is still going to be the same as far as handling while it’s a v8 it’s not very loud at the same time i do have it and the aggressive sport mode right now and it’s it’s not very loud hopefully you didn’t hear that a/c too much

It’s very hot out right now but at the same time i mean it’s very quiet onyx light acceleration you can hear it a little bit but let’s go ahead and turn it off for the moment as we downshift fourth gear it’s it’s virtually not there so it’s very nice how this can be a quiet daily driver you get some pops here and there which is nice huge shadow to get new jaguar

Land rover porsche volvo greenville for letting me take this out i love everything on the interior the layout is very simple and straightforward to use you have the three dials in the center hardly any buttons which i really like to see especially for a premium feeling luxurious sports car like this it’s not cluttered with a whole bunch of items one thing that i

Want to mention for this being a daily driver i like the fact that this is a hatchback style or has the hatchback style design to it while it is still considered a coupe because that gives you a little bit more versatility behind the seats here if you had to put something through here for whatever reason it gives you the option to do that you have a good amount

Of space up here with the glovebox storage area and then a little bit of space right in the middle here so there are some nice hidden compartments you have a lot of storage space in the door definitely a fun vehicle to drive hopefully you guys enjoy today’s video driving the 2021 jaguar f-type r if you enjoyed today’s video make sure you give it a huge thumbs up

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